PitBoss problem "Waiting for other Civilizations"


Jul 28, 2008
I just set-up a PitBoss server and I have a problem. I have one of my computers running the server and a different computer that I will take my turns on. Both computers are connected to the same router (I think this might be an issue).

Anyways, I log-in to take my turn and that works just fine; however, when I actually get into the game, I can't move or do any actions and the game says "Waiting for other civilizations." This happens when I try to play with both my computers (the server and the one I want to use to play the game).

All the other players have no trouble logging-in and taking their turns.

I tried looking around for people with this problem and I couldn't find anything.

Any help would be very appreciative.

EDIT: It is an internet game, not a direct IP game.

Also, both computers have the same internet IP. I'm pretty sure this is the problem, but how can I fix this?


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Jan 30, 2003
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All that means is that you are waiting for someone to finish their turn. Just look at the players list and see if there is a * near their name, and if their isn't, then they have not finished their turn and they just have to press enter to finish the turn.
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