Paratroopers and Airports...?

i was meaning the paratrooper unit as opposed to making airdrops with a helicopter. :)

paratroopers need an airport to do a jump, i was wondering if there was a way to make it so they could jump from any city in the editor?

From what I´ve read most peeps don´t even get to Advanced Flight,mostly it get´s ignored.Would be better if some late WW2 jets were added,then ppl would most likely explore the "wonders" of this tech,but that´s a different matter,for now I can´t help you either,have you played around with the editor a bit?
I didn´t have a clue on how to use cruise missiles from subs at first,in my version the editor is translated and a tactical missile was called tactical nuke,so expected a big nuclear bang from cruise missilies...
Have never used paratroopers,formated my hd with the save exploring this tech,will see in next game.

This will only take a few weeks on a huge map... :(
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