Palace Improvments


Jan 12, 2002
*Looks around* Says: "My House"
wasnt entirely shure were to put this one...

What are the triggers for your ppl improving your palace?

a few seem to happen often like winning a fight vs barbariens
or vs an AI Civ but other times it seems sorta random.

My Mom who plays too is in the year 1350 AD and is doing good yet she
hassnt had a single palace improvment. She has fought and won a war.
She has frequent 'we love the king' days.
Sometime you will be playing and suddenly you get 2 or 3 palace upgrades in
a few turns. but nothing in particular seem to have happened...

soo...what are the triggers?
is there a list of them anywere?

If no one knows specifics what are the general catagorys?
Growing pop? happy ppl? lots of city improvments?
Improvments in yer rating on the list in F11? :confused:
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