PH2201: The Persian People's Front: Crack Suicide Squad



Started to attack and game crashed. AI cheating?

Or time to move on to someone else.

Save attached.


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@PiR do you feel we’re in a position to fight with Babs? Or should we grovel a little bit longer?
I wonder if we can't grovel for the moment and then sneak attack and try to wipe out a couple-three units before things get rolling. we definitely will have to grow in order to win, and need to conquer cities to grow. but we also can't win if we're giving away bulbs for an extended period of time.

maybe it's time to either go for the big knockout while we're close to comparable or i think we fall farther and farther behind

edit: of course, i'm reckless :D
I'd say we can capture a city or two and beg for peace, but I'm not sure at what cost they will accept the new peace. Eshnunna is converted, troops are in place, but it has walls. Just south of it, the city is not visible but converted.
I think a peaceful victory is still possible, by building wonders to prevent a half point victory and by achieving ambitions.
I’ll plan on playing aggressively. Worst case scenario we can play a doomed world or use our super power, save/reload.

Will try playing tonight on steam :). If I’m not able to play tonight it will be Saturday evening before I grab it.
Our glorious leader, Ifra, goes to bed with a heavy heart. Are the Persian cannibals hungry enough to feast on the Babylonians? Or would their carcasses simply rot on the ground and go to waste? Ifra was always taught to not throw away food - waste not, want not. What followed, she could not be sure if it was a dream or reality.

It's feast time!

One turn of attacks didn't do a huge amount of damage. Hopefully we have a few turns of pathetic counter attacks.

Tough tech choice. I normally like border boost, but we really need roads for the increased movement and slavery for more orders. Going with labor force.

No real counter attack on first turn of war. Some real troops arrive on the second turn and massacre our palaton calvalry :(. I decide to keep focusing on the city and ignore the troops. Hopefully not too huge of a mistake.

Third turn counter attacks are starting to pick up. We're going to start to lose a lot of units soon. Thankfully, some good news - we capture the city! Took every single attacking unit, including spending 14 orders to move an archer into position. And a few undos to get the order of attacks right to time our critical. But we took the city!

The counter attacks this turn were brutal. We lose 4 units, and have several others heavily damaged. We are heavily outnumbered. Things are going to get interesting.

The war has really aged our leader:

Babylon has moved from Stronger to Much Stronger than us. We need to get this war ended sooner than later.

Brutal massacre - we lose 6 units inbetween turns. We only have 5 units left. Not looking so hot.

We apparently have enough resources to start a wonder? Color me surprised.

The cooldown timer ended and I sent a peace request to Babylon. However, I don't think it's going to arrive in time before they curb stomp our offensive...

There's unexplored ruins this late in the game? Surprising.
And with that, Babylon steals the city we stole from them. Our army is decimated, we've made no forward progress. Ifra sure hopes this is all just a fevered dream...

We're in a pretty deep hole. Not sure we should continue playing this save. But I've attached it in case pholkhero is secretly masochist man.

pholk >> gets to decide if this was a dream or this was reality
Oz >> residing in the emerald city
PiR >> well deserved rest
jguy >> tail between legs


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A+ for effort.

Sorry for the delay; i actually just launched a podcast today so i was OOP unexpectedly trying to iron last minute things out that i didn't anticipate.

My thoughts:
It's REALLY hard to never build settlers in this game, considering the start advantages of the AI.

I can't see a world where we hold that city, though I've watched the AI rotate units out to heal, i'm not sure if we can count on AI quirks to save us.

If we can get peace, then there may be a peaceful victory hiding somewhere; maybe point or ambition? but also, -1063 relationship score...that's like, ex-husband or -wife territory.

I will put some time into this baby, and report back.
I have to say, it doesn't look good old chums.

no real way to save that city, but I was able to save the empire for only 40some training per turn.

unfortunately, that's the good news. bad news is that we're 10 pts behind babylon with only 4 cities, 5/10 ambitions w two that may expire soonish with our elder leader, and i think we're the smallest fish in a pond of increasingly larger ones.

in short, it may be the death knell for us.
semi-loose discussion of new SG:

a basic just win any way possible.

Hittites on Glorious. I've never played that high.

maybe starting in a week or two. if anyone wants to take a break, too, no problem-o. i'm hoping there may be some other interest now that the new stuff is out.

edit to add: i hope this doesn't read as "if you want out, no problem, pal. i got people lining up waiting to replace you." :lol:
You guys giving up?

I'd be ok if @jguy100 wanted to play his turn once more, but peacefully this time.

i think the position we're in generally is not very strong without the ability to settle our own cities; i feel like the variant and the difficulty is a bit much.

that being said, i'm still interested in playing another SG as I mentioned above if we're all interested, you as well, Forster
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