[Story] Path to True Enlightenment - a Kavithan Protectorate AAR

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Dec 4, 2006
This is going to be a story about a game of Civ: BE I played as the Kavithan Protectorate (I purchased BE: RT on a roommate's advice and found it better than other people were saying). You can see the mods I used here (I edited some of them a little, right now I merged most of them in my personal modmod). In particular, I slightly softened the Social Engineering diplomacy penalties, since they resulted in many early pointless long-distance wars between the AI, and changed the AI flavors for greater diversity and appropriateness of their social engineering choices.

I also picked Frenzied Aliens and No City Razing, since I found that the AI often handicaps itself by razing valuable real estate.
The difficulty level is Soyuz (now I play on the additional level between Soyuz and Apollo).

The new planet looked harsh and unhospitable. Strange insects and corals permeated the landscape. But the colonists were sure that with their leader, Kavitha, they would go though, for did she not possess the secrets of true spiritual enlightment?

Kavitha the Prescient knew about the resource pods sent to the planet ahead of their arrival. The people hailed her benevolence as energy storage healed their homes during the planet's long, cold winters.

The explorers were afraid of large, scaly beasts lurking in the planet's waters. But Kavitha the Compassionate conforted her people, saying that all life is sacred, and there's no point in being afraid of something holy.

Kavitha the Non-Violent was disgusted by the actions of vigilante militias. She ordered to release the arrested scientist immediately, saying that study of alien life can open new spiritual truths an revelations.

Kavitha the Wise took interest in genetic research, for she knew it could alleviate the suffering of her people.

Kavitha the Perceptive did not like the mechanical, anti-spiritual approach to life of the Pan-Asian Cooperative and their Secretary-Architect. How could they not understand that all research in the world is pointless without knowing your inner spirit?

Kavitha the Aesthete saw the beauty in strange blueish animals inhabiting the land.

Kavitha the Prudent understood that her Protectorate wouldn't be able to build a Dome for a long time, but she kept the eventual need for it in her mind.

Kavitha the Dominant understood that you need a certain degree of pressure in order to see into spiritual mysteries, placing her realm on the way to the social values of Dominance.

(Note that Defense Sciencies is second-level virtue, so this screenshot shows Kavitha picking the more prosaic first one).

Kavitha the Moderate understood that there's nothing wrong with private enterprise, yet the sheer single-mindedness of ARC's CEO Fielding annoyed her.

Kavitha the Inquisitive ordered the Protectorate scientists to research the alien lifeforms more closely.

As expended, the arrogant PAC did not appreciate the Kavithan Protectorate founding additional settlements.

It was massively hypocritical of PAC, since it was expanding on its own. That's, at least, what Kavitha's followers thought.

- A trade depot, is, first of all, a depot.
-From Kavitha's Practical Aphorisms

Of course, Kavitha preferred cooperation with the civil industry, rather than with military. Focusing on the military too much would upset the spiritual balance of the realm.

KP scientists strive to fulfill Kavitha's instructions, utilizing every method at their disposal.

KP explorers also do their part. Everyone has its own place in the Kavithan Protectorate social harmony.

Indeed, it is harmony that was the guiding principle of the Kavithan Protectorate. Harmony in society, harmony with the environment.

But wishing to maintain harmony with the environment doesn't preclude the desire to learn more about it. On the contrary, it is though piercing the veil of the new planet's mysteries we will be able to unite with it.

Undeterred by PAC's threats, Kavitha's followers resolve to settle new lands.

Strange beasts turned out to be responsible for KP subjects disappearing. Kavitha decides that since evetything is divine, her people need to find out what these strange Vanishers can give humanity.

The Chungsu leader sneers at the Kavithan Protectorate. His arrogance can be explained by him never bothering to read Kavitha's teaching.

Upon receiving news about the founding of a new KP outpost, Daoming Sochua refers to the Kavithan Protectorate as "a bunch of cultists opposed to science and reason". Such blindness! Such blind worship of human mind, forgetting the divine spark inside all of us!

The international situation.

Science and exploration aren't neglected in the Kavithan Protectorate, provided they are approached with the spirit of humility.

The declaration of war by the arrongant PAC was easily foreseen.

Immediately, Kavitha instructs her followes to prepare for war, saying that it is sometimes necessary to beat plowshares into swords.

First victories in war belong to the Kavithan Protectorate, with its marines defeating armored PAC units on the hills east of Saira.

The people of KP became more and more harmonious with the nature of the new planet.

Soon, however, PAC armored units flooded the lands around KP borders.

It was clear that KP's brave defenders need to be given additional attention by the state.

But the zeal of Kavitha's followers was not enough to save Saira.

The brave defenders of Asraya rallied around Kavitha, vowing to never let their city fall to the arrogant invader who denies the spiritual truths of the universe.

There is both a time for peace, and a time for war. The spiritual cycle of the universe clearly demands taking arms.

Daoming Sochua, ignorant of higher principles, sends her soldiers into the defenses of Asraya piecemeal, which allows its defenders to pick them off.

A counter-attack begins to liberate Saira.

But PAC's gunners, combined with miasma surrounding Saira, manage to repel the counter-attack.

Scientific development treaties were signed with the cultured Elodie.

Production was the order of the day in the Kavithan Protectorate.

Often accused of being authoritarian, Kavitha refuses the accusations by giving her people a voice. Of course, after decades of reading Kavitha's works and chanting her mantras, they all vote to follow Kavitha, anyway.

Nevertheless, Han Jae Moon had his own opinions on Kavitha's religious liberalism. Stupid man - he may have passed the trials necessary to raise to the top of Chungsu, but what he truly knows about the human condition? Any village yoga back on Old Earth India probably knows more than him.

Kavitha's soldiers push forward, undeterred by Elodie's sarcasm. She may be educated and refined, but she doesn't understand that both pristine and plowed land have their place in the cycle of life.

Naturally, Kavitha ordered the research on human-alien hybrids to be continued.

However, Kavitha's second assault is also stopped by PAC gunners.

Faced with such a situation, KP has no choice but to sign a cease fire with PAC.

Both violent and non-violent resistance have their place..

Military production facilities of Mandira are improved further.

But Kavitha keeps the principle of balance in not forgetting the civil workers, as well.

Kavitha restrains the chains of government control in order to keep the money flowing, for a commerce stranded by regulations can't thrive.

It is the delicate spiritual balance in all things that allowed Kavitha's followers to reach new levels of Harmony.

War is declared on PAC to recover what KP lost. Arshia lectures us about the dangers of militarism.

This time, the strike at Saira is fast and effective, since Kavitha learned from her previous tactical mistakes of failing to properly surround the enemy.

Although disapproving of Kavitha's actions, Arshia was still willing to sign agreements with her.

PAC retaliates by assaulting Asraya. The rugged terrain between Saira and Asraya prevents fast reinforcement.

Hence, KP failed to prevent the fall of Asraya, but KP reinforcements cut off PAC troops in Asraya from their main supply line, soon recapturing the city.

True spiritual balance lies in diversity.



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Kavitha also cares about the well-being of her people, ensuring the production of mass consumption items.

PAC is finally forced to yield.

Finally, the Path of Harmony yields benefits for the KP. Kavitha's Xeno Swarms of aliens acting in concert with humans is a wondrous sight to behold.

And the Vanishers turned out to be not so scary, after all.

The new truths allowed KP explorers to bring the aliens of miasma-filled woods and plains far to the east of PAC territories to Kavitha's side.

Some images are attached to post because Google Photos is so unreliable, their direct links refuse to work with it for some reason



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Resentful, PAC declared war on KP yet again. But this time, Kavitha was better prepared, as trade is established with the Pan-African capital of Magan.

KP scientists ensured that the trade convoys won't be attacked by the aliens, keeping the harmony between Alien and Man.

PAC troops north of Saira suffer massive casualties from Xeno Swarms.

The tamed Sea Dragon west of the selected Swarm unit plays an important role in distracting the attention of the PAC gunners and artillery NW of it.

Kavitha's followers are busy claiming new frontiers on sea, protected by the tamed Sea Dragons.

New potential alien friends are found south of Asraya.

Novels about brave KP pilots become all the rage in the Protectorate.

KP troops advance further.

Kavitha the Strategist teaches her followers the art of planning.

Alien friends from the eastern miasmic plains finally reach PAC territory, opening a new front in the war.

Kavitha proclaims these hallucinations to be holy visions.

Combined human-xenoswarm-leashed alien attack breaks the defenses of the strategic Quyen town.

But PAC finally comes with the answer to Xeno Swarms: their fearful Immortals.

So, peace is signed for now.



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Soon, Kavitha's people will know some of the mysteries of the balance between Harmony and Purity, improving their physical and spiritual health.

With their enlightened attitude to life, Kavitha's followers are capable of creating majestic wonders, rivalling the Wonders of the World once found on Old Earth.

Most world leaders, with the exception of predatory CEO Fielding and sarcastic Elodie, admire the new creation.

Since Elodie's realm was losing its war against the merciless ARC, one could hardly fault her for being disillusioned.

PAC attacks again, hoping to press its Immortal advantage.

Bio-technical possibilities and experimentation would be too radical, upsetting the spiritual balance.

Many alien friends die at the hands of ruthless PAC immortals, who care not about the santcity of all life. Yet, KP responded with new True Xeno Swarms, further perfecting the bond between humans and the planet.

Under the protection of True Xeno Swarms, Kavitha's people can build wonderful things.

Dr. Ross's death was heroic, but not mourned, for it's a honor to give away life in the goal of studying the planet's mysteries.

Finally, the balance between Harmony and Purity allowed the KP to develop Evolved Immortals of their own. They turn the tide once again.

ARC declares a distant war on KP. Kavitha sends a scouting force to ARC possessions, yet this force is smashed by overwhelming numbers.

ARC units appear out of nowhere, attacking the Southern Sea and its settlements.

Kavitha sees a vision of Mind Flower, which can finally allow humans to reach true Nirvana in the unity with the new planet's life.

Unfortunately, this unity will have to exclude Daoming Sochua, whose aggressive ways had caused her defeat. She will forever go down in history as an example of blind scientism, ignorant of life's higher mysteries.

Poor Elodie is the second leader to go, her beloved cities now swallowed by the uncultured, rapacious ARC.

Many majestic Sea Dragons are killed by ARC fleet in the South Sea, in an act of sacrilege against the planet's life. CEO Fielding clearly cares not for beauty and truth of the world, seeing only her ambition and love of money.

It was an undeserved insult to planet life to think that Dr. Ross is dead. Rather, it's clear that she achieved Nirvana far earlier than all other KP subjects (bar Kavitha herself, of course).

Diplomatic situation and score at this point.

Sea battles with ARC still go on.

Rejinaldo is a good, but a simple man. How can he understand the higher spiritual truths? How can he derisively refer to the majestic creatures of this planet as "aliens he doesn't trust"? Is this not the definition of xenophobia?

Dr. Ross' Weed is reverd as a holy artifact.

At least, Rejinaldo thinks that ultimately, Kavitha's business is her own, showing some wisdom for such a simple man. But Arshia and Hutama, worshipping techology and human Supremacy over both animals and their natural selves, viciously hate the Holy Mind Flower, sending their troops to destroy it.

Hutama's troops attack Saira.

The Holy Worm defeats many of Hutama's troops

Arshia attacks in larger numbers.

Soon, KP has to retreat from most of the former PAC land due to Hutama's sea bombardment.

The battles around Quyen are fierce, but the city is finally recaptured. However, a new treat comes from Al Falah: Arshia is sending her cyborg troops to Old Eath, vowing to subjugate it no matter what. Kavitha is horrified at such an attitude.

Will the ceremonies around the Mind Flower be completed in time?

Truly, Olivia Ross was a saint, second only to Kavitha herself in her wisdom.

I enjoyed this storyline quite a lot.

Finally, the Mind Flower ceremonies are completed. Arshia was too slow in her sinister designs.

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