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Our Nation's Flag

Which Flag Do Like?

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Looking for the door...
Mar 18, 2002
Behind you
This poll is to help us decide which flag we might use as our own. Every nation must have a flag, and your vote will bring us closer to that reality. Above are the titles of the 14 flags vying for the number 1 slot. Choose the option containg the title of the flag you like the best.

This will be a multiple choice poll, so if you really like two flags, go ahead and vote for two, but no more than two. This is a public poll. This is the preliminary poll and the next will probably not be multiple choice.

The discussion thread holds all the originals. I have edit them some to bring them all to about the same size. This should help you decide.

The first eight titles are in this post.

The last six titles are in this post.
People, please read the narrative in the first post under each poll. These narratives give you the specifics of the poll. These specifics will help you in the voting process.

billybones27, you have already voted for your flag. According to the narrative, you have one vote left. There can only be a maximum of two votes per voting citizen. Therefore, you can only vote for 1 other flag.

Now, civplayah, as you have voted for EVERY flag, you have basically cancelled out your vote. I'm glad you'll be happy no matter which flag wins.

A runoff between Longus6 and Longus9? I want to hear some opinions on this. My opinion is there are two leaders here.
And Longus9 takes the lead! Maybe a runoff is not needed. Will take Longus9 as our national flag and move on to choosing our other flags (war flag, naval flag, battle flag, etc)
For our submissions for these other flags, do you want us to continue using the current flag thread? I am willing to submit a completely new flag, though the competition is already stiff.
Yes please, montizzle. Use the same thread. That way, moving flags up to a new catagory will be easy. Make all the new flags you'd like or submit any existing flags.

Hmmm. No one has given comment on the runoff poll. What do you think, montizzle? Should we have a runoff or not?
I don't know if it is necessary. there is a clear leader, and regardless of the results, it is only one designer competing against himself. I think it would be more prudent to move to other decisions. (of course, I could just be a sore loser:D)
Good point. Longus 9 did get 54.55% of the vote. And no one has said a thing.

OK! Longus9 is hereby declared the National Flag of Hibernia!
Do we have a back story to explain anything about the flag?

The dragon on the left, called Lon brings us the bountiful tiles of green and guides us as we improve them. The dragon the right, called Gus, will provide us with many sources of luxuries and resources.....
Something like that works for me, CB. You are a masterful writer, see what you can come up with.
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