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Feb 23, 2007
here is part of the video

here is the transcript

"This war was entirely unnecessary, as testified to by your own reports. And among the most capable of those from your own side who speak to you on this topic and on manufacturing of public opinion is Noam Chomsky, who spoke sober words of advice prior to to the war..." rest is in transcript

Looks like he is a fan of Noam Chomsky hahaha.

What bothers me is why is his beard black again? Was it not grey before? How and why is he dying his hair while jumping from cave to cave? Is it not against his sect of Islam, which is a very extreme sunni version, not to dye ones hair except with henna?

I would be greatful if someone cleared these questions up, please forgive my ignorance.
What happened to his impending kidney failure? It actually looks like this guy is getting younger as the years pass.
It is allowed to dye his hair if it is to inspire fear in the infidels his fighting.
"It is allowed to dye his hair if it is to inspire fear in the infidels his fighting."

Do you have a source that backs that statement up?

Not trying to be rude but that sounds a little bit strange to me.
You know he said in there some where if all convert to islam and give up democracy he wont kill any more of us.
From Nivi's link

During the days of the Prophet (pbuh), the Jews and the Christians used to refrain from dyeing greying hair because they considered such adornment as contrary to piety and devotion, and not befitting rabbis, priests and ascetics. The Prophet (pbuh) forbade Muslims from imitating them (the Jews and the Christians), in order that Muslims might develop their own distinctive and independent characteristics.
Thats just sad and petty.
Thank you for the source Nivi.

"Moreover, dyeing the hair when there is no grey hair, though not forbidden, is not regarded as following the Prophet’s example, since it does not serve the same shar’i interests as achieved by dyeing grey hair. "

I dont know... why didnt he dye his hair earlier, it is very grey in the other videos, his beard also looks shorter.

Its just the image of Osama using hair dye while escaping our military forces in caves seems crazy.
How and why is he dying his hair while jumping from cave to cave?

Cave? Have you forgotten about their network of secret underground bases/cities?

If these people can keep such facilities hidden all this time surely they can get ahold of a little "Just For Men" hair dye. ;)
If they catch Bin Laden they will have to produce a new bogeyman mascot for the war on terror. It's like after communism was pretty much defeated they took ages to come up with terrorists as the new threat.
What a prima donna he is. It's almost as if he's the Elvis for terrorists.
"This quarter, sales for Just For Men rose through the roof as they have developed the new, unexplored terrorist market. Details at 6."

Yeah, I can see it. If it weren't about appearances and playing the media, I bet bin Laden's house would have fallen like a deck of cards. Not that we wouldn't have terrorists or even an al-Qaeda, but it's very much a brand with a pretty good marketing team behind it.
I bet they don't even know where it is. Wouldn't take too much foresight to recruit some random jihadist, throw a bag over his face, give him the tape, and dump him across the border.
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