PHs: AW SG: Rise of the Queen Mother!


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Feb 24, 2006
Pholkhero's All War SG:
Rise of the Queen Mother

Civilization: England (Leader: Victoria; Traits: Expansive, Financial)
Rivals: 8 Angry Men (Alex, Biz, Genghis, JC, Monty, Mao, Naps & Toku)
Difficulty: Noble
Map: Pangaea
Mapsize: Standard
Climate: Temperate
Water level: Medium
Starting Era: Ancient
Speed: Epic
Victory Conditions: all enabled, but anything less than conquest is a loss!
Variant: Raging BARBS!! Always War!!

This IS extreme! I figure the Rag Barbs will help us as much as not, though; we upgrade our troops, get free cities, AND the AI is slowed down, too...

Here is the start, AFTER i moved the warrior NE and the Settler SW to plains hill. England, 4000 bc: Press Enter to End Turn

Finalized Roster:
1 Pholkhero
2 Qwack
3 Timon of Athens
4 Rex Tyranus
5 Omni Paul
6 Talaman

:lol: :lol: :lol:
Ill join this up. But that move to the plains hill doesnt seem to have worked out well.:cry: Alot of desert down there and we lost the ability to farm the grassland next to the lake. I dont generally like reloading or loading a new game, but that start may make our life a bit tough. And the incense is going to pretty much be useless im guessing, since we probably wont get a religion in this game since we will be focusing on military. Can religion actually spread from someone if their at war with us?

Anyways, so im going to suggest to reload the initial file and found the city on the initial spot. Move the warrior to the same spot so we wont have that much of a unfair advantage from knowledge. This is 100% your choice though, im still going to be playing if you dont reload.

This will be fun. "8 Angry men" :lol: :lol: :crazyeye:
Qwack ~ i agree about the move, but when i moved i consciously thought: if you move, you're commited, no backing out ~ are you sure you want to move?? :nod:

at least we'll get the extra shield off the bat :lol:

Omni, welcome...I will wait for more people join before playing the first set, but it'll be 30, 25, 20, 15, and then 10 turns as normal. I'll post the roster once we get some more...
I'd Like to join but I'm a noob(or is it newb) :confused: and don't really have the attention span to write a civ report :( so I'll happily lurk
No problem. Stick with the hill... hey, when the hordes are at our door, at least we'll have a defense bonus :D

I'm in Australia btw... so depending on times of the day I might be conspicuously asleep when you lot are up and playing. I'll do my best to contribute nonetheless.

good luck to you guys, you'll need it ;) AWN on pangaea can be a killer. I advise to discuss all moves properly.
ThERat said:

good luck to you guys, you'll need it ;) AWN on pangaea can be a killer. I advise to discuss all moves properly.

Ha... I've been lurking your past 2 AW games. Main differences here I guess will be:

- No choke cities, unless terrain is ridiculously friendly to us.
- Not much time to plop down early cities and improvements without harassing barbs.
The good thing about SG's though is that we can all contribute even with the different timezones. :cool:

Right now im hoping that little path of land we are on will be a chokepoint and we will have a decent sized landmass towards the south which is unoccupied. But im probably hoping for too much.:mischief: And that looks like tundra right under the desert :mad:

So anyways, I think we should make some sort of plan going into this game to avoid getting demolished extremely early :eek: . Bronze working first sounds pretty safe to me, we wont have to waste time going down the hunting -> archery path this way, and we can found our second city next to copper. We will also need a warrior to defend our city fast since the AI will come after us right from when we make contact (I think). We can go warrior first in capitol or explore a bit with the starting warrior and bring him back to the capitol. Also I think we will have to eliminate the closest AI as soon as possible. Lets get the roster together first, im getting ahead of myself here. :p
It'll be interesting to see what's to the S of us, as the N terrain certainly looks more inviting, but also has some nice strategic hills that would be great ant-barb spots if the nearby forest/jungle spreads to them.

Anyone know off hand what techs Vicky starts with on Noble?
yeah the N terrian looks way better, but I think all of the AI's will be in the north terrian so that may be a bit of a problem expanding that way.

I know one tech is Mining, I think the other is Fishing. I know one is mining because in my last game with elizabeth I went bronze working right away. ;)
No choke cities, unless terrain is ridiculously friendly to us.
you know, in Civ3 a pangaea could give you all sorts of chokes etc, I found in Civ4, this is hardly the case unfortunately.
As I have written on RBCiv:

If you don't mind if I may ask for a skip on a weekend when it unfortunately comes to it that I'm up on one and can't play - then I would like to join this one too. Might be a good experience for all that comes afterwards, military is always my downside - I'm a builder and have to learn how to get this military stuff going, especially in pre-gunpowder era...

If the last spot is already clinched I'll just wish all of you good luck... :D

okay, the roster is up; welcome to our lurkers! :)

it is more likely that the south is the tip of the continent and we're in a corner least it's not the middle!! :lol:

i agree about discussing strat first; we do start w/mining so BW i think would be best; as omni noted, since we won't have time for many early cities, imp. etc w/o harassment, obviously, we should make our first city count and plant near copper
Excellent :) Welcome all!

Personally, I think we should move the settler back and plop down London on the original tile. It won't cost us another turn to do, and will net us 1 food and 2 luxury in our capital, as well as minimising the desert (1 vs 3, not including the incense tile).

That should also leave us plenty of space for a likely coastal city to the south (or 2, depending on the space down there), and a nice looking pig city to the north. Completely agree that first city should be wherever the copper is, unless the RNG screws us and puts it miles away.

Best Case Scenario: Hut pops us BW, and there's copper on the hill S of the corn. :D Yeah, right.

What does everyone think we should research after BW? What do we start with along side mining?
Reporting for duty, cap'n! :salute:

All war is a variant I've not yet done. At least I've never actually checked the box for it--seems like most games I play these days have 2/3 of the known world ticked at me. Think it has anything to do with me razing their capital?
Personally, I think we should move the settler back and plop down London on the original tile. It won't cost us another turn to do

Oh wow, I didnt even think about that. :blush: I definately agree with this, I think the extra food from near lake/farmed grassland will be a big help and the wine is opened with monarchy which isnt that far down the tech tree and it leads to feudalism. So yeah. Happiness will probablt be something to look at, due to war weariness.

BW first sounds good, lets hope we have copper somewhere nearby, otherwise we may be in trouble once the barb's start showing up and we have only warriors :crazyeye:
well, to be fair, i moved the settler two tiles SW to that tile, but going NE to the plains is okay w/me, if its okay w/everyone else to lose the coast...
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