[BNW] Planet of Plotting Autocrats :P (Pics Heavy Thread)


Jan 14, 2010
In my long absence from civ5 series and the civfanatic forums I recently started to play a little bit of civ5 again. Then I finally got something I wanted at last.

I've done only minor tweaks to the AI. Extremely tiny.

This is my current game in progress. Its literally a planet full of autocrats trying to kill everyone.

There was several unusual factors that accidentally made things turn out this way. For some reason, the science progress was so slow I think its because the AIs kept on doing their best to kill everyone they run in. Less contacted civs = less shared science i believe.

And every single AI that tried to get a cultural win got eaten already. With last one being the Byzantines getting finished off by as I had my fleet grab her last cities. Firaxis Devs if you are reading this thread. Seriously. Give AI a upgrade in intelligence will you? Ai still needs to learn how to move and shoot with its ranged units in same turn and Maya is still missing his feathers and Cultural AIs need to understand that it will need military units to defend its cities. Those silly great works of arts and pyramids won't lift a single brick to bash my brains in.

With that said.


Spain is basically my vassal state and then Mongolia is being his usual crazy self going after city states and bullying the greeks. Athens became a literal city state for a long time before i decided to come by and relieve Alexander of his misery.

Assyria keeps on flopping between Order and Autocracy as rebels repeatedly rebelled between both. He did take Persia's capital but then later lost it to Persia who retook the capital.

As for Hawaii, he launched an amphibious invasion on Attila of Huns He was initially successful but then Huns regained ground and started to push him back.

I have a large build up in planning to take over Hawaii :p I have to prepare for it properly because if I do it poorly his pathetic military force will destroy me. Ships vs Transports just ain't worth much without at least some dessys as escorts.

Zulus tried to annex Spain but since Spain was paying me tithe and is basically a vassal state in all but name so I felt obliged to pick a fight with zulus as they tried to invade and conquer spain.

His fleet was way too tiny so I easily moved in around from behind and destroyed his fleet.

At same time, his Zulu Riflemen and cannons was getting massacred by a Spain City protected by flat Jungle+ Tercios. It was amusing to see lol he found out the hard way that there was no hills surrounding that city for cannons to do work. He had to do a sorta suicidal attack by charging into tercios and slowly use his superior strength to win and then rotate the cannons into melee range with the city and fire away forcibly but the AI will never do that so Zulus' force got eradicated slowly over time as they readjusted the formation again and again in futility.

Then at same time, there was a big air fight between a massive mountain range with huge jungles. It was triplanes and great war bombers with riflemen and cavalry as well.

And then he launched an attack after brussels at same time as well and so This meant i had to send a force after Brussels to protect it too.

Oh wait i just remembered. The Japanese took out Brazil, Brazil was the last surviving cultural AI.

I suppose I should include several more screenshots for your own enjoyment.

Year 2022 and This dude is still missing his feathers. It is truly the end of the world.


Here's why I really hate it when AIs decide on trying to win a cultural victory, their military is just too pathetic and sad and succumbs to a barbarian invasion.


Here's another one!

And this is the first time I learned that Oil Wells is invisible until you learn the proper tech for them! Then they magically will themselves visible lol At this point, I had an decent air fleet and all my Oil came from city states because I didn't know how to drill for oil :) I was shocked when that Oil Well appeared out of nowhere lol


I do have a question though, if There is a Polder on top of oil resource do I have to destroy the Polder to gain access to Oil under it? Or do Polders hook it up automatically?


First time getting humiliated by a city state :p Portugal got Milan on her side and then I had to basically abandon the attempt and go after Byzantines instead. I had way too many damaged ships for me to even risk continuing the battle with Portugal. So I settled for sinking most of her navy and retreating.


And.... This is where Hawaii is. See why I choose to build up and prepare? Physical barriers alone is making it too dangerous to attempt without at least a little bit of preparation at minimum. I have to will a entirely new fleet into existence!

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