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Pillage formula for conquer gold on city capture

Discussion in 'Civ4 Strategy Articles' started by T-hawk, Mar 25, 2010.

  1. T-hawk

    T-hawk Transcend

    Feb 14, 2002
    Hoboken NJ / NYC
    I recently did a code dive to figure this out, so enjoy. Here is the formula for cash earned when you capture a city. (It's variously called pillage gold or conquer gold; the code calls it capture gold.)

    (20 + 10 × pop + rand(1..50) + rand(1..50)) × TurnsOwned/50

    The first part of the formula is the full value. Then multiply it by X/50 where X is the number of turns the current owner has controlled the city, max 50. So you get full value after 50 turns, or proportionally less before that, which comes to -2% for each turn less than 50.

    It does not appear to scale for game speed.

    In the code, all those numbers are actually values from GlobalDefines.xml:

    Here's the code, from Beyond the Sword\Assets\Python\CvGameUtils.py :

    def doCityCaptureGold(self, argsList):
    	iCaptureGold = 0
    	iCaptureGold += gc.getDefineINT("BASE_CAPTURE_GOLD")
    	iCaptureGold += (pOldCity.getPopulation() * gc.getDefineINT("CAPTURE_GOLD_PER_POPULATION"))
    	iCaptureGold += CyGame().getSorenRandNum(gc.getDefineINT("CAPTURE_GOLD_RAND1"), "Capture Gold 1")
    	iCaptureGold += CyGame().getSorenRandNum(gc.getDefineINT("CAPTURE_GOLD_RAND2"), "Capture Gold 2")
    	if (gc.getDefineINT("CAPTURE_GOLD_MAX_TURNS") > 0):
    		iCaptureGold *= cyIntRange((CyGame().getGameTurn() - pOldCity.getGameTurnAcquired()), 0, gc.getDefineINT("CAPTURE_GOLD_MAX_TURNS"))
    		iCaptureGold /= gc.getDefineINT("CAPTURE_GOLD_MAX_TURNS")
    	return iCaptureGold

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