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Ork War Trukk & War Trak (Oct 28, 2007)


Jan 27, 2003
Planet Baal
Here are two ork vehicles for warhammer 40.000 mod for civ3. Enjoy :)

Ork War Trukk (civilopedia from games workshop website):
Trukk Boyz, or trukkers as they are also called, have invested loads of time and energy in getting a wartrukk as their own personal transport. They are much envied by the foot-slogging Boyz for their ability to get into the fight quickly.


- - - - -

Ork War Trak (civilopedia from games workshop website):
Most warbands are accompanied by a ramshackle band of vehicles that hurtle around the battlefield blasting at anything that they can. The most crazed krews are known as Speed Freeks as they have completely succumbed to the Ork predilection for going far too fast.


Speed Freeks! Reminds me of some guys I know...:mischief:

Awesome units, Aaglo, great to see you making Orkz again.
Beauty! As much as orks can be, anyway... ;)
Heh heh! I think I'll use the Ork trukk as a tank flavor unit for the orcs in the FF mod.....
Those shrapnel explosions must've been a pain in the eye, but they work out so well! Nice to have you back and awesome as ever!
Great Units!
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