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Patch 1.17f kills the CPT and civbreed...thus NO correct starting placements for mods


I was kittenOFchaos
Jan 6, 2001
Brighouse, England
This problem first arose with a player of my mod "Civ3 on Earth"...having put the patch on I have now the same problem.

With BOTH civbreed and Gramphos's "Civilisation Placement Tool" when you load up the "changed" saved game that should have civs in "correct places" e.g Japanese starting in Japan I get this:

Data IO Error

Data IO operation system error TLE

Load error
Error reading file
C:\ (where-ever the file is on the directory)

I tried to play on as units vanished an in turn 2 I had won with a military victory versus 15 civs at emperor level and gained myself a score of 30000 points :eek: (beat that!)

I am infuriated as it shows that civ3 playtesters at firaxis don't really play this game or even look at what is being done here and at the other place...and they ignore giving us an official method of civilisation placement when they have had over 4 months to do it.

I'm reverting back to patch 1.16f until they get their act together...pathetic

It is fixed. Go get version 1.04, and stop spam me! There were some changes to the sav fomat, ad to keep the tool load old savs I had to make some changes.
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