Opening Build Orders for G&K


Feb 27, 2012
Hello all, since I got the expansion I've been trying to play a lot but so far I didn't really like any of my games so I think I'm doing it wrong. Before the exp I played on Emperor level, and never really made the jump towards Immortal. What I usually did was a strong NC start asap and then prepare for a huge push in Renaissance era, preferably with UUs like Janissary/Musketman/Tercio and Cannons. (that is ofc if I'm not going for Culture)

Right now though, I really don't know what to do. The same strategy feels like it could work, but now you get the Liberty free worker later, and getting a Shrine also delays your overall development. So for me the game feels much more sluggish and I feel like I'm not really doing well, so I started and quit many games around 130-150 ish turns.

I want to try out Celts with Holy Warriors belief and to buy many units with faith so that I can conquer nearby civs. Yet I really don't know what would be the best way for that. Can someone help me regarding opening builds? Much thanks!


Oct 16, 2006
Right now, without any already figured out strats, I'm going for milestone based tech, which seems to work okay at Emperor at least.

Monument, shire, (or equiv for your civ), Stone Henge (optional but if not you'll need to get temples up fast - remember religious beliefs are first come first serve).
NC, Education

Culture: Alahambra, Sistine Chapel, Get Piety open and beeline the policy cost and culture increase policies. Broadcast towers.

Science: Architecture (PT), Public Education (pick up LTP on the way if you can), Research Labs.

Diplomatic (more flexible?) make lots of money and use spies to buy and keep city states under your control. On a tiny map 5 spies = 5 locked City States + UN = 7 vote victory.

YYMV, I've won some lost some.

Find religion under the little drop down next to diplomacy, and set auto buy to whatever you want (great artists as soon as you finish Piety Policy Tree for example).

I find food based religious choices best for none domination games so far.
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