Operation Enduring Freedom


Jun 24, 2006
State of Denial
Ok here it is folks, Operation Enduring Freedom. Eight civs, new techs, new governments, new improvements and new units.

Islamic Waziristan
Jumbish-i-Milli Islami
Tanzim-e Dahwat-e Islami
Hezbe Wahdat

Some examples of new units
GI, T-80, Leopard II, AC-130,C-130, B-1, SOF, Modern Cavalry, RPG fighter, Suicide Bomber, WMD terrorist, Talib and much more!

Can you bring peace and a stable government to Afghanistan or will you be swallowed by the chaos of a civil war?

After 61 great downloads Beta is offline and V 1.1 is up!
3 for V 1.0 (only was up about 2 days)

I've increased the points threshold (150,000), fixed some of the sounds, balanced the units, fixed the SCUDs, WMD terrorists and suicide bombers. The alliances have shifted a bit with Coalition and Jamiat-e-Islami teaming up. Everyone is against the Taliban except Waziristan and Pakistan, who is a wild card. If you've played you'll notice the game is much improved, if you haven't, well you're in for a treat. Make sure to give me some feedback when you're done playing, I'm always looking for ways to improve.

Not enough to make you dowload? Well check out a video preview at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gxx7lvFvK4w


Main File:
Yeah, I played as the Taliban, and by the first ten turns had wiped out two of the AI civs north of me, on the first turn I got Pakistan against them all as well. The AI sends all but one or two of their troops out to get my cities, I just go around them and destroy their civ before they reach my cities. It is still a great scenario, good work.
I'm currently messing around with this scenario. I'm trying to balance out the gameplay, I've made US units more expensive. I've had some downloads and I'd like to hear what any who has played this mod has to say about it. I should be putting out a new version in a few weeks.
As a veteran of Afghanistan, I may have to try this out... Although I was only involved in the Naval theater (hell, my ship was one of the ones that got that shindig started).
Hey I didn't know you were a serviceman! I'm in the Air Force myself, good stuff. I've tried to do it justice, although with OEF, it's tough with the Civ III engine. It's still a work in progress so please give me your feedback.
I WAS in the Navy for 6 years... Now I'm a free man, er, civillian.
Aww come on, military service isn't that bad, I've been in six and been loving it all. Only 14 till retirement. Of course, the navy can be rough, I understand.
Yeah, while I liked what I did (working on radar system electronics), the political game of "silly buggers" that all the officers wanted to play just rubbed me the wrong way.... Not to mention all the stupid double-standards they had (I mean, if the females could let their hair grow as long as they wanted to, the guys should have as well).

Plus, despite all my hard work, I got screwed over repeatedly and credit for said work always went to the biggest butt-kissers in the division, and I got treated like dirt.... By the time I got out, I was just one big seething ball of hate.
Yeah I hear the Navy isn't very nice to its lower enlisted or lower officers. Although, haha I don't agree with you on the hair. Women with a military haircut would look tarded and I just don't think guys look military with long hair. Anyway I like short hair, I go high and tight.
Well, you can see by my avatar what I preferr....
Hey it is working now, but is it normal that i can see the whole map reveald and i also see every unit in citys of the enemy
B1-bombers can only bomb some citys. for example: I can´t bomb farsi, but i can bomb herat. Both belong to the taliban.
About the map being revealed, it is in debug mode, if you go into the editor and pick scenario properties, you can disable it. Keep the feedback coming, I'll have a new edition coming out soon.

Sick? Hmmm I hope you mean that in a good way!
This is great, just the scenario I was looking for. Usually I don't enjoy modern scenarios but definetly going to give this one a crack! Downloading now!
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