Other Enjoyable Civilization V Games (Immortal and below)

OECG#105 Good starts give a good feeling, part 1

This time we play as the Shoshone on a large Fractal map. The level is Emperor. Go in any direction and just enjoy the ride. ;)
I've played this one a couple of times. First time was the fastest: SV on turn 328. Liberty, Commerce. Rationalism, and Freedom. IIRC (this was a week ago), I build 4 spaceship parts and bought 2.

I tried it again to see how Order would work; I almost never play Order. Much different game but the end result was about the same, SV on turn 342. I had a great engineer just standing around and Spaceflight Pioneers, but he wouldn't have sped anything up because I finished building the last 3 parts all at the same time. (so the engineer should have built the Pentagon or Great Firewall) This game was Liberty, Patronage, Rationalism, Order, and a little Commerce. I also played much more warlike in the early game, eliminating William and then Pedro. Monty asked me to join him in the war with Brazil and I said yes; then I did all the work. Monty and I were best friends the whole game after that, although he was annoying and I considered killing him a few times when he converted my cities or settled in awkward places.


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