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Oregon '22, Athletics WC


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Apr 30, 2012
I've no idea if anyone else is watching or interested but let's start a new thread anyway partly because something great (subjective, I'm not expecting Americans agreeing much) happened on the opening day.

In an event (4x400m mixed relay) invented (purely) for tv audience in the US the team USA managed to royally eff it up on home soil. The local crowd reacted with silence so I'm not going to gloat more than that.

Best of luck to Allyson Felix in future endeavours.
Men 100m is still in post-Bolt hangover mode. The times are mediocre at best and the flamboyance is non-existent one good thing being that few more with colourful doping history have left the building. USA's 1-2-3 wasn't an unexpected one.

A consistent non-sporting topic, Fraser-Pryce's hair, wasn't and bland & didn't disappoint. I prefer this over many of the previous one but hopefully she doesn't step on her hair at any point. I wouldn't exclude the possibility.
Interesting times at men's 110m hurdles. (One of) the greatest favourites to win got injured in warm up only minutes prior to start and another medal candidate took a false start by 0.001 second and was disqualified. The homecrowd nor Allen himself weren't pleased. Then during the race one more got injured so out of 8 finalists 5 finished making the finish line photos looking bit empty.

On women's 100m Jamaica took 1-2-3 the only possible surprise being that it was the old lady Fraser-Pryce once more, for the 5th time. Being 35 doesn't mean one has to be slow. A phenomenon especially as a competitor.
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