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Palisaded Barbarian Camps


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Jul 25, 2002
Here's a new barbarian camp with palisades from m_m_x's goody huts.

I didn't really like m_m_x's original barb camp because its walls were too civilized for barbarians :)

EDIT: Update - I have made the graphic C3C-compatible by putting it into the C3C terrainbuildings.pcx, therefore your barricade graphics should not be destroyed by it (thank you to Smellincoffee for alerting me of this problem, since I don't play my C3C very much).


  • palisade_barbs_c3c.zip
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Here's a preview:


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Luxury Rescource, I guess
What graphics are you using?
It looks like Womaks Terrain, but I'm not sure where the resource icons came from.

EDIT: Great looking barb huts. I'll add these when I get home from work.
That is Womoks terrain.

The resource icons I made myself, complete with labeled luxuries and strategy resources. They were made from the resource.pcx file that came with Civ3, not without some painful work (especially for the little luxury resource icons you see in the city screen).

I also made pedia icons for them.

There are extra bonus resources, but not so many that bonus resource clusters become rare. Exclusively for flavor, no significant changes to the rules. These have extra civilopedia entries.

I may release this some day ;)
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