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Prof. Garfield

Mar 6, 2004
Over the Reich has been released!
Get it here!

I've created this thread as an information and Q&A resource that I can link to from my Over The Reich Youtube videos. I will edit this post with extra information when necessary. Feel free to post information or ask questions.

What are the Youtube channels of the people playing Over the Reich?
My channel is ProfCiv2.
JPetroski's channel is Civ2 Gamer.

Where can I find the turn by turn saved games for the Over the Reich Playtest?

Where can I get an updated version of Over the Reich?

What do I need to play Over the Reich?

You'll need to have a copy of Civ II Test of Time, and update it with the Test of Time Patch Project, version 0.15.1 (or later). Also, apply this bug fix.

Do I need an old operating system to play Test of Time?
No, Windows 10 will work, however you may not be able to do a 'default' install. Start with this installation guide.

What is a good way to communicate with the creators of this scenario?
Over the Reich - Post release feedback, bug support, hints, etc.

Lua enhanced scenarios seem cool! Are there any single player scenarios using Lua Events?
Napoleon I 1805
Caesars Gallic Wars
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