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Feb 19, 2010
Wow, now those are some freaking recent civilizations.


Cuba (with Colonialist Legacies)
Spoiler :
See Colonialist Legacies post on Cuba for more details!


Nigeria (with Colonialist Legacies)
Spoiler :
See Colonialist Legacies post on Nigeria for more details!


PRC (Mao Zedong)
Spoiler :

People's Republic of China
Mao Zedong
The Long March: Land units generate Culture for moving in enemy territory, increased by every Social Policy tree completed or level 3 Tenet enacted. Units below 33% health receive +1 movement point and double movement in hill tiles.
Red Guard: Replaces Rifleman. It is weaker, but yields culture when garrisoned in a city. Upon completing a social policy tree, a Red Guard will spawn another copy of itself nearby.
Dahuitang: Replaces Amphitheater. Provides 2 extra Culture over the base yield and has an extra Great Work of Writing slot. When both slots are filled with Chinese works, gain an additional +3 Culture, and +10XP for trained units.

Events & Decisions
Distribute the Little Red Book
Requirements: A Great Work must have been created. Once per era.
Costs: Magistrate and a sum of gold proportional to the amount of cities you control.
Rewards: Golden Age points for the amount of cities you control.

Order the Construction of Backyard Furnaces
Requirements: Electricity Tech and 3 copies of Iron. Once per game.
Costs:: 2 Magistrates, Gold and Culture.
Rewards: +2 Culture on Iron, 2 Aluminum in the capital, and +1 Production for Farms and Plantations.

The Hundred Flowers Campaign
The people of China are clamoring for more freedom of thought. How should we respond to this?
Let a Hundred Flowers bloom!: Double Unhappiness from number of cities for a few turns, but Specialists yield +1 of all yields (except for Faith) for two turns.
We don't want them to think. Focus elsewhere.:+10% Growth in all cities for the next few turns.

Decline of Sparrow Population (thanks, Uighur_Caesar)
The Four Pests Campaign set in motion to eliminate rats, mosquitoes, sparrows, and flies has has some unfortunate consequences. Sparrows are one of the main predators of crop eating insects, so eliminating them allowed the insects to reproduce a lot, which has crippled our food production empire-wide.
The people of the PRC can easily withstand both hunger and pestilence.: -25% Food for the next few turns.
Spend what resources we have to circumvent these unfortunate changes.: -10% Food for the next few turns. Lose 300 Gold.

Dropbox | Steam | Wiki



Costa Rica

East Germany
Spoiler :
Erich Honecker
UA: Arbeit fuer Alle: Workers may be expended to rush production. +25% Production in cities with a Spy performing counterintelligence.
UU: Sportsman (Great Merchant): Instead of Trade Missions, this unit can Win a Competition, increasing influence but also providing a small influence boost in all East German cities as well.
UB: Stasi (Constabulary): If a spy is caught in this city, gain a boost of Science.
D1: Volksmobilitaet: Increase in Worker and Settler mobility but adds +1 to their maintenance cost
D2: Construct the Berlin Wall: Requires Ideology. -10 Happiness but strong reduction in ideological pressure. Can be revoked, destroying the Wonder.

I've made this with help from Alganon, who has been great in providing a German perspective on my plans. Design is pretty much settled. Map and unique icons are done!


European Union



Spoiler :
UA: May purchase social policies and ideological tenets with faith. Receive faith upon recruiting a new spy or whenever a Spy levels up.
UU: Revolutionary Guard (Marine): Gain XP when a Policy or Tenet is enacted. When stationed in a city, generate +2 Faith for each level the unit has. If a Spy kills an enemy spy, all Revolutionary Guards gain a level.
UB: Bonyad (Bank): 25% of the Gold production of this city is converted to Faith.

This design is 90% of the way there. I love the synergy but I would like to revisit it before locking in. Map, unique icons are done, and leader in progress. Text code done by DoctorMcGann!

Israel (with GPuzzle)

Japan (with Light in the East)
Spoiler :
Shigeru Yoshida
UA: Technological Wonders: Starting in the industrial era, all buildings and wonders yield tourism equal to their base yield for 5 turns after being built, yields are doubled if no other civs have built this building. Receive a tourism bonus in the capital whenever a science building is built in the empire.
UU: Mangaka (Great Writer): The Mangaka creates Manga, Great works of writing unique to Japan. These Manga generate double tourism yields for 3 turns when Japan discovers a new technology, this time is increased by one turn for every other civ which has not discovered that technology.
UB: Kaden Kojo (Research Lab): The Kaden Kojo comes slightly earlier than the Research Lab, at replaceable parts instead of plastics, but does not generate the additional 4 science which a research lab does. Instead, the Kaden Kojo generates +2 science on specialists in this city.

Officially now a collaboration with COF and Light in the East!

Spoiler :
Jomo Kenyatta
UA: Harambee: Specialists generate Golden Age points.
UU: King’s African Rifles (GWI): Generates Golden Age Points when adjacent to a unit of a civilization with which you have a common enemy.
UB: National Park (Zoo): Adds +1 Happiness for each type of terrain or feature present in the city radius. Has a unique Safari Guide specialist slot that yields ?? for each Natural Wonder worked by the city.
D1: Initiate the Mau Mau Uprising: Generates 4 Barbarian units in all Kenyan cities in resistance, and 2 in all other occupied Kenyan cities.

I did this with design help and basis from Mewr11, who has already been working on a great icon for the National Park. I really like this one as well, although it needs the second decision, and some balancing. Unique icons and map are done!



PRC (Deng Xiaoping)
Spoiler :
Deng Xiaoping
UA: Gaige Kaifang: Small boost to current Production whenever a Technology is completed.
UU: T-99 (Modern Armor):
UB: Special Economic Zone (Factory): +! Maintenance but 20% increase in Production when constructing Research, Wealth, and World Congress projects.
D1: Construct the Three Gorges Dam

Needs a lot of wrench turning but the uniques are settled. Map and unique icons done!

Poland (Lech Walesa)


South Africa (with Colonialist Legacies)

South Korea
Spoiler :
Park Chung-hee
UA: Tourism increases Gold from Trade Routes for both sides. May purchase post-Industrial Technologies with Gold. (Prototype from Zantonius Hamm)
UB: Chaebol:

Yeah, I pretty much got nothing here. South Korea has a fascinating relationship with corporations but I have yet to figure how to connect that to a design. I also should be able to find a good UU candidate but have not yet. Any Koreans got some advice?

Spoiler :
Saparmurat Niyazov
UA: Turkmenbasy: Great works in the capital provide +1 happiness while Great works in other cities grant +1 production in the capital. Worked strategic resources also provide their base yield in the capital if improved.
UU:UU: Basmachi (Replaces Rifleman): When trained before the Modern Era, the Basmachi triggers a We Love the King Day in the city in which it was trained. The Basmachi never obsoletes, however upon entering the Modern Era, all Basmachi receive the unique promotion 'Ceremonial Guard' which give the Masmachi a 50% combat strength penalty and the ability to generate +1 happiness and +2 culture when stationed in a city for every level gained by the Basmachi. This promotion is lost on upgrade.
UB: Arkasy (replaces Monument) +1 Culture, +1 Production. The Capital generates +1 Culture and +1 Production for each Arkasy in the empire.
D1: Ban the Opera
D2: Establish Turkmen Neutrality

This is currently a synthesis of Scott, Hoop, and Scapegrace. It needs a few more turns of the wrench but we shall return.

USSR (Khrushchev)

Spoiler :
Zayed bin Sultan al Nahyan
UA: Yallah Habibi!: For every 200 gold in the treasury, receive +5% Tourism in the Capital and in cities with a World Wonder. Upon constructing a wonder, receive Gold for every other wonder in that city.
UU: Qasimi Raider (Privateer): The Qasimi Raider is slightly weaker than the Privateer it replaces, but receives a 50% Gold bonus when pillaging enemy trade routes. Upon pillaging an enemy trade route or killing an enemy unit the Qasimi raider receives double movement in coastal tiles for that turn and instantly gets all of its movement points back.
UB: Burj (Hotel): The Burj is slightly more expensive to build than the Hotel it replaces, but provides 20% of its tourism output as Gold. Furthermore, the Burj yields +2 tourism and +1 gold on Wonders in this city.
D1: Establish the Arab Economic Development Fund: For # Gold, you gain 35 influence with each City-State that borders your territory or that you have a trade route with.
D2: Commission an Architect: Must be constructing a wonder. Costs a lot of gold and some culture. Hurries production of the wonder.

As of now this is Scott's design verbatim with one minor change. Almost there! Unique icons done.

United Kingdom (Margaret Thatcher)

United States (Ronald Reagan)
Spoiler :
UA Great Generals can be used to annex Militaristic (or afraid?) City States. cities annexed in this way are puppets/colonies, and may only produce Military units and structures, including the capability to Airlift.
UU: SEAL (Airborne): Higher Combat Strength, no penalty to CS influence when in territory. Also has Marine promotions.
UU: M1A1 Abrams (Modern Armor): Earns promotions faster.
D1: Build a War Memorial: Must have signed a peace treaty recently. Creates a building that grants +3 Happiness and +1 Culture for every city conquered by America.
D2: Create a Collective Security Organization: Must have a Declaration of Friendship or Defensive Pact with 3 other Civilizations. Costs some gold and a Great Magistrate/General?
All of the nations involved in the CSO are given a permanent defensive pact/or just one for a standard amount of time. Also allows production of Joint Strike Fighter Unit.

Spoiler :
Hugo Chavez
UA: Bolivarian Socialism: Up to 50% discount on gold purchasing for each social policy branch completed. Gain a boost of Culture when you denounce a civilization of a different ideology.
UU: Tortuga (Landship): Gains Cover II promotion on construction. Can upgrade to Tanks for free.
UB: Military University (Armory): Unique Armory that provides the same bonuses, plus a 5% discount on unit upgrade costs for each one in the empire (up to 30%).
D1: Invest in the Oil Industry: Spend two Great Merchants to get 5 copies of Oil.
D2: Launch Mission Habitat: Costs a lot of gold but generates a large boost in growth rate. Modern Era.

This design has not been talked about too much since the introduction of the Tortuga. I am interested in polishing this up before starting to work on it. I'm happy with it but it needs more synergy. The UU and UB are militaristic, while the UA relates to Bolivarian socialism, through gold purchasing. There needs to be a bridge, but I don't want to lose the discounts for gold purchases. Maybe the denouncement bonus is adequate as a bridge?

Tortuga icon done!

All designs, icons and art are subject to change.

Where's this modern civ I want?
Chances are, if there's a prominent, unique modern civ, I didn't choose it because someone else is working on it. We're all quite excited. I'm not interested in taking any more civs on at this time (I've likely already taken on too much) but I am plotting a Wave 2 later on.

Finally, we (DoctorMcGann, myself, and the other contributors) are always looking for more help with all aspects of the modding process!
I'm hype!
Hmmm... I think the design of the revolutionary guard should be changed. Maybe something like that:

replaces marine of the bonuses of the marines, the pasdaran has 70 :c5strength: combat strength. If stationed in a city, exerts religious pressure in that city and removes resistance in the city. Also has a boost in friendly territory (15%).
As I understand it Pasdaran is the informal name for the Revolutionary Guard. Your effect is better though, Natan. I think mine was originally a Quds Force but I changed the name without changing the effect. Marine is a good replacement too. I'll update after some deliberation.

If this thread is ever graced with JFD's presence, I'd be interested in considering how Piety would work with this.
I'm pretty sure I've got Kosovo's leader. But I'd like to make sure he's the right leader before I start coding.

INB4 Kosovo Peace Music:

Spoiler :

In other news, I've got a friend who did the military service in Venezuela, I could ask him in regards to ideas, he's very anti-bolivarian though, so I'd take his opinions with a grain of salt.

On the other hand, this'd make an awesome Landship replacement for Venezuela:

I like most of the designs here, really looking forward to their release!

Comments on some of the civs:

Spoiler :
Could this potentially be a more interesting UA?

May purchase any post-Renaissance military unit with :c5faith: Faith. Pay 33% less to purchase military units with :c5faith: Faith, and they can be expended in a city to fully convert it to your major religion.

The only thing I think of when I think of this country is oil. Take from that what you want. ;)

Probably the biggest oddball of the civs chosen here, and the only I'd never consider making myself. But I hope to see it finished with an interesting design. Perchance I can help with the UA?

The Door to Hell
Natural Gas* resources appear near Natural Wonders and Desert tiles in Turkmen territory upon adopting an Ideology. After adopting an ideology, cities enter a short 'We Love the King Day' when they complete a building.

Spoiler :
*Natural Gas resources increase Building :c5production: Production for the current owner.

South Korea
Wow, this one has so much potential...

The Asian Tiger
:tourism: Tourism increases Gold from Trade Routes for both sides. May purchase post-Industrial :c5science: Technologies with :c5gold: Gold.

Hmm... the UA here is a bit too similar to Japan, TBH. But I've got nothing right now.

New design suggestion? New design suggestion.

The Empire of Japan

Shigeru Yoshida

Land of the Rising Sun
Gain a :c5culture: Culture boost based on your :tourism: Tourism output every time you are the first to discover a post-Medieval :c5science: Technology. Earn additional :c5citizen: Citizens in the first 3 cities based on :tourism: Influence with other civs.

May not write a Political Treatsie, unlike the :c5greatperson: Great Writer it replaces. Mangaka increase :c5science: Science and :tourism: in the empire by +20% for three turns after their birth.

Electronics Factory
Yields +2 :tourism: Tourism from Specialists in the city, unlike the Research Lab it replaces.

How about this for a UA?

Hot Potato
Units of civs with more cities than Kosovo suffer attrition in their territory during war, and yield :c5goldenage: Golden Age points to Kosovo during peace.

I find the UAs to by far be the easiest part of a civ to design.

Now, I know you discourage civ suggestions in the OP, but where are North Korea and West Germany? Especially West Germany strikes me as a weird reject.
North Korea is being tackled elsewhere. West Germany I never considered because I don't know what I'd do with it. DDR was an easy choice because it's so uniquely fascinating and bizarre...

I only took a brief look at the suggestions you made and I liked them. I have to run but I'll look more later on. Thanks for the feedback!
Where is NK tackled? The only one I've seen is a... weird G&K one. West Germany a problem? Nah, man, it could focus on engineering and Production, no problem.

Well, I'll take West Germany into account for the second wave. Regalman wrote somewhere that LiTE was doing Kim il Sung, which was my plan.

Responses to your comments:
Iran: I think I might roll the conversion into the UU, that seems like a cleaner interpretation. I don't want to use Sharia as the UA name. I had one long ago but I deleted it. I'm sure I'll find it again. Providence of the Jurist, it was. Velayat-e faqih could work too.

Venezuela: Agreed, part of my objective is to expand people's understandings of these countries. Oil is certainly prominent but how do I highlight that? I have a decision that guarantees a bunch of oil...like I don't know what else to do with it?

Turkmenistan: Yeah, this is definitely my oddball civ...natural gas as a map resource would increase the art requirements of this dramatically. But your design synergizes well. I think the problem is that it's all focused late game. Historically accurate, yes, but not necessarily the best for fun. Perhaps tie natural gas to a earlier tech? Not sure which?

South Korea: Buying techs is a very interesting proposition. Can a coder tell me if this is feasible?

Japan: I like the new design, very synergetic although it might have a bit too much going on in the UA. UA ties tourism to culture and culture to science and tourism to growth. At the very least I think that culture boost should just be a straight tourism dump to known civs. The middle part of the UA is perfect. Can you go into more detail on the last part? The unique components otherwise are good.

Kosovo: Good dualistic focus, I like it although I feel that there must be more to Kosovo than the war...I just can't manage to find good sources.

Mr. Hoop, what are those? Seems interesting....and yeah, Venezuela and Iran are the most likely to rustle Steam's jimmies upon release....many people are bound to be anti-Bolivarian and anti-Iran but my goal is to represent these systems because they're interesting. I like how Civ + its mods don't make value judgments.
This design is largely derived from Urdnot Scott and Zantonius Hamm. I also remember COF wanting to add it into LITE. If you guys want this taken down let me know! COF, if you want to take this that's great. Honestly, half the reason I am still into this is because I am really attached to the icon I made....I'm open to a collaboration (or anything really).

I would be up for a collab of Modern Japan. I am mainly using Urdnot_Scott's design, with a slight nerf for the Mangaka.

If you want I can add you on Steam and we can talk a bit more about it.

Besides that I really need help with the Manga quotes, got only 10 so far, mostly shonen. :/
Yeah, I'm no expert on manga to help on that....feel free to add me on Steam.
Yeah, he has always been on my radar too, thanks to Jon Stewart and Archer.

EDIT to avoid double post: I've just learned that sukitract's template exists and I want to remake my icons on them. If anyone knows if and how to make it work with GIMP it'd be great if you could PM me?
Mr. Hoop, what are those? Seems interesting....and yeah, Venezuela and Iran are the most likely to rustle Steam's jimmies upon release....many people are bound to be anti-Bolivarian and anti-Iran but my goal is to represent these systems because they're interesting. I like how Civ + its mods don't make value judgments.

Those are Tortuga Tanks, one of those oddball vehicles that always appear on those "oddest military vehicles ever created" :crazyeye:, and they, of course, are Venezuelan in origin.

Also, maybe Turkmenistan could have something related to the fact that they (well, Saparmurat Niyazov) declared the country neutral on everything ever?

Oh, oh, and they definitely need those Turkmenbashi Statues as a Monument replacement.
I think we might have a new Venezuelan unique unit. Only a few were produced but it looks so much fun.
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