Os-Gabella, Flauros and Alexis?

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Nov 11, 2011
The heart of the beast
So I was tossing and turning in bed and just couldn't fall asleep, when I started to, what else, ponder the mysteries of this grand fictional universe. It was then that I got reminded of something that had occurred to me earlier already, when playing Alexis of the Calabim and meeting Os-Gabella of the Sheaim: How exactly is the relationship between the the unwilling mother of mankind and the children she actually did take on as such once upon a time faring in the Age of Rebirth? Do they acknowledge the relationship they once had or is the air filled with awkwardness or even hostility whenever they meet, if they ever do so in a diplomatic context seeing as they are kinda leaders of their respective nations?* I once read somewhere that Os-Gabella turned Alexis and Flauros away after they turned to vampires, what are the details surrounding that event? Has Os-Gabella ever actually tried to become the victim of a vampire ritual seeing as her soul would be consumed in the process, thus maybe finally putting a successful end to her long odyssey of finding death?

I'm really sorry if this has been covered somewhere, but over the years I think I've read through the entire lore forum top to bottom without this specific issue ever coming up, or at least being addressed in detail.

*Because my imagination just won't rest until I've put this to paper (digital data?):

Spoiler Behold, my imagination at 4am :
Os-Gabella and Alexis are sitting across each other on a long table in a large dark dinner hall, empty except for the occasional servant bringing food and drink or removing dirty dishes and empty glasses, and a small number of guards stationed along the walls. Both leaders are looking anywhere except at each other, and when they do accidentally meet each other's eyes their looks are quickly turned away again after a short glare. You could cut the awkwardness with a knife. Finally, while inspecting a fork, Os-Gabella begins to speak in an almost casual tone, "So, how's that empire business doing for you?" Alexis for her part has taken a keen interest in a glass, and after a short pause replies in the same tone: "Oh, you know, the usual, barbarians to fight, bickering nobles to remind of who their boss is, diplomatic negotiations, the daily grind."
"Ah, I know that all too well,"- Os-Gabella is now studying the artfully drawn patterns on a napkin, -"Is there a specific reason Flauros didn't come?"
"He thought at least one of us should stay at home at all times, especially with the rumors of a revolt being underway in the plebs,"- Alexis pondered something while staring at hear plate- "Incidentally, he said he had the perfect idea on how to deal with this, but refused to tell me any details, claiming it would spoil the surprise. The only thing I could get out of him was something about a rose I believe."
"Pah, men!" Os-Gabella spat, looking at the crystal chandelier hanging above the table, "Always wanting to keep secrets and be in charge, even though they don't have a hint of subtlety in their bones! I bet this 'surprise' of his is nothing more than some application of brute force with some aesthetic sprinkles thrown in!"
"It's funny really"- Alexis looks at one of her mother's guards in the far left corner -"Flauros usually talks like this about women folk. I'll never understand some people's weird fixation on reproductive organs and their alleged effects on their bearer's behavior. Incidentally,"- she is now looking at the guard in the far right corner -"how's father?"
"Still alive," Os-Gabella cursed, angrily crumpling the napkin she was studying earlier.
"My... condolences, I suppose," Alexis answered.
Silence, and with it awkwardness, returned. After it was clear that no more eating was going to take place Os-Gabella rose from her chair and kept her eyes fixated on the Moroi behind Alexis' left while speaking to his mistress, "Well this has been fun. We should do this again sometime. Maybe bring your brother along next time."
Alexis, firmly keeping her stare downward, stood up as well and addressed her mother, "I certainly will, especially if you promise to show us a parade of your famed female fighting force to finally shut Flauros' face."
"I will see what can be arranged," Os-Gabella now had turned her own eyes downward to the table as well, "Alexis."
With that the two heads of states turned their backs to each other and left the hall. As Os-Gabella did so she whispered to herself, "I can't wait to get back to working with Nemed again."
To quote Magister,
"Alexis and her younger brother Flauros are the only ones Os-Gabella ever loved, but that love is over. She did not part with her adopted children on good terms, and they are not welcome home. When she became a vampire Alexis entered the service of Aeron, essentially becoming the daughter of the god who tried to rape Gabella and giving him the strong, cunning, immortal children he wanted to use her flesh to get. I suspect Os-Gabella hates the God of Hate more than anyone, even Nemed, and considers this the ultimate betrayal. I tend to think that she did not become suicidal until her children's betrayal sent her into a depression, and that were it not for Alexis she would probably not be trying to destroy the world."

"Alexis and Flauros's actions constituted service to Aeron, whom they began to worship. I believe that on account of the attempted rape Os-Gabella hates Aeron more than anyone, and was outraged by her children's betrayal. I believe that is is the pain of this betrayal that drives her attempts at suicide/the total destruction of creation. She disowned them long ago and banished them from the Bair. She will not adopt any more children for fear that Aeron will claim them as his too."

I presonally assumed at first she had tried to commit suicide via a vampire-like means and failed (perhaps being immune to that kind of death), but from that quote i get the feeling that she not be satisfied with her own destruction, but demands the destruction of the world aswell.
Soooo... How probable would a scenario like the one I outlined be for a diplomatic meeting?
both sides are evil. both sides are most likely looking to use the other for their means and then dispose of them, relations having little to do with their desires
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