Petty criminals bug


Mar 23, 2010

First of all, I would like to congratulate you on the mod. A job well done.

However, I got this minor bug which is a bit annoying. Even though my indetured servants act as they were supposed to, thus, not being able to be soldiers, dragoons or missionaries till they "become free", this is not working for petty criminals. I can make them missionaries or soldiers from the get go. Both servants and criminals become free as they were supposed to (the "turns to freedom" is working well that is), the bug is only that criminals (and only criminals, not servants) can be made into soldiers, missionaries etc from the start.

I've re-d/l-ed the mod a couple of times and re-installed it but I always get this bug.

At the end, I just thought to just live on with this bug and just not use them this way myself (don't make them into missionaries, etc) which would be no prob, but the prob is that the AI players can and do use them as such (missionaries, soldiers, etc), giving them an advantage (and verifying the bug).

I could still live with it but I thought to report it in case the solution is easy (maybe it's something I could check and correct it myself with my minor coding knowldege). :)

Thanks in advance, and again congrats on the great job.



Nov 14, 2008
As I recall from the discussions with Dale a year or so ago, on the final AoD2 build, petty criminals could become soldiers or missionaries, but couldn't be educated in schools. Indentured servants can be educated in schools, but can't be made into soldiers or missionaries. Indentured servants can be made into scouts, but contrary to normal scouts, they can't attack enemy units, even unguarded wagon trains.

This was in response to our comments on the forums here at the time.

Cheers, --- Wheldrake
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