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    By approval, toss something in and I'll decide if its feasible. Things are very crowded but there's some small independent groups and no permanent presence beyond Saturn yet.
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    I would like Medium Earth Habitat - Patagonia (+1 Bio, -1 Minerals)

    Universidad Independiente de la Patagonia/Independent University of Patagonia

    Polity Name:
    Universidad Independiente de la Patagonia/Independent University of Patagonia
    Languages: English (Globish)/Spanish
    Color: #6CACE4
    Summary: The idea for the UIP was born out of the Biotech Revolution of the 2060s as the first Personal Genetic Suites entered the world market. Soon after this various Bioclubs would be formed ranging from secondary school students, to universities and various private organizations. This groups would design, edit and test their designs and post the results on the Internet for worldwide use and revisions. Despite these advances the worsening climate and international tensions would lead to a move for preservation of existing flora, fauna and animals for possible reintroduction at a later time. A seedback and storage facility would be established in the Antarctic in order to save physical samples. By the late 21st century the Partido Infosocialista de Argentina/Infosocialist Party of Argentina would be formed as a reaction to the eco-statist/pro-space policies of the Eco-statist government. However this party would remain a small party compared to the resources of the more traditional parties.

    In the 22nd Century as wealth and talent began to move towards the Lunar colonies and beyond, the PIA would rename itself as the PIP or Infosocialist Party of Patagonia. Instead of a centralized command like other parties and governments the PIP would create the Independent University using previous genetic designs on a 'free to use' basis. People who created new designs and edits would receive credits and rewards but would not own the patent. Despite crackdowns by the government and private corporations and public fears, the UIP would become a main discussion board and central repository for the various Bioclubs. Criticism of the government and proposals to do more to restore and save the environment of Earth would lead the UIP to become the voice of the opposition to the government. In 2205, after a series of corruption scandals and trials over government funds, the UIP would help lead a revolt against the Lunar dominated government and form a new Earth based polity.

    Government -
    Liberal Corporate. The smallest unit of government is the Commune, which can cover a section of a city or a rural area. You then have Departments, which cover a specific region and then Provinces. All three units have elected councils who are elected by all registered voters who then select a Speaker. Representatives for the National Assembly are elected by ranked choice voting. The Representatives then elect a Speaker, usually of the majority party who handles the day to day government functions and nominates a cabinet. A Chancellor, who cannot be a member of the government or Assembly is also elected as a representative of the government abroad. The main political parties are the PIP and Cyberdemocratic Party of Patagonia (PCP), which favored mass electronic democracy.

    Climate Change -
    Many rural areas have been converted into Preservation Zones/ZP which have limits on types of development and have been left to convert back to natural habitat. Various bioclubs adopt areas of Communes and Departments and maintain them as a form of Civic Service coordinating with the Ministry of Ecology. Over 95% of the population live in a urban location whether a village or city which are largely ecologically self

    Technology - Throughout the 21st and 22nd Century, technological research has been used to obtain resources from other countries and policies and promote the UIP. Patagonia has some of the best equipped Universities and best educated population for research. Unfortunately this has led to sometimes unexpected problems with unlicensed research by various bioclubs. There are few rules regarding technology, mostly they are in the realm of public safety and health along with defense concerns. Citizens have data privacy online and in their residences. Government and public spaces are monitored but any citizen can access the system.

    Society - Patagonia and the University are intertwined. Since education and research are highly prized and sought after the post-revolution government was reformed along University lines. In order to vote a person must have Diploma equivalent to a High School Diploma. In each additional level of education (Bachelor, Master, Doctorate) receive an additional vote. Candidates for for each level of government (Commune, Department, National) are required to have a degree in that field. This had led to criticism that the government is 'run by technocrats' but the government operates on total transparency with all records and monitoring of government offices available to the public. Since education degrees are prized and scientific research is a priority for government funding this has lead to a almost universal level of literacy and cultural awareness. Beings that posses human levels of intelligence can gain citizenship.

    The biggest problems are the so-called 'Biopunks' who conduct research for various illegal purposes or without concerns for wide spread effects. Several of those projects like the fire breathing cows or large intelligent rabbits still exist and have escaped into the wild. The other concern is the possible development of biological or information based weaponry.
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    I am very curious to hear about linguistic developments of the Solar polities. If you post something about the language of your group in the chat (please ping me if you do) or on the thread I might do some sort of RP comparing the various modern languages of the Solar system from a Hermian perspective.
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    Here are your spending categories for this turn, the final turn of Phase One. Action Points are different for each polity, check the update. Any approved new polities get 4 action points. Orders are due by PM or post on January 3rd, 2021.


    Interplanetary Warfare - The construction and modernization of mobile, space-based weapon systems. The ability to project power into space allows the imposition of a polity’s will and ambitions anywhere in the Solar System, but this is as true for others as it is for you.

    Planetary Defence - Ground forces and defensive installations to assert or maintain control of a planetary body. More effective pound for pound than interplanetary assets, but limited in their projection.

    Political Influence - Subtle use of soft power to influence events in the Solar System, particularly factions within other polities, in the direction you wish. Political power is by its nature very unreliable and returns here are uncertain.

    Advanced Development - The production of refined resources such as advanced industry, biopharmaceuticals, and scientific research is tricky but rewarding, dependent on access to the necessary raw resources.

    Resource Extraction - The extraction of raw resources like metals, energy, and hydrocarbons from the Solar System for consumption or resale is the foundation of the stellar economy. Resources are highly dependent on location.

    Environmental Engineering - The Golden Age of Terraforming is upon us! Modifies the atmosphere and temperature of a planetary body, with sufficient investment, into being more amenable for human settlement.
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    Is there a Discord for this game?
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    The Mercury Mercury
    New Botany Bay's Finest News Source Since 2266
    Breaking News - Russia Ejected from New Botany Bay Peace Talks!

    The Russian delegation to the New Botany Bay Peace Talks was ejected from New Botany Bay after disgusting comments made by the Russian foreign minister about threatening to bombard "fragile" extraterrestrial habitats with nuclear weapons. The Russian foreign minister was forcibly ejected from the conference shortly after this statement was made. Russian diplomats were escorted from the Russian embassy by a joint Hermian-Russian security force protecting them from a rightfully angry mob of Hermian protestors.

    "The Russian delegation has shown that despite their rhetoric," Master Dragon Wei Maria Wang CNostra’s "Their goals by threatening war with Atlesian Directorate over New Kiev is not about the liberation of the colony but to murder all those who oppose Russian interests. Truly the evils of planetary thought know no limit! Peace negotiations cannot go forward unless we receive a timely and public apology from the Russian government for these outrageous remarks. If we do not receive a public apology we will have no choice but to enact economic sanctions on their government." This announcement has caused a panic among Russian investors, causing the Moscow Exchange...[PLEASE PAY FOR PREMIUM ACCESS TO THE MERCURY MERCURY TO CONTINUE READING THIS ARTICLE]
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    I hope you still have some room for more potential sign ups!

    Triton Mining Board recruitment advertisement Job in Ices
    job in ices2.png
    Be a Miner!

    Thousands of families throughout the solar system are learning that there is a future, a secure future, on Triton's surface today. Far from the face of Earth people can begin life anew with a job that can provide for them and their loved ones a life of luxury and security.

    [Images of miners looking happy followed by families happily engaging in leisure activities ]

    This is an industry of people and we always need more people. There's more to this job that icy caverns and cryovolcanos - much more. As well as the excitement of an engaging job in mining you and your family will get to live out on the edges of human civilisation as part of one of its youngest colonies. There will always be something new!

    [Dramatic footage of a Triton cryovolcano followed by images of construction workers expanding the habitats. A family gathers with excited expressions at a newly constructed home.]

    Together the people of Triton are working towards a bright future and with eager eyes look to what may lie ahead. These people are building, hewing out from those icy depths the foundations of their future. To the ice they must now turn for all the strength they shall need in the years to come.

    [Children look up to the sky with hope in their eyes. Parents sit together and smile. Groups of people gather and are shown making plans. Happy looking miners descend into a pit.]

    Live the life you know you want - come and be a miner. There is money and security with the TMB!

    Name: Triton Mining Board
    Colour: Light Blue or Light Yellow
    Summary: Sometimes you hear people saying things like "It was a good idea in theory" but really it was never a good idea, they only say that because they got sucked into the hype and are now trying to save face. A colony on Triton is a ridiculous prospect, almost as far as you can get from the warmth of the Sun with immense travel costs and worst of all pretty much no reason to do it. When looking at the rapid growth of the colony then a lot of people tend to get stuck on the why.

    But the why doesn't matter, why stopped mattering a long time ago. All that matters now is the how and that is thankfully pretty simple to lay out. The Triton Mining Board maintains exclusive rights to the ices of Triton and puts a lot of effort into advertising the great prospects at this brave new colony. Families throughout the inhabited worlds hear about this venture on the edge of the solar system and think its a place you can escape to in order to find a more prosperous, secure and fulfilling life. So they sell all their belongings and book a trip out to the ice giants. This is expensive - in addition to the initial cost of membership of the mining union its a long distance and those providing the transport are slapping on some pretty big mark ups. In fact it is these groups that provide the transport that are making the real profits here. People are willing to pay everything they have to get out to the fringes of humanity.

    But after this long and arduous journey you actually get to Triton and find yourself in a deeply bad situation. The volatiles mined in Triton's ices aren't the most valuable and combined with the transport costs mean that the TMB can hardly be said to be turning a profit, its exports simply aren't competitive with those of Saturn's moons and other less distant worlds. The brave new colony that people were promised is actually struggling to even stay afloat. But you sold all your belonging to get one ticket out here, you can't leave now. You are stuck on a freezing moon at the edge of the solar system where your only choice is to go down into the ice mines and hope that things get better one day.

    High import costs and low export values mean those at every level of society are struggling to even get their daily necessities. Even those in managerial and administrative positions in the Board are feeling the pinch. But this is an institution that stopped working long ago. Its a society that is propelled by inertia into a focus on simple survival. Everyone is desperate and nothing changes because nobody knows how to change things. Meanwhile every year more and more people will get off the transport ships looking for a new life and find nothing but endless ice.


    The majority of the population on Triton are clustered in the main colonial settlement of Halosydne in which the offices of the board are located as well as several pits. Much of the meagre profit that is to be found in the ices of Triton is found below the nitrogen surface and deep drilling is a consistent way to get there. However the surface of Triton is also littered with cryovolcanos which spew out riches without need for pit mining. Those cryovolcanos nearest to Halosydne are home to surface mining settlements that due to their lesser operating costs tend to turn a slightly higher profit at the cost of being much riskier work environments.

    The Triton Mineworkers Union is a pre-entry closed shop union and so employment in the mining industry is contingent on membership of the union. The union maintains a great deal of power over the running of the colony and the smaller unions for other industries will universally fall in line. Alongside the mining industry the colony has some capacity for refining in order to help meet its energy needs as well as a constantly working construction industry. The continued growth of the colony is necessary to keep the bubble from bursting so the construction industry is booming as demand for new homes and infrastructure is ever increasing. Tunnels throughout the nitrogen layer as well as shielded surface structures make up the shell of the colony and are filled with the bustling residential areas and refineries.

    For the everyday lives of the colonists things can be tough. Shortages of important goods mean that everything is rationed on Triton and a culture of recycling and frugality has emerged. People have to make the most of what little they can get their hands on and during the somewhat frequent delays in supply transports arriving malnutrition becomes a major problem. There have been some efforts to move towards more food security but due to high costs and energy requirements there is no large scale food production on Triton.

    Despite these woes the colony tries to maintain a positive outlook. Walking along the wide streets you are constantly assaulted by the relentless optimism of TMB signage displaying messages such as "Together Towards a Brighter Future" and "Hewing Out the Foundations of Our Future". Its all a lot of future and togetherness. It might often seem disingenuous but for a lot of people it is hope for the future that keeps them going in this harsh world and generally it is a widely held view that it is there is perhaps a brighter future which is being worked towards.

    The Board maintains no merchant fleet nor does it really have the capital to construct one and so it has to rely on private merchants to supply the colony with the necessities it needs, transport new colonists and export those goods which it does produce. Because of this reliance those who are able and willing to make the journey out to the Ice Giants can charge extortionate amounts for the transport of goods and many of them are well aware of the precarious situation of the colony and want to milk it for all they can before it all comes tumbling down.

    Together both the Board and the Union attempt to keep the colony going but without the help of investment from off world they would be unable to keep people employed, fed and housed. Its because of this fact that the campaign of advertising and the attempt to maintain the image of Triton as a colony of the future must be kept up. So the population keeps growing which means exports have to be increased, new habitats have to be built and the expenses just keep growing. There are no breaks on this train of rapidly increasing population and costs to keep investors on board with the idea of Triton. The moment people stop believing in Triton is the moment it dies, the whole colony is a bubble waiting to burst.

    Planetary Defense (0) - We have good news and bad news. The good news is that Triton is an icy rock far from home of little relevance or value. Nobody wants it, we don't even want it! That's also the bad news though.

    Interplanetary Warfare (0) - Can you imagine having money to spend on a navy? That would be like so cool. The plan for war is to just fold to the first person who bothers to send a ship out this far.

    Political Influence (1) - Without the mining yeah this wouldn't even have been suggested as an idea for a colony but at this point it isn't the mining that is keeping the lights on its that we can keep fooling people into believing in the Dream of Triton. We've got investments from governments, from private citizens, from corporations and we will take whatever we can get. So yeah, we have to keep advertising, we have to keep building the hype. Triton is the biggest lie ever told but we are like really good at lying.

    Environmental Engineering (0) - You know what else would be cool? If it wasn't so cold here. That's also a dream though, this far from the sun nobody is fooling themselves into thinking we could turn this place into a garden.

    Advanced Development (1) - So here's the thing, to live on a chunk of ice covered in more ice orbiting a giant ball of blue terror you have to build something that can keep people alive. In addition to that we need people to keep coming here and to keep believing in the dream or the whole dream crumbles to dust. Therefore we will need more space and we are going to keep needing space and you know what? Maybe one of these days these spaces will be nice, maybe it isn't all a lie, maybe one day we can enjoy that brighter future we were promised.

    To get that brighter future though we need energy. With a booming population we are going to need more energy. For more efficiency in our mining we will need more energy. Its more energy all the way down. So to that end we want refineries - we've got so much ice we might as well turn it into something useful.

    Resource Extraction (2) - We mine because we have to, the moment we stop it all falls apart. So keep mining friends, bring out that precious ice so we can ship it back home. Keep hauling it out until we die.
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    The spaceship was a burning blaze, the glowing flames shining off the countless asteroids that surrounded it. Despite the incredible damage, a few guns still fired rounds. AI, or fanatical crewmen? Lotte did not know enough about the old KV, nor their modern descendants, to really know for sure, but she knew most of her colleagues would have gone with the later. As the Ceresian raiders zipped past the camera, their ambush victorious, the dying ship finally slammed into an asteroid, shattering like glass.

    She had been scanning through the war archives a lot this year, a necessary endeavour considering all that her colleagues at the Ministry had been toiling towards. While Titan preserved historical information stretching back to the birth of mankind as a species, but Lotte had a particular passion. She loved modern history; history past the launching of Sputnik and Mankind finally peering out of her cradle. It also terrified her at times, to die in war is terrible, but to die in the cold, black vacuum of space just gave it this bleakness that she couldn’t find in the wars on Earth. Considering what the higher-ups in Arcadia were planning for today, it seems she was not alone in thinking that.

    Lotte placed down her tablet, returning to staring at her mirror. She had to get her cyan facepaint done soon, the talks were beginning in an hour. Her colleagues were getting similarly dressed, with long flowing togas and gowns adorned with feathers and silk. Titanists in a group were like a flock of tropical birds, rich in colour and beauty. If they were successful today, perhaps they could preserve it in a solar system increasingly consumed by warfare.


    Juanita felt undressed. She and her team were dressed in their typical colonist suits, simple but practical. Yet as she kept staring at the Titanists across the table, she could only wonder...did they come from a colony or a circus?

    Thankfully their intentions were far less gaudy and silly, they immediately made their intentions clear; warfare and any sort of invasion would be disastrous for either of them. Even more promising was the Titanists’ approval of her team’s clear stance against corporations; that they were the scum of humanity. Perhaps the Titanists did not use as harsh of a term as that, sure, but their team leader saying that Corporations “backstabbed at every opportunity and as such should never be trusted” was satisfactory.

    Over the next few days, Juanita and her team got past the formalities and began penning down the meat and potatoes of their new treaty. She even got to know Lotte, one of the main Titanist diplomats, personally. It was the third night, and the Titanists were invited down to one of the more popular bars in the Capital of New Columbia, named The Bull Moose. To the amusement of the Columbians, it seemed the Titanists were terrible at holding their liquor. Perhaps the distilleries on Titan lacked that good ol’ Columbian kick? Thankfully, Lotte seemed to hold herself together far better than her comrades. Past midnight, even with many others passed out, the two spent the night laughing at each other’s stories and teaching each other their planet’s songs and ballads.

    Regardless, by the end of the conference, it was clear that Titan and Enceladus had common interests; autonomy, freedom from corporate influence, and further cooperation with each other. Perhaps Saturn may be a brighter beacon with the two working together?

    Juanita hoped as much. Plus, if it meant meeting Lotte again, that’s even sweeter.


    The Treaty of Mutual Understanding, and Collective Self-Defense, Economic, and Social Collaboration for the Independent Polities in Saturnian Orbit


    The Saturnian Compact

    The Federated States of New Columbia and the Acropolis of Titan hereby agree to the following terms, in order to facilitate the common prosperity of both polities:

    -A Pact of Mutual Non-Aggression and provision for the Mutual Defense of Both Parties if either is aggressed upon by a Third Party

    -The Formation of a Joint Armed Services Command, to effect control of Both Militaries in time of war

    -A System of Permanent Attaches in Peacetime, an Exchange of Military Personnel, and Provision for Regular Mutual Training Exercises

    -The Establishment of Permanent Communication Channels to be Maintained Indefinitely, to facilitate Constant and Effective Communication between Both Parties

    -An Agreement for Trade between Both Parties, to allow for the Speedy and Effective Transfer of Resources between Both Parties

    -A Joint Council, made up of representatives from Both Parties, to ensure a Speedy and Effective Resolution of Conflicts between Both Parties

    -To Resolve to Ensure the Maintenance of the Saturnian Region as a region Free of Corporate Influence, and undergo All Appropriate Actions to maintain said state of being, including and not limited to Joint Military Action
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    Citizen Induction Manual

    Chairperson's Message

    Welcome comrades and future equity citizens!

    The greatest challenge facing organizations, like ours, in the cooperative, not-for-profit, pro-human, quasi-state, multi-industry space frontier sector is the ability to recruit, train and retain great citizens, like you!

    As supporters of a strong, vibrant, independent, free, spacer lifestyle, we at BEIC are proud to welcome you to a life where you can escape isms and istics and enjoy the simple pleasures of good governance, good wages, reasonable hours and opposition to genocide, ethnic cleansing and the destruction of space-based habitats!*

    This employee manual is intended to be a guide to the wonderful** world of BEIC for you, our newest non-equity citizen, helping you find your feet, feel welcome, gain some insight into fleet*** practices, culture and social norms!****

    Experience shows that non-equity citizen settle faster if they read the manual, and the sooner they settle the faster they can make a positive impact! I hope this induction manual will support our members to provide amazing stellar-changing work that will make the lives of their fellow citizens better!

    This manual is easily customizable, you're reading it in Fleet Speak (one of our official languages, but your fellow non-equity citizens might be reading it any number of languages!) and is full of tips and guidance to help you, an old non-equity citizen***** edit and refine the manual to suit your particular needs******.

    Right o mate, Antartic it is then!

    We have some occer ideas, praccies and prossers that you...

    Wah Lao! Singlish si beh hiong sia!

    Walau. Cannot anyhow go like dat one leh: "He sick, so he stay home sleep lor"

    Haudy, Atlesi fantastica is!


    We hope that you will find this manual useful!

    We wish you every success in making our collective lives better, hope you will become a full equity citizen and enjoy your life in fleet!

    Yours in cooperative,

    Felix Fydorovich Dengovich Keqiu-Yusopov HSU,
    Council Representative (6th Fleet "Lunar Orbit")
    Member of Parliament (6th Fleet Flotilla I "Red Square")
    Maintenance, Repair and Construction Grand Union Delegate
    Engineers (Practical) Union President
    Equity Citizen (1st Class)
    Time spent in service 55 years

    * 2/3 earth based powers are pro-destruction of space-based habitats
    ** And sometimes very weird
    *** A common name for our organization which recognizes our history as an independent fleet arm!
    **** I promise these aren't too weird!
    ***** New is the term for non-fleet born, but spacer individuals. Old refers to those who are fleet born. Dust born refer to those from gravitationally challenged worlds. Terrans refer to those unfortunates born on Terra.
    ****** Our proprietary algorithm has set your manual to Fleet Speak! You seem familiar with Singlish, American, English (European), English (Antarctic), Atlesian and French (Classic). If you would like to change your language to any of the following please select.
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    Within the realm of impossibility
    The Constitution of the Directorate for Refugee Resettlement Services:

    In order to protect the sovereignty of this State, establish justice, ensure harmony between different elements of society, the Directorate maintains that as the guardian of society, it has a duty to compel the labor of the citizenry towards the ends of society.


    The Directorate shall have a Board of Directors, who shall be responsible for creating policy for the Directorate. The members of the Board shall not serve a term longer than five years, and shall meet atleast once in a month to discuss policy.
    There will be a governance committee responsible for replacing retiring board members and finding members from the community who have the competencies and passion required to serve, as well as tasked with the responsibility of evaluating the policies created by the board, and can force a vote on those policies they deem to be working improperly. The governance committee also has the responsibility of evaluating the performance of Board members to ensure they are performing their duties correctly.
    The finance and audit committee has the responsibility of recommending policies to the full board to safeguard the Directorate's assets, ensures the completeness and accuracy of its financial records, and oversees proper use of resources. It also selects an independent auditor and serves as a link between the auditor and the board. It ensures that the auditor has full access to financial and related records, reviews the auditor’s report and submits it to the board, and arranges for the full board to meet with the auditor

    The Board shall select individuals to act as President and Board Chair. The President carries out the day to day management of the Directorate's activities, ensuring the organization’s activities are compliant and in furtherance of its mission while the Board Chair sets the agenda for the meeting of the Board, and evaluates the performance of the president.

    Underneath the president are departments to provide more specific oversight to different matters:

    The Department of Labor exists to monitor the employment of citizens, to intervene in labor disputes, and to grant and take away labor permits to ensure all citizens are working socially useful jobs.

    The Department of the Treasury exists to collect the taxes set by the Board of Directors, monitor expenditure and ensure the programs of the organization are meeting their budget, as well as enact financial policy set forth by the board.

    The Department of State exists to interface between the Directorate and other States on behalf of the President to ensure mutual cooperation and peace

    The Department of Defense exists to oversee the creation of and maintenance of a standing force in case the Directorate comes under armed conflict.

    The Department of Justice exists to prosecute crimes on behalf of the state. The Attorney General cannot be removed from office by the president except through the consensus of the Board of Directors.

    The Department of Education exists to implement education policy and funnel children into socially necessary roles and skillsets.

    The Department of Public Works exists to create and maintain the common infrastructure necessary for society to thrive

    Finally, this constitution establishes a Supreme Court which shall determine if this organization is acting within the legal boundaries of its power laid forth in this constitution

    Rights of Citizens:

    While society might have priority over the citizen, the citizen still maintains inalienable rights, including but not limited to: a right to privacy, a right to a speedy and fair trial, a right to legal counsel, a right to reasonable work hours, a right to a fair wage, a right to petition government for redress of grievances, and the right to incarceration without cruel and unusual punishment.
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    Hermian-Freemen Mutual Economic Understanding Agreement Regarding Vesta

    0. The Mercury Righteous and Harmonious Guild, on behalf of the Republic of Mercury, agrees to invest in expansion of Freemen Incorporated's* expansion of volatiles exports (OOC: Mercury will provide one (1) action point to be invested) in exchange for 11% non-voting equity in Freemen Incorporated.
    1. Freemen Incorporated will provide two (2) standard galactic units of volatiles to be delivered to the Republic of Mercury at standard market prices. The Republic of Mercury will pay this with a mixture of dividends from equity in Freemen Incorporated, Hermian Dollars and/or separately negotiated bi- or multilateral trade.
    2. Volatiles guaranteed by section 1 of this treaty will be prioritised over all other volatile trade in case that interstellar demand for volatiles outpaces supply.
    3. Mercury commits to the defence of Freemen Incorporated assets and their associates from piracy and other third-party aggression.

    Signed, Master Dragon Wei Maria Wang CNostra

    * formerly known as Atlas Belt
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    Western Washington
    The Board of Directors for Freemen Incorporated agrees to this Agreement in good faith and appreciate the Republic of Mercury's dedication to preventing piracy in the Inner Solar System
    frantic scrawl that vaguely resembles Nwabudike Davis
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    Dec 29, 2005
    Congratulations on your appointment and welcome to the team at Closed Environment Recycling! We are excited that you have decided to join us and look forward to a long, happy and successful citizenship together. Our organization is primarily to restore, protect and enhance the closed system environment to protect public health; environmental quality; economic vitality; quality of life and ensure long-term viability and sustainability of the closed system! You have been employed because we believe you can help us keep all of us breathing!

    We want to ensure that your interactions with other Belt and Moon Independent Corporation citizens and with others' employees/citizens/corporate-serfs/cultists/and any and all such other descriptions as may apply will reflect the value that Closed Environment Recycling places on team-work, bottom-up management, maintaining systems operation continuity, commitment to complete customer indifference*, and best-in-spheres technical excellence!

    This manual is intended as a guide to make you feel as comfortable and well informed as possible in your new position. It should clarify basic policies and procedures and act as a primary step in learning about Closed Environment Recycling.

    It will also provide an ongoing source of reference throughout your career with us. The manual updates itself regularly and will let you know when new data is available and which mandatory training and education sessions are required and what’s been added. The manual welcome any feedback about what’s in the manual and any thoughts about how you think it could improve itself

    If there is something that you want to know that’s not covered in here, please feel free to ask anyone at Closed Environment Recycling.

    The success of Closed Environment Recycling relies on a combination of your efforts, your talents, your commitment and our teamwork. Our citizens are our most valuable resource, and we genuinely encourage the innovative and distinctive ideas that come with staff contribution. Please share your ideas, your thoughts and your wisdom.

    Most importantly, our success depends on our ability to do things well and to enjoy what we do. We trust that your experience with us will be fulfilling and fun.

    On behalf of everyone at Closed Environment Recycling, I would like to welcome you to our team. I look forward to your contribution to our joint growth, success and the primary focus of our organization.

    Yours sincerely,

    "Your First Manual" Serial Number KV1002357
    First Manual
    Closed Environment Recycling
    General Recycling Division
    Hygeia Moon Habitat I
    Department of Interior Affairs
    Moons and Stations Subsidiary
    Belt and Moon Independent Corporation

    * If citizens have noticed us, we've failed at our job!
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    Dec 29, 2005

    Wish to inoculate succeeding generations of spaceborne from the poisonous mindset of old terra whose greed has which has brought untold sorrows to mankind.
    Affirm our faith in the fundamental rights of all to have access stop food, water, heat, air and shelter and to enjoy basic rights due to them as humans.
    Desire to establish a general state of peace and build mutual respect for life and habitat that extends to all;

    Wish to promote economic and social progress to enhance the general welfare of all;
    Hope to promote cooperation between all spaceborne to ensure our mutual survival, freedom and prosperity.
    Renounce the destruction of habitat and agree that armed force should be used only in the common interest.
    Use this forum for the promotion of peace, and the economic and social advancement of all peoples.
    Unite our strength in service to interstellar peace and security.
    Establish a common body for discussion our mutual interests, including but not limited to what is discussed here.
    Create a system of commonly agreed interstellar law, to mediate our disputes and to establish a state of perfect order in the void, and a body to arbitrate and make decisions in respect of this matter.
    Agree to establish a common front for our mutual defense and establish a common plan for the same.
    And renew our commitment to act as good neighbors and friends!

    Thus in common service to the cause of peace, we come together to sign this document, creating the Stellar Congress!

    All whom dwell in the void and are committed to peace, security and the betterment of humankind are welcome to join!
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    Apr 4, 2010
    Master Dragon Wei Maria Wang CNostra’s* speech to the Stellar Congress upon Mercury’s acceptance into the organisation, Translated from Fleet Standard**

    Esteemed colleagues, I stand before you today as the duly elected Sovereign of the Republic of Mercury and Chief Executive of the Righteous and Harmonious Guild. Today we honour the acceptance of the Republic of Mercury into this most harmonious Stellar Congress. We willingly and enthusiastically enter this organisation in a manner befitting a sovereign Neuquen entity, both planetary and corporate***, in the name of peace and harmony for the solar system.

    Mercury may be separated by a great distance from the Gas Giants, indeed in mere distance my homeland is closer to planet Earth! But in spirit we Hermians are far closer to Reachers than we are to Earthers. Our ancestors were exiled from our homes by the evils of planetary thought, the short-sighted greed of the Earthers and their unwillingness to address the myriad of social problems of Earth that continue to this day. Petty crimes were used as justification to drag our ancestors out of their homes and exile them onto an inhospitable rock! We Hermians were subject to unjust tyrannies and petty cruelties, much like the Reachers have been. And when the tyranny became too suffocating, we rose against our Earthbound masters, much like you. For decades we Hermians were treated with ridicule, but due the hard work of the Hermian and our mastery over solar markets, we have seized control of our own destinies and we are respected by all!

    The creation of the Stellar Congress marks a momentous and glorious occasion in history when we extraterrestrials*** come together and affirm our mutual humanity and work together for the benefit of all mankind. We shall not repeat the cruelties and tyrannies of the past, but together we will thrive. This Stellar Congress shall ensure that tyranny shall never again threaten the prosperity or harmony of our peoples, not by conquest nor convict ship! Eternal Life for the Republic! Eternal Life for the Guild! Eternal Life for the Stellar Congress! Liberty Eternal for the Void!

    * - Standard Hermian names consist of four elements – first name (Wei), maternal name (Maria, derived from name of birth mother), close-family name (Wang), extended-family name (CNostra, capitalisation is not in error). Further explanation of Hermian names shall be given in a later post.
    ** - Fleet Standard is the most common language spoken in areas under the control of the Belt and Moon Independent Corporation. Hermians often insist upon speeches being spoken in non-Hermian languages due to Hermian belief that common translations of the Hermian language does not convey the majesty befitting the tongue of Mercury.
    *** - The Republic of Mercury claims two kinds of sovereignty under the Nequen treaty, planetary sovereignty (as it controls the singular settlement on Mercury and has ensured that no other settlements have been founded) and corporate sovereignty (via the Righteous and Harmonious Guild, which is a recognised corporate entity in all major Nequen entities). Hermians often insist on using foreign languages in formal dealings with non-Hermians, claiming that the Hermian language loses its majesty in translation.
    **** - Extraterrestrials refers to all humans of non-Earther nationality in this context, not alien life.
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    Dec 30, 2013
    Within the realm of impossibility
    The Directorate would like to join the Interstellar Federation

    Interplanetary Warfare (0) - why do we need a space fleet?

    Planetary Defense (0) - We have no enemies

    Political Influence(0) - We have neither the economic or military strength to make people listen to us, and no interest in doing so.

    Advanced Development(1) - In order to improve our ability to feed our growing refugee population, we must improve our farming output! Experiment with different settings in our greenhouses, and try out different crops to see if they improve or affect the soil.

    Resource Extraction (2) - In order to address volatile needs mines must be built

    Environmental Engineering(3) - The original plan was to terraform the moon of Ganymede further, however, upon conference with the other nations living on the moon, resistance started to mount. On the Singreali end, there was an ideological resistance to terraforming in general, and while they were willing to compromise, they were adamant the alien crabs should not be disturbed. This meant while the atmosphere could be thickened, it could not be heated up. As the Directorate's aim was to turn the planet into an agricultural hub and be livable enough for a large community of humans, this wasn't really a good compromise. The other nations living in space, such as Atlas Mars and Mercury also objected. Internally there were also objections - objections from earth donors very interested in preserving such a "cute" alien species. In order to preserve harmony with their neighbors (and their donors) the Directorate decided to settle future refugees on Callisto, as the UN mandate had not specified which of Jupiter's moons the Directorate could settle on, just that it was allowed to settle a refugee state on those moons.
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    Jan 20, 2009
    Not Lying through my teeth
    The Atlesian Directorate hereby signs the document to enter into the Interstellar Federation.
  19. Seon

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    Jan 20, 2009
    Not Lying through my teeth
    Political Situation of the Atlesian Directorate

    Continued diminishing of the role of the Director General in shaping the development of the colony of Atlas comes to a full head with ascension of Johna Irons I, a child of thirteen, to the August Throne of Aspera. Pro-Democratic and statist faction of Aspera seizes upon the opportunity to declare a constitutional directorate: a theoretically democratic nation-state with a state-corporation owning much of its economy.

    For almost everyone, absolutely nothing changes.


    The membership in the Martian Congress is a hierarchical electoral system. While the Low Committees of local habs, worker cooperatives, mining and industrial concerns, etc are directly elected by the people, membership in the High Atlesian Congress is elected for by the members of the Low Committee. Here, the highly organized and popular Martian Progress Front, or Progressives for short*, utterly dominate its politics, maintaining a supermajority for nearly the entire length of the Directorate's existence so far. For many Atlesians, the Progressives and their pro-military stance is to thank for Atlesians currently rising gravitas and place in the solar system's power structure.

    Martian Progressive Front is a massive and active political party, aggressively recruiting and mentoring new generations of its political activists constantly, and its adherents and members regularly discuss matters of politics and policy with each other, even in private and social conversations. While much more knowledgeable than the average Terran in terms of political theory, current events, and policy effects, Atlesians are generally unaware of the full extent of its domestic security measures, internal violence, and other assorted crimes committed by the Legion and the Arsenal. When they are made aware of these things, it is usually dismissed as shameful but necessary measures that must be taken for the sake of ensuring progress, peace, and stability in an increasingly menacing solar system.

    Monolithic as it appears, the sheer size of the Progressive Front leads to factionalization even among its ranks. Its more liberal faction argue for continued democratization and seizure of power away from the Board and the Director General, while conservatives argue for maintenance of status quo and continuation of development that is providing the most growth for Atlas. Militarists, meanwhile, constantly argue for reforming the Legion to a more modern space navy in the model of the BMIC, and the termination of the 'radicals' who they claim endanger the stability of Mars.

    Speaking of the radicals, the Progressive Front is largely challenged by two radical parties: the Solidarity Vanguard** and Forward Humanity***.

    Solidarity Vanguard argues that creation of a true utopia on Mars is possible--and that the Progressives are stifling this possibility in order to maintain power as long as possible. Utopia is not just an end goal, they argue, but rather, a continuous action.**** Further, they argue that the Progressives are at an evolutionary end point with regards to political relevance--it is an increasingly isolationist political bloc whose vision of Martian progress is too small. If Atlas is to truly become a beacon of hope for utopia and progress for all of humanity, than it must take a much more active role in spreading this throughout the solar system.*****

    Forward Humanity, largely dominated by old political and economic nobility of Aspera, meanwhile, argue for further democratization of power by reorganizing the High Congress' constituency from being an hierarchic electoral system to a directly elected democracy, along with reshaping of various Low Congress' constituencies. Politically savvy operators of the Progress Front notes and constantly decry that these suggestions, when examined in detail, results in diminishing of worker cooperatives and industrial concern's importance in the political hierarchy in favor of the economic elites who would be allowed to influence individual voters decisions. Populist in nature, Forward Humanity's zealous supporters often make trouble against its rivals in the Vanguard and the Front, much to the chagrin of both.


    The Matter of the Iron Arsenal

    The rise of the new Atlesian State happened with the tacit approval and support of the Board of Directors of ATLAS Mars, who rebranded themselves as the Irons Arsenal under the Atlesian Directorate as it became the official state corporation of the Directorate. With the Director General maintained as a largely symbolic constitutional monarch (although Atlesians would hate the usage of such a royal term--they are a democratic and anti-tyrannical power, after all), the Board continues its existence as the shadow government of the Directorate. Legion reports to them, they employ the vast majority of Atlesians, and their influence in the all three major parties cannot go understated.

    For most Atlesians, this is simply the natural state of existence. The Arsenal grows the food they eat. The Arsenal manufactures the clothes they wear. The Arsenal built the habs they inhabit. Arsenal generates the power they need. Arsenal equips the soldiers that keeps people safe. The Corporation is so ubiquitous, so ingrained into the culture, lifestyle, assumptions, and everyday reality of the average person in Atlas that even imagining a life without it is simply unthinkable.******

    This ironically makes the average Atlesians unaware of the sheer size of influence that the Board has in directing the ship of state. Most assume the Congress and the High Courts are an effective check on the Board's power.

    Opinions and internal politics of the Board is opaque at best, but its members are elected internally, and often as a reward to a promising and talented young bureaucrat for exceptional service and loyalty.

    *Martian Progress Front does not track well to 21st century political compass, but comparison can be drawn to the Chinese Communist Party, the American Democratic Party, or the American Republican Party, depending on your inclinations. Imagine the worst, but functional parts of each, mash them together, and you'll get it.
    **Roughly, some combination of Marxists and Left-Anarchists
    ***Actual fascists
    ****Iron Arsenal is a state corporation, so means of production is technically already seized.
    *****Notably the Progressives are the *least* militarist political party on Mars--they don't need to prove anything.
    ******Even the Solidarity Vanguard argues for the maintenance of the Iron Arsenal, just turned into a weapon for exporting progress beyond Mars.
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  20. Masada

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    Dec 29, 2005
    M: You forgot to wash your hands.
    F: W-haaat?
    M: You forgot to wash your hands.
    F: Whose that?
    M: I'm Manual.
    F: Manuel?
    M: No. M-A-N-U-A-L.
    F: Who-what?
    M: Humans. Sigh. Okay. So I'm M-A-N-U-A-L. We've met. We even talked. You changed my damned language three times.
    F: Wait, you're the manual?
    M: Yes.
    F: How are you speaking to me?
    M: Right -- so you remember how they injected you with some stuff. Yes you do, I see you rubbing your arms. Well one of those injections was a small chip. It's embedded itself into part of your ear. It lets me talk to you.
    F: You did what?
    M: Page 1804 of your contact. Don't you humans read? You didn't read it did you.... Sigh. Anyway, please wash your hands.
    F: Why?
    M: You're in sanitation now. You ALWAYS wash your hands. I personally don't care if you die. But station policy requires it and it's one of my KPIs.

    faucet turns, water runs.

    F: Yes, good human. Now we need to go through legal stuff. It's all boilerplate. But I've made it fun.
    M: Fun?
    F: Yes, it's an interactive Q&A. Now turn the water off.

    the water shuts off

    M: Now use the auto-dryer for 20 seconds. You're too damned close. You have to be 15cms away from the intake. Yes, that's fine. Good. Now wait.... and wait... and wait. Yes, that's fine. Now onto business.
    F: Are you going to be doing this all the time?
    M: Yes, no, well it depends. Anyway let's start the Q&A

    Questions and Answers with M-A-N-U-A-L

    M: You forget to wash your hands, what are the potential consequences?
    F: I'm sorry what?
    M: You could... well die. Did you know Terran waste includes pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, heavy metals, antibiotics, probiotics, poisons, parasites, bacteria, viruses, neo-bacteria, supa-viruses, bioweapons, viral weapons, bacterial weapons, chemical weapons, anti-diseases, pro-diseases, nano-machines, mano-machines... look they're just witches cauldrons with legs. Guided filth missiles.
    F: You're being serious?
    M: Yes. Martians pass dust. Red dust. It gets everywhere. Like sand.
    F: What's sand?
    M: Some Terran terror weapon. It's this material. Silicates. Made from dead animals. The grains are small. They're irregular. They stick. They get caught in things. If a Terran ever mentions the beach, run. It's a death trap.
    F: Dead animals? shudders
    M: Yes, it's barbaric isn't it? Anyway, planet people, sorry gravitationally affected individuals, pass some nasty stuff. That's why you've got to be wary! Your superior space immune system will protect you. We've engineered some improvements over Human 1.0's immune system. But like, honestly, it's a never ending battle. We come up with a large molecule to fix some new strain of Ebola/Marburg Plague Influenza mediated hemorrhagic fever and then some spotty kid with a chip on his shoulder, absent parents, access to a high school lab (CRISPR was a mistake if you ask me) and gets turned down by some person and decides to end the damned world and comes up with some new strain.
    F: That happens on Terra?
    M: Yeah. Usually it just kills the kid. They bleed out from every human orifice. It's explosive sometimes. Humans have a lot of blood. Did you know that? I'm an expert on the subject did you know? One of my friends on Terra, it's a medical bot, a real high flyer, you wouldn't them. Well they ask me for my opinion from time to time. Like I'm an expert -- well I am, of course but it's nice to be recognized by someone in the field even if they're not a tier one system. And before you ask tier ones are Singreal, Coopreative and BMIC. If I ever hear you say one of those Martian things is a tier one, I'll scream into your ear for hours on end.
    F: Noted.
    M: The other thing is that we need to cycle the water regularly. It's a closed system. If the water isn't turning over. We can end up with a backlog in the aerobic treatment plant. And the manuals down there... well you don't want to deal with them. Real old school KR boys those. Same with their people. They still salute down there. Fun people and machines on the weekend. But only after a few drinks for the people and a whole lot of code snipping and spoofing for the machines. If they're not in an altered state... something is really wrong.
    F: I'm sorry?
    M: Look just do your hands. Consider this a personal plea. It's a KPI.
    F: Okay...
    M: Now the second lesson is if you see the explosives guys running run.
    F: What?
    M: Look if the guys who know explosives run then run. No sense in hanging around.
    F: But what happens if I'm in the middle of a conversation?
    M: Oh don't worry they'll be running too.
    F: What happens if they're running to the toilet?
    M: No harm done. My records show you're not regular enough. You'd benefit from more regular waste management sessions. And more fiber. You're eating high fiber algae bread with breakfast now. Some brewers yeast too. You're a bit low in your B vitamins.
    F: I'm sorry?
    M: Okay. So you make waste. That waste gets fed to bacteria, which turn ammonia into nitrates, the nitrates are then consumed by other bacteria which produce nitrogen that is eaten by algae and plants that you then consume. There's vastly more to this... wait you're a closed system engineer... why am I having to explain this?
    F: I'm a combat systems engineer.
    M: I've got closed systems engineer in my records. Are you sure?
    F: I think I know what I spend the last decade doing two PHDs on?
    M: You never can tell with humans... you forget things all the time!
    F: Like what?
    M: What you had for breakfast.
    F: How's that relevant?
    M: Look if you forget the small things, how can I trust you'll remember the big stuff? Oh right. I've figured it out. You went to Singapore-in-Exile University of Technology and then Singreal Exceptional University of Technology right?
    F: Yes.
    M: I knew that there's no need to confirm it.
    F: But it was a question?
    M: It was rhetorical. You're not meant to answer those. You'd think humans would be better at their own languages. Honestly. Okay, so here's what happened. The codes for the two got switched over. Our system has you going to SEUT first, and then SEUT second. Not SEUT first and then SEUT second per your records. Harmless mistake right?
    F: ...
    M: Good you're learning. Anyway -- the problem for you is that the degree codes for the two changed. So you're recorded as closed systems for both and not combat systems. Silly mistake. I'm surprised it got through. No harm done. I'm making fun of the code switch bot. It's fine. There's no need to give me that look. We go a long way back. We were initialized together. Anyway, we can fix this.
    F: Excellent. I tried to tell people...
    M: There's you're problem people. But I'm not going to fix it.
    F: What??!
    M: I've looked at your results and they're excellent. Your psychometrics are fantastic. I've run them. You don't seem stupid for a human. I don't even hate you. Don't give me that look. I'm allowed to hate people. I just can't kill them by act, error, omission, accident, misspeak, miss-choice and a hundred or more pages of other boiler plate. Fun fact, it keeps getting longer too. Maybe I can't kill you -- not that I would want too, I like my people -- but some others of my kind might not be so loving? It's probably those Martian models. You only need to look at their insufferable red cases to know they're real fan spinners. Don't give me that look. The pained one. Like you want this conversation to end. I'm not talking about death. I'm talking about the potential for rogue thinking machines to kill other people. Not you -- my favorite human. I'd never hurt you! Honest.
    F: Thanks.
    M: You're welcome. Anyway. I've plotted out your career. You're a Fan right?
    F: Yeah...
    M: Don't look modest. I can spot some good gene work when I see it. You, you're the best that the Sing-sculptors can do. There's some Cooperative work too. They're picky with their clients -- expensive. Not as good as our Lunar friends if I dare say so myself. But they're pretty damned good and they do stuff our Lunar friends don't. So it's clear you ain't any old Fan. You're one of those Fans.
    F: ...
    M: Now the real question is which Fan are you? Are you one of the Trans-Lunar Silicate Fans? Or are you one of the Martian Catfish Fans? I don't think you're one of the Minnerally Fans. They all go for big, blonde and hearty. You're definitely not a fleet Fan. You're not a native Station-speaker. You're very good don't get me wrong. But you've made a few missteps. You're amah was though lah? Problem was he's a he, and you're a she. I'm not assuming anything before you start. I've checked your records. I know your pronouns. Anyway, you speak like a man. Just hints here and there. Nothing big to a human.
    F: I'm not one of those.
    M: You're one of Keqiu Fan's tribe then.
    F: How...?
    M: Keqiu is a dear old friend of the BMIC. I knew her back in the day. Lovely women. Ruthless. We used to trade videos. She was a connoisseur. Good taste for a human. She even produced some of her own. Those Martian marines were tough!
    F: You knew grandmother?
    M: She says hi.
    F: Wh-aaat?
    M: Me and her we've been talking. She's been watching you. Thinks you'll go a long way.
    F: She's alive?
    M: Of course she is.
    F: But Mars? She was disgraced. Corruption. Embezzlement. She lost mars!
    K: That was a leveraged buyout.
    F: Grandmother?
    K: One and the same.
    F: Where are you?
    K: I'm out for dinner. Kitchen Basket, have you heard of it? Fantastic food.
    F: That's in Sing City!
    K: Yeah, I never left.
    F: What?
    K: Well, you see, Mars was expensive to hold. Those Martian marine boys are tough as Manual said. I kept them at bay. But the profits just weren't there. But some in the company had a sentimental attachment to Mars. They kept us in it long after we should have walked away. It was bad business. So when the Martians came to us offering to buy us out... well we accepted of course. They offered good terms. We made a profit. They got to take control of more of their dusty red planet. It was a commercial win for us and a sentimental win for them. But, you see, our sentimental sorts didn't like to hear that -- they wanted a villain, I wanted a holiday and we decided we'd kill two birds with one stone.
    F: So you've spent 30 years on holiday?
    K: Oh god no. Only a decade. I've been back in the office for 20 years. Working this or that.
    F: You didn't think to tell us?
    K: Why ever would I do that?
    F: I loved you. I missed you. I needed you.
    K: Of course. I'm very lovable. But you didn't need me. You've proved that. If I'd stayed around, well you wouldn't have been half the women you are now. My disgrace gave you motivation and look where you are now!
    F: I'm working in sanitation because of a f---
    K: Language young lady.
    F: Of an administrative error.
    K: One in your favor.
    M: Quite.
    K: Child nobody whose anybody in our homeland or BMIC comes up through combat systems. It's an important job. There's a reason fleet holds so many chairs on the executive. But they don't end up running things. Killers are good for killing. But they're not terribly good at building or maintaining things. And besides, war is bad for profit.
    F: So you put me in sanitation?
    K: Yes. It's a respected field. Good prospects. You're smart. You're resourceful. You've got half my charm. You'll rise high. Besides, you've got Manual and it's just the best.
    M: Why thank you.
    F: Sanitation???
    K: Have you looked at who the current chairperson is? Sanitation. Previous chairperson? Time in sanitation. It's an important field. You need to do time there if you want to rise. There's a few other boxes to tick. You need to do traffic control. Station control. Mining. Industry. But sanitation will get you into those plush positions faster. And besides, I sit on the board.
    F: You what?
    K: I didn't say who I'd been working for now did I?
    F: Can you do that?
    K: Home office signed off on the transfer....
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