Optimal Сasual Dating - Real-life Females
Jul 6, 2011
I have had this issue for a while now. I have connected Humankind with my GTG account. I have added 45 personas to my game. I have uploaded my persona to GTG. I have an issue seeing the added personas in game. The ones shipped with the game are there. The ones that I have gotten for watching streams are there. All of the unlocked personas are there. But most of the time, the downloaded ones are not. Last weekend, I had all of them available. Played a few games with them. As of Monday, the downloaded ones are gone. I log out of GTG, log back in. Nothing. When I try to refresh, I get an error. Saying the application is not working, or I have an invalid password.
I did have another issue, with the default AI personas being listed, but that problem was resolved. I have posted on the GTG forums, but so far no help with this problem.
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