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Jun 20, 2004

The ancient Mediterranean civilization of Phoenicia sets a course for Civilization VI: Gathering Storm. Led by Dido, the legendary founder and first Queen of Carthage, Phoenicia is a great civ for players looking to subjugate the seas. Combined with Dido’s unique ability to move the capital from one city to another, it’s easy to see how Phoenicia can adapt in ways other civs cannot.

Dido Unique Ability – Founder of Carthage

Allows Phoenicia to move its capital to a city with a Cothon by completing a unique project in that city. Unlocks additional trade route capacity with the construction of a Government Plaza district and subsequent Government Plaza buildings. Increased Production toward districts in the city with the Government Plaza.

Unique Ability – Mediterranean Colonies

Unlocks Writing technology Eureka at the start of the game. Coastal cities founded by Phoenicia on the same continent as its capital are 100% loyal. Settlers have additional movement and sight range while embarked, and ignore additional movement costs associated with embarking and disembarking.

Unique District – Cothon

Naval district that replaces the Harbor and is cheaper to build. Must be on Coast or Lake Terrain adjacent to land. Increases Production toward naval units and Settlers in the city. All naval units in this city’s borders heal completely in one turn.

Unique Unit – Bireme

Ancient era naval unit that replaces the Galley. Has increased combat strength and movement, and friendly Trader units are immune to being plundered if on a water tile and within four tiles of a Bireme.
This is who I'm playing first! :thumbsup:
Why are they playing the Ottoman theme for the Phoenicians? :confused:
They look pretty cool, they are moving up my list to be played. possibly even #1. Tough decisions here.

And of course, yet another slight to Norway who's longships probably can't compare to her tiremes.
Phoenicia was one of my most-wanted civilizations, but I'd had concerns about whether or not they'd make it worth the wait between the possibility of it being functionally Carthage and the possibility of it being better off as city-states.

I see my concerns were unfounded, because this looks amazing.
Sounds like they haven't finished the Phoenician theme (hopefully and not actually play ottoman theme on release)
I like this one.
okay officially have two unique of the same district
They can build the Government Plaza in multiple cities? Love the colours and character model.
Capital jumping? Now that's a new thing. I guess you can keep transferring which cities you want to boost loyalty for that way then. Either way seems like a pretty fun civ to play

They can build the Government Plaza in multiple cities? Love the colours and character model.
I thought so too at first but no I don't think that's how it works. The text says +1 trade route for each Government Plaza building as well as one for the district itself, not that you can have more than one Plaza. So a maximum of +4 trade routes from it by the late game then
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