Planes moving like Civ2 and invunerable to ground units


Apr 4, 2002
At first I was really excited bout this... then it kinda faded away scince it's effects are very weird...

1) Open the Civ3 Editor and go into the Units section of the rules editor.

2) Select an air unit.

3) Remove the "inmobile" flag.

4) Flag it as "Hidden Nationality".

Now what this does is kinda weird... :eek: Air units flagged as "Hidden Nationality" will be able to attack, etc. (depends on what abilities you give em in the editor) any ground/air/sea unit that is not inside a city (coz we all know "only land units may attack settlements" :nono: ).
However, if a ground/sea unit moves on it they just move 'underneath' your plane :confused: (your plane and the enemys units can 'share' the same terrain tile)... cool, no? I find it very realistic... the only catch (witch is actually HUGE) is that they have, as the flag says, hidden nationality. Plus, I have absolutely no idea what happens if the cpu moves on your plane with an air unit (do they fight or just stack themselves together in the same tile?). I suppose that the interception ability would only affect air missions... therefore moving the plane around shouldnt make 'Air Defenders' react... but then again, no real proof.

Well, even tho the hidden nationality is a big stain, i thought it would be interesting enough to post... besides, id love to hear anyone's experience with this... how it works with other planes, etc.
check out this scenario where u can build a no-requirements fighter with this flag. see how when the cpu moves over it, the units stack themselves as if they belonged to one same player :crazyeye: .


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but this enables the ai (or me) to bombard anything without facing any consequences (sp). and i really like to know who,s bombing my shyt so as i can retalliate (sp) and bomb the hell out of the offender.

i gave mine the "sub" ability, and increased attack, defense and movement of each unit.
yeah... that's why i said "HUGE catch"... I'm not using it either coz of the same reasons u said... u dont know whos bombarding who :crazyeye: . anywayz, i thought it might be interesting enough to know... isin't it cool that diferent civ ground units and air units can share a same tile? just wish the price to pay wasant so steep (the hidden nationality thing). i mean, it's kinda hard imagening an archer hitting a stealth bomber swooping thousands of feet above him!!

i agree with ya tho, the only thing to do is flag em as subs.

btw, how do i attach an image underneath my name like you did with the helicopter?
the option is in "user cp", under "edit options"

beware: there,s a lot to choose from.

i chose this one because i like birds.
You would know who was bombarding if each Civ had a different plane model. There's still the catch that bombarding wouldn't count as a declaration of war...

But the USA and UK bombarded Iraqi defences many times between the two wars and those were never counted as a declaration of any kind :p

Regardless, if you don't have the technology to intercept a bombing mission you are unlikely to know who bombarded anyway... not sure how that fits into the equation but it blurs any lines :)
or you could make the same plane over and over with coresponding colors, so that even though the hidden nation thing is on, if you tell it that all the civs using that plane have that color... (you see where im going here?)
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