PHP Programming... I've got a ?


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Oct 20, 2003
Arizona, United States
Just a question. Is it possible to open a .php file on your computer, and actually see the page. i.e. If i downloaded a php script, and wanted to see how it worked, without having to buy a webspace with php support. I double click on the file, and nothing happens. What am I supposed to do??? Pls help me.
PHP is server-side scripting, which means the the only thing you'll ever get from an http server is html code (that is, if the webserver is configured to output the php script)

The only way you can run a php script and see the output (that I know of) is to have a webserver with php. There are lots of free tools that can do that for you. You can download apache for windows for free, add the php module and it works. Or there are packages that come bundled with everything, like easy php (although it's not as fun as installing it yourself)
Thx a lot for the help... but I cant figure out exactly what to download...

I'm not exactly sure I was too clear. I want to see if my downloaded PHP scripts work, there's one that's kinda like phpBB... but different. I feel really dumb not knowing about programming... :o :crazyeye: :lol:
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