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peace conferance...what do you think?

Discussion in 'Civ3 - General Discussions' started by Frink, Jan 9, 2002.

  1. Frink

    Frink Chieftain

    Jan 8, 2002
    Peace conference: I can't stand when I get involved in a war, get some allies and after 5 - 10 turns not be able to do a thing due to riots: Now I have 2 choices - lose tremendous productivity and try to keep the population happy :( or make peace and have everyone hate me for it for all time :( :( . (Or I could just make no alliances at all, and let my opponent enlist the help of all other global powers against me :( :( :( ). Rather we could have a peace conference. One civ who is sick of the war (getting beat, can't handle the war riots, 3rd party that wants to resume trade or is sick of seeing friends tear each other apart) sends a request for a peace conference @ the beginning of his/her turn (this could be the human player or an AI civ). Warring parties decide to attend or not (though not attending could hurt your reputation). Next an arbiter is selected (if a third party called the conference it is him, other wise the one with best reputation). Next everyone
    throws 2 types of things into the "pot" ("on the table"), what they are willing to give and what they want to get (your advisor could be present to say you are asking for too much/giving too little or that you could get more/give less). These "bids" are invisible to all but the arbiter. The arbiter takes this table and attempts to fill the gimmies with the concessions. When he comes up short, he can ask certain parties to ease their demands and/or other parties to contribute more. Doing so will make the arbiter less liked by the party getting less/giving more, while giving in to an arbiter's request will increase your reputation (though starting out asking for too much and giving too little will hurt your reputation). This attempt deal, request some give more/get less goes on until someone "walks out" or a workable deal is hit upon. If at some time a player doesn't like the way it is going, s/he "walks out" and takes a reputation hit. If a settlement is agreed upon,
    the arbiter's score and/or reputation is boosted (though he may have made some enemies in the conference by asking too much / giving too little to certain parties).
    To prevent abuse (starting a war, and requesting a peace conference right away hoping others will decline it, hurting your enemies reputation even more by requesting a conference to an enemy that just attacked you - he already took a rep hit, and he probably doesn't want peace right away) a few measures could be placed in:
    1) you must ask for a conference at the beginning of your turn (you can't do any attacks)
    2) a war must be X (5?) turns old before a conference can be requested by a warring party and Y (2 or 3?) turns old for a 3rd party request.
    3) relative military strength is only a small part in determining what a civ is willing to give/get, technology level and original borders compared to current borders are much more heavily weighed
    4) The AI is usually willing to give back captured cities and wants back his/her cities (all in exchange for something: gold, resources, luxuries, etc) and expects the human player to do the same (if you are involved in a war of conquest, peace conference is probably not what you want)
    5) when a MPP draws someone into the war, it is assumed that an alliance is formed between these partners
    6) if a combatant has 2 allies not at war with each other, all 3 are considered allies to each other
    7) peace conferences must include all allies as defined in (5) and (6).
    For example: imagine 7 civs:
    Romans, Zulus, Germans, Egyptians, Americans, British and Indians.
    Zulus have MPP with Romans and Germans
    Americans have MPP with British and Indians
    Americans attack the Zulus (claim Zulus keep crossing into their territory), MPPs make it Zulus, Romans and Germans vs Americans, British and Indians
    After 2 or 3 turns, the Egyptians (who may want to resume trade on a normal planet) can call for a conference (though this could anger the warring factions, especially the side that is winning)
    After 5 turns anyone could request a peace conference.
    This way what began as a minor border dispute doesn't have to last 20 turns and devastate the world (if the warring parties don't want it to).

    this idea is rather complicated, and still has some issues, so I'd like to know what you think.
  2. BigBirdZ28

    BigBirdZ28 Fundamentalist in a Z28

    Aug 30, 2001

    or ATLEAST a modified option to ask Civs to refrain from war (like in Alpha Centauri).
  3. zebomba

    zebomba Warlord

    Dec 25, 2001
    right there
    Nice idea. As the game is right now, my only option is to sign no MPPs and kill all the other civs.
  4. Dillo

    Dillo Barbarian Armadillo

    Nov 18, 2001
    USA, BABY!!!
    yeah I generally head right for the republic,develop it and then give it to the ai, otherwise there is never war in my games. I get the MMP going and then try my best to stay out of war untill I am strongm while sighuing no MPP, then get the next biggest civ to sign one with me and then go to war. heheh Then all you have to do is protect yourself and let your allies do all the atatcking, then when the others get weak, you move in and capture the cities before your allies can. I learned this from the ai,As soon as you start kicking tail and doing a good wipeing, the ai will declare war with your enemy and wait for you to nearly defeat the enemy, then jump in between turns and capture the citys claiming it for themselves.So I figured why not turn the tide on them?

    So I guess what I am saying is I think this Idea sucks, I play for the specific purpose of eleiminateing all other civs possible, I even contnue the game past 2050 to erradicate the enemy.I would only ever agree to that if it was an option to be turned on or off, otherwise the AI would use it the moment you declared war on them, especially if they were very outclassed, thus interupting the flow of the game and makeing military victories impossible.I really dont care for this Idea in anyway shape or form now that I think of it, unless like I siad it was a clickable option, I would never want it in any game I played.
  5. Squirrel Ninja

    Squirrel Ninja Chieftain

    Dec 12, 2001
    Top Secret Squirrel Cave
    Ok I have a question concerning war and alliances. I Have an MPP with the English, Greeks and French and we are all at war with the Germans, I have grown tired of the war even though I am kicking ass and I feel the Germans have learnt their lesson so I'd like to move toward peace. From reading these forums I know if I settle for peace with the Germans now everyone else will hate me for breaking a treaty, so how do I end the war? I would like to keep the MPP's I have for any future conflict that may come about but I also ant peace with the Germans.

    If its not possible to keep the MPP's and make peace with the Germans can I instead wait for the MPP to end, settle for peace and then reform the MPP's with the civs I had them with before after they also make peace with the Germans(assuming this ever happens)
  6. sianews

    sianews Chieftain

    Nov 11, 2001
    Great idea, but it will never happen :(.
  7. WOPR

    WOPR Chieftain

    Dec 25, 2001
    I'm all for a Peace Conference as well.

    As a side note, as far as war weariness is concerned, play a Religious civ and switch to Monarchy/Communism if it gets too bad. :D
  8. Shaitan

    Shaitan der Besucher

    Dec 7, 2001
    Atlanta, GA
    You've got the answer in that last paragraph. To end a war that has active MPP's you have to wait until the MPP's are cancelable. Then you can cancel the MPP's and go for peace.

    I'd like to see variable lengths for negotiations. Maybe I want to specify 5 years for an MPP or 10 for a Peace Treaty.
  9. nklatt

    nklatt Chieftain

    Nov 27, 2001
    Not in Civ3 but maybe Civ4. When do we get a forum for Civ4 ideas (so I don't have to read through other people's pipe-dreams! ;) )

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