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Passive Hut Popping


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Feb 2, 2005
I know this has been discussed here before but I used it last night so I thought I'd share.

I founded my first city and there was a goody hut just outside my cultural borders.

I'm playing at Emperor level and not as an expansionest Civ so my first thought was, "Great in ten turns when my borders expand I'll have to deal with barbarians".

Then I remembered reading that if you do Not have any units that have offensive capabilities the huts will Not put out barbs. I wasted a worker turn to move him on to the hut and bam! a friendly settler wanted to join my fledgling civilization. I was thinking I'd get 'maps of the region', 50 gold or maybe Pottery. I can't remember the last time I got a settler from a hut when I wasn't using a scout. And on turn two, I kind of felt like the AI on demigod. What an advantage. From now on while I'm building that first warrior I will hit any hut I can see with my worker.
lucky one! i popped out settler only twice by a scout in my whole civ life. its a tremendous advantage to have two cities by 3800 BC :)
Very Lucky. Sounds like a good place to make a permanent save!
Popping a hut with your borders is always passive. Unless I'm EXP, or I see that the AI is about to grab a hut, I only pop huts by founding towns next to them.
Popping with border culture expansion is not passive and barbs can result. Settling with the goody hut inside the first 9 tile radius is passive and won't result in barbs.
Settling with the goody hut inside the first 9 tile radius is passive and won't result in barbs.

To my experience:
If you have any military units, anywhere, you can get barbs, if you don't have military units, you can't get barbs from a hut.
I haven't noticed any proximity to a city rule...
According to Oystein's thread, in order to get Barbarians:

--Player must not have Expansionist trait.
--There must not be a city within a 1-tile radius.
--The player must have at least 1 city.
--The player must have at least 1 military unit.
--The unit popping the hut must not have the "All Terrain As Roads" ability
--There must not be a city within a 1-tile radius.

Right, so popping a hut with cultural expansion can get you barbs. Plunking a settler down right next to a hut will not. That's a key distinction I did not understand right away, personally.
Thanks for asking.
I'm playing standard size world, continents. I decided before the start that it was going to be a warmongering game. Just try to kill everyone as quickly as possible, either a domination or conquest victory.
Right now it's 500AD. I'm Monarchy and have gotten rid of one of my neighbors, England, and soon should make short work of the Celts giving me sole possesion of my continent. I'm researching Chemistry and building the Pentagon. I'm technologically advanced, only Eygpt knows more. That was the difference I noticed with the extra city, I was always ahead on techs.
Usually I lag in the beginning and have to research alternate paths to trade my way back into the game but this game I've been pushing the tech envelope from the get go.
Okay, a quick update.
It's about 1000 AD. I own my continent. I've killed Sumeria and the Celts.
I'm now staging an invasion of the next continent using caravels, cannons and cavs. Japan is my target. They are weak, way behind on tech stuck in the bottom corner. Most importantly they are neighbors to Egypt who is my only real opponent left. Egypt is close to my size but on a larger land mass. They are up a tech or two but not any I really need. I'm researching magnetism so I can get my armies across the pond. Right now they don't fit in my caravels. But I do have a beachhead established and my cavs should make short work of the med infantry and pikemen the Japs are throwing at me. I have to act fast before Egypt gets out of control. I fear there culture more than anything.
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