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Planetary Council!!!!

Discussion in 'CivBE - Ideas and Suggestions' started by jiyamoo, Oct 22, 2015.

  1. jiyamoo

    jiyamoo Chieftain

    Oct 22, 2015
    I really enjoy the new diplomatic system of Rising Tide. AI is more transparent regarding their respect/fear of you (though that notification sound should be disabled) and it rewards factions for interacting with each other. After a few play-throughs though I started wishing for more ways to use diplomatic capital, alliances, and the new found joy of interacting with other factions. My suggestion is thus: borrow from SMAC, and bring back the planetary council! It would further enrich the diplomatic landscape and even offer another victory condition (unite behind the supreme chancellor and lead the republic into a new age of order... wait, wrong universe. *shrug).

    The system could be devised as such -- after the requisite tech is researched and the wonder is built (tower of bable inspired wonder possibly), every X amount of years, the council convenes. During that time, there would be five phases.
    1) Each faction picks one thing they want to vote on (list later in this rant)
    2) Each faction reviews what is on the table
    3) Each faction has the opportunity to bribe one (or many) other faction per thing on the table. Want to keep it simple, so i say limit it to one. During this time, you can expend diplomatic capital to sway an individual.
    4) Each faction votes (bribes should probably be binding). Voting by AI is determined by alliances, affinity similarities, fear and or respect, etc. I believe different metrics should be used depending upon what is being voted upon.
    5) Each faction sees the results and the break down of votes

    There might be an easier way to set this up, but this might be a good place to start.

    Ideas for things to vote upon (again, just some ideas):
    1) Elect Planetary President -- this dude gets +x% extra votes and +x% more diplomatic capital during each turn during his reign.
    2) Implement Sanctions -- no one can trade with a certain faction (and vise versa). Can be used in lieu of actually going to war with someone, stunting the leader, etc. Does not apply to stations.
    3) Cybernetic Trade Web - Supremacy factions (those with the most points in supremacy comparatively) get +X science/energy per turn per point of supremacy affinity.
    4) Gaian Trade Cluster - Harmony factions (those with the most points in harmony comparatively) get +X food/city growth/health per turn per point of harmony affinity.
    5) Purification Pact - Purity factions (those with the most points in purity comparatively) get +X% attack bonus per point of purity affinity.
    6) Multifactional Planetary Station - each faction gets one tech (that it doesnt have) that at least half of the other remaining factions do have.
    7) Elect Supreme Chancellor - 'Cause we gotta unite and fight the Progenitors! Or something.

    Let me know your thoughts!

    Thanks guys and sorry if someone already had this idea
  2. The_Cebador

    The_Cebador Chieftain

    Oct 17, 2015
    On a multicultural Metropolis
    I don't know about other people but I sure had an idea like yours, but I never got around to posting it. I really think that not having a World Council-like mechanic implemented into the game was a massive wasted opportunity. There is a lot of potential for BERT-themed decisions and again, I would love to see them in the game someday.
  3. KrikkitTwo

    KrikkitTwo Immortal

    Apr 3, 2004
    What I'd prefer is the ability to use your diplo capital to change Other civs relationships.

    Want to break up that alliance, and make one of them your friend? use your diplo captial to make them sanction each other.

    Have 2 allies you are afraid will go to war? pay for some 'couples counseling' so those sanctions drop, and you all become the three amigos.

    Of course the AI could do this too, and they moght pay to make others mad at you or pay to stay mad at somone they don't like.
  4. legalizefreedom

    legalizefreedom Inefficiency Expert

    Jan 26, 2013
    Next expansion.
  5. Browd

    Browd Dilettante Administrator

    Aug 5, 2012
    Washington, DC
    Moderator Action: Moved to Ideas & Suggestions.
  6. Kolbeg

    Kolbeg Chieftain

    May 10, 2011
    I´ve mentioned this often in different threads. I agree with this. Build on what was used in Alpha Centaury.

    It see it as an fun multilateral approach to diplomacy. And also a nice way to build up alliances and coalitions for the end game. Just like we often saw in SMAC, where the Liberal factions and the more Authoritative factions begun fighting over basically the rules of the game (prevalent ideology). What is an atrocity etc.

    Why is this kind of diplomacy not in BE or RT, I have no :) :) :) :):) :) :) :):) :) :) :):) :) :) :)ing idea. Firaxis just loves a business model based on reinventing the wheel. F- in crap company, and I buy into it. :wallbash:
  7. Galgus

    Galgus Chieftain

    Aug 22, 2012
    I really don't like the planetary council concept, or the world congress in BNW.

    It makes no sense for a UN with teeth to automatically form, though I'd be fine with alliance systems forming and AIs potentially agreeing to team up against a player given a good reason..
  8. Azem.Ocram

    Azem.Ocram Chieftain

    Sep 15, 2015
    I love this idea!!!!!!!!!

    This should certainly be added as an official expansion pack! If CivBE only get's 1 more, then the following new victories should be added:

    Reclamation (Warp Gate + Purity Tile Wonder)
    Elected Supreme Leader (Planetary Council/World Federation HQ Tile Wonder)
    Starships (Starport Tile Wonder)

    Victories (other than Time and Domination) then have 3 steps (like the beacon):

    1. Build Victory Wonder (limit 1 per planet)
    2. Activate Victory Wonder
    3. Meet conditions for victory

    Tile Wonders then get 2 categories

    1. Affinity/National Tile Wonders (limit 1 per sponsor)
    2. Victory/Global Tile Wonders (limit 1 per planet)

    Affinity Wonders are then

    1. (P/H) Ascendant Capitol
    2. (Pure) Earthling Supply Depot
    3. (P/S) RoButler Co. Central Warehouse
    4. (Supreme) Virtual Utopia Project
    5. (S/H) Rampant Research Center
    6. (Harmonious) Xenoscape Preserve OR Mind Stem Park
    * Completion of these Tile Wonders give no notification, especially to others
    * Each Sponsor is limited to 1 Affinity Tile Wonder and 1 Victory Tile Wonder

    Victory Wonders are then

    1. Mind Flower
    2. Warp Gate
    3. Beacon
    4. Planetary Council
    5. Starport
    * Remember, limit 1 per Planet

    Victories are then

    1. Transcendence
    2. Emancipation
    3. Exodus
    4. Reclamation
    5. Contact
    6. Diplomatic
    7. Starships

    Activation menu shows all options with unavailable ones greyed-out with requirements displayed.
    Selecting activation gives you a simple yes/no dialogue with recommendations to hasten victory.
    No warnings given in activation menu and the AI will always choose the option to end the game quickest.
    Global Impending Victory or Failure notifications sent upon completion of Victory Wonder and again upon activation.
    Players who activate Victory Wonders can't deactivate. Explanation below.

    Takes longer, sped up by H, P/H, and S/H Tile Wonders
    Mind Flower must be activated to start timer, activation gives
    Mind Flower can be built at Harmony 13 and (manually) activated at Harmony 13 the next turn
    Mind Flower blooming when owner is below Harmony 17 results in Transcendence Failure ... Unless
    H, P/H, or S/H Tile Wonders have been built somewhere in the world
    H, P/H, and S/H Tile Wonders grant Transcendence (co)Victory to their owners when Mind Flower blooms, giving unique victory screens
    Transcendence Failure grants a special victory screen to (all) Supremacy 16+ players with less than 10 Harmony; like Time Victory and competition taking each other's capitals, this requires no action on your part (just Affinity Threshold).
    "One More Turn" shows all units besides the owner's generic, P/S, & Supremacy units, and their competition's Supremacy units despawned and all factions besides the winners and stations eliminated, with their cities belonging to "Alien" (like the buggy station war popup) and being razed. If capitals cannot be razed, then they drop to 1-population Supremacy cities with no buildings (besides wonders) with an energy focus. You can easily annex these cities if you want the infrastructure because the "Alien" AI cannot build units and defense of cities is limited to standard automatic self-defense.

    Changes to Warp Gate
    Warp Gate has no affinity requirements to build, only Nanotechnology and Hypercomputing techs
    Warp Gate moved to a special branch tech (only branch with 'AND' requirement, with no leaf techs) with T2 science costs and no (or 5P/5S) affinity points granted
    Activating a portal has requirements. Exodus portal is now sky blue, like the lights on P/S soldiers. The red portal goes with Reclamation now

    Emancipation Portal requires 17S OR 13S/10H to activate
    Emancipation victory is still the same, however, Earth has only 100 - emancipation progress% Earthlings available to evacuate
    Global Notification sent out at 60% Emancipation progress

    Exodus Portal Requires 13P/6H OR 13P/6S to activate
    Exodus Victory is granted at the beginning of the turn after at least 40 Earthlings were settled
    P, P/H, and P/S Tile Wonders help by giving a bonus to Earthlings under the builder's control and allowing them to settle in the builder's cities; control of Earthlings flip to builders of these Tile Wonders if Earthlings walk within 4 tiles of their wonders or cities
    Player who settled the most Earthlings gets Main Victory screen, all other players who settled Earthlings get 2nd place (different dialogue), video changes depending on whether player has a Tile Wonder if any. P/S gets gleaming white cities (current video), P gets fancy brown cities as majestic as (Fritz Lang's) Metropolis, P/H gets futuristic Greco-Roman cities, lack of tile wonder gives (boring) granite-clad Purity Cities

    Reclamation Portal Requires 17P AND Pure Earthling Depot
    OR 15P/8S AND Noble RoButler Co. Central Warehouse to activate
    Victory Triggered at the end of the turn when enough supplies (measured in hurry cost of peaceful units and trade route yields) have been sent to Rebuild and Reclaim Earth. The amount of supplies needed to Reclaim Earth increases with Emancipation progress and decreases with Exodus progress.

    Requires 6P/6S/6H to activate
    Energy (per turn) requirement replacing turn requirement, scaled with game speed
    Minimum turn requirement to make contact (with Hutama-level energy generation) set to 10 on Quick, scales with game speed
    No "One More Turn" button
    Can be triggered early with active Exodus Portal
    After 2 turns (on quick) with an activated Beacon and open Exodus Portal on the same planet, the portal turns acid green
    After 6 turns (on quick) or if Warp Gate owner clicks 'Summon Earthling Settler,' Contact is made
    Beacon owner and Exodus Portal Owner get unique victory screen, complete with a new video, and possibly new dialogue

    As described by OP
    Requires at minimum 3/4 of other sponsors to vote for you (if 12 sponsors are currently in the game, 10 (yourself included) sponsors must vote for you, if 8 sponsors are currently in the game, 7 (yourself included) sponsors must vote for you, if only 4 sponsors are currently in the game, the vote must be unanimous)

    Just like Space Victory in Civilization 5 except
    Requires Starport (limit 1 per planet) to start
    Requires an Affinity Tile Wonder to activate project, which speeds up Space Victory in some way akin to T3 BNW Ideologies (P - think Freedom, S - think Order, H - same production as S but with food set to 0 (like colonists), hybrids get both bonuses, S/H stacks to 1.6x)
    Victory screen displays affinity starship flying with a (cloudy, oceanic view of the) planet behind it, with "FLY STARSHIPS" replacing "GO BEYOND EARTH"
    Creates an initial turn save in Starships (like the current in-game button) with your Planet as your home world and all cities under your control counting
    Sponsors on your planet retain diplomatic relationships (like the current button)
    Sponsors not on your planet added to game with default settings
    You automatically get the Affinity portrait of your Victory Screen starship without the affinity perk
    Certain Wonders under your control grant perks (such as counting as Starships' Wonders)
    Wonder Victory in Starships disabled for obvious reasons
    Starships victory encourages 2nd-to-last-man standing (otherwise Domination)
    Starships victory requires DLC to be added to SM Starships but will increase sales for both games

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