Peace Treaty Bug


Apr 1, 2004
Fern Tree, Tassie
Just thought I'd post to make all teams aware of a bug in pbem ... I am playing 5 games atm and in one a bug seems to have surfaced ...

2 civs A and B (both player controlled) are at war ... Civ A receives a request for peace from Civ B ... however Civ B did not send it ...

Can I suggest that all peace offerings (and I guess all trade and diplomatic deals) are accompanied by an e-mail
The reason this happens is because the "offering civ" checked in their turn the F4-diplomacy screen and selected "offer peace" to check on the resources and techs. IF you do that (legal multiplayer tactics) you have to select "Clear Table" at the end of diplomacy, or the investigated civ will have a peace offered when they open the save.
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