Outbreak of mange


Jan 6, 2003
Everybody seems to want to look like Bruce Willis these days...

Now that's a graphical bug.

Oh, and what happened to poor Kublai Khan?! :( At least Harald and Peter had (most of) their facial hair spared! Oh well... at least he gets to keep his golden hair tie :p

Now... as disgusted and horrified about this as I am... I do have a question. Can you get this to happen to Cyrus? :mischief:
Actually, no. Cyrus is in the game and his hair is perfect. So are most of the female leaders, for some reason.

Sounds like Cyrus has a very strange secret
At least these ones are clean-shaven. On the Mac I once used to play Civ 6, the hair was still there on all Leaders, but on some, most of the hair would disappear, leaving horrifying patches of limp hair floating around the peoples' hair and faces.
Ironically Gilgabro should have been clean-shaven in the first place so...points for accuracy. :p Is it just me or does he look more Polynesian than Mesopotamian? Right now I'm picturing him being played by The Rock. :p

Welp, this is going to haunt my nightmares. :sad:
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