Planes and artillery ala Civ 2 please !!! REQUEST

This Civ 2 ability of Planes and artilleries recome in Civ 4 ?

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Mar 27, 2002
European Union
Hi all ! Since i played Civ 3 and his two add-ons in US version, i have always get bored by the fact that the planes are so difficult to use :cry: ...

I would like very thanksfull for him or her who create a little variation of Civ 3 with :

- Planes who attacks directly Cities like in Civ 2
- Catapult, Trebuchet, Canon, etc like in Civ 2

Can create animation and sound ad hoc for this ?

Eliminate the Capacity of bombing, make them capturable...
Require 1 ou 2 of upkeep

That them my little ideas, feel free to apply them at your conveniance ...

The only one thing i want : that you mention that is my idea...

Thank You, soon i hope ... :goodjob:

Sorry i'm french :(


Oct 15, 2003
The Dream
the point of civ3 artillery is that you have at least 3 units of them, and then hope that at least one of each defending unit of the enemy city gets wounded by them. But ussually anyway it is the second defending unit that gets to be the strongest (i have noticed this a million times, and it doesnt just seem happen because i attack with my strongest unit first; infact i almost always reserve my strongest unit for the second attack due to this observation) so you would have to make a lot of artillery if the enemy city has more than 2 defenders.
Generally artillery can just save some of your offensive units, which would otherwise be sacrificed in an attack; it doesnt do much more than that: you can either build up a lot of offensive units, or less of them but also some artillery, and i ussually just build offensive units.

Also i have never noticed the AI using artillery, which is rather annoying.
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