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Our Tribe's Name II

What Should Our Tribe's Name Be?

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Looking for the door...
Mar 18, 2002
Behind you
I managed to find some internet airwaves, but they are fairly weak. I will do this first, just to make sure it gets done. This is the second time I've had to type this.

This poll is a runoff poll of the first "Our Tribe's Name". Of the first 11 options in that poll, two were stand-outs, garnishing 58% of the votes together. Please choose from these two options and help us determine the name of our Tribe for this Demogame.

Again, a two day poll. This will be the last for our name.

EDIT: Ok, I forgot to put in the ending date, so I'll do it narrative style. This poll will end at the time above my avatar on March 10th.
I voted for Fanataxum. The other name reminds me of Conan the Barbarian stuff. And I'm not muscle-bound. :D

Well, stomach-muscle bound would be true!
i voted for Hibernia for two reasons:
1. i suggested it
2. i dont want to see an unhappy cyc

(wished "Arevaci" was included in the polls)
I vote Hibernia - speaks to my Celtic heritage.
I went for one of the Roman names :rolleyes:
Three cheers! We are the Hibernia. May the Hibernian people rise up and sieze the day.
meh. i voted for fanaxtum for the fact that hibernia seems to winter-related to me, and it is finally spring where i live.
1) I speak french, and winter in french is hiver, similar to hiber
2) animals hibernate in the winter. humans don't hibernate, but we are hibernia
Wow. fanaxtum isn't even an option in this poll. Yer good. :D

In our Celtic language, Hibernia more closely resembles a greeting to beers near you. So enjoy!

Viva Hibernia! :beer:
Can you imagine grocery shopping the first days of Spring? Talk about a bear market....
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