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Pesoloco's Fencer Unit - Finished


Jan 25, 2002
United States
Well, it's finally finished.

This is my fencer unit - inspired by movies like Zorro and the Princess Bride.

Fencing developed at the same time as the early guns so I thought GunPowder would be a good prereq. tech.

Here are the unit's stats (open to negotiation)
A/D/M: 4/3/2
Download the ZIP file here:

(Version 1 removed after 13 downloads)
Version 2
Now available:
Changes: Fixed fortify sound
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^The [Fencer] is a powerful attacker for one-on-one battles.
^A city must have $LINK<saltpeter=GOOD_Saltpeter> and $LINK<iron=GOOD_Iron> in its $LINK<Strategic Resource=GCON_ResourcesS> box to build a musketman.
^As armor and chain mail were perfected, the need for lighter weapons increased. Fencing originally
developed as a form of training, but emerged as a form of dueling. Foils and rapiers were forged out of iron and made great dueling weapons. Duelers fought one-on-one battles. The lighter swords meant quicker fights.
you've do it again pesoloco :goodjob: nice job.
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