[R&F] Overhaul Game Changes (Mod Collection "He5oRule Set")

Ahmed Waleed

Oct 4, 2020
Hello Everyone,

I'd like to introduce a mod collection gathered by me and my friends used to enhance our civilization 6 multiplayer games, we are really looking forward to finding more people who are interested in this collection so we can have more games with others.

What is the main purpose of the collection?

1. Eliminating almost all of the frustrating starting locations (There are lots of details under this point please check the collection link for more info)
2. Making useless stuff more useful, such as pantheons and governors promotions.
3. Importing important mods such as Better Balanced Game but with full protentional. (They made it compatible with R&F but it lacks so many features, but in the collection the BBG mod has all the features compatible with R&F)
4. Trying to nerf the playstyle of just rushing science to reach nukes while ignoring every other aspect of the game and also reducing the number of cities that a player can build (since there is not any limitation mechanic such as happiness in Civ V).
5. And last but not least some mods are just added as-is providing a quality of life change or a nice visual one without adding much of performance cost.

Every mod created or changed has its change log attached with it in the collection link (check the end of the this thread)

We really welcome:

1. Any one suggesting other mods or changes to current mods (If something seemed over powered, since we are a small group of people maybe we didn't test its full potential)
2. Making a discord channel if really enough people are interested so we can have a group that likes playing using these changes.

What DLCs are required ?

1. Rise and Fall expansion (Mandatory)
2. Civilization & Scenario Pack Bundle (Optional) "It is supported and taken into consideration but not mandatory at all"

I have been very interested in moding the game, so I could make many mods that was only compatible with GS to work with R&F with full functionality, since we only have this expansion (GS is rather expensive for most of us, we got the game for free from epic store and bought R&F for 5$ using the discount coupon ^_^) and I happen to have a domain, so a subdomain is made especially for the collection :)

And last two disclaimers:

1. Copyrights for all mods included in this collection are reserved for the original authors.
2. Since I do not have a game on steam I could not add my work on steam workshop, if someone wants to help me with this point I'd welcome that very much :), also anyone are free to use/modify all/part of content
in our collection and it would be nice if you mention the collection link when you do that <3.

Collection Link: https://gaming.csed22.com/civ-vi/

Yea I know that, but this is not the case ... if you check the edits modular in gaming.csed22 site you will find that I have taken just a few features and the mod name is mentioned to preserve the copyrights ... so yes they are the same but not in this collection:

Historic Speed is striped from all the features but increasing the penalty for next era tech/civic.
8 Ages of Pace is the responsible for increasing the tech/civic and great people points.

I hope this was clear enough, I also added the collection as mod pack in civ fanatics https://forums.civfanatics.com/resources/he5orule-set-overhaul.28490/
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