Plans to merge more PttT prototypes / concepts to WTP [IMPLEMENTED]


Civ4Col Modder
Jan 24, 2011
Stuttgart, Germany
Hi guys,

for a long time I have believed that my old concepts / prototypes from PttT may be too "radical" for WTP.


Examples of concepts already in WTP that were originally from PttT are e.g.
  • 2-Plot-City Radius (first actually implemented / tried in PttT)
  • "Happiness" (originated as "Satisfaction System")
  • "New Harbour System" (originated as "Space Port System")
  • "New Monastery and Fort City Effects" (originated as "Improvement City Effects")
  • "Different Road Levels" (originated as "Mag-Rails", later became "Trains" in RaR)
  • ...
All of them were successful and liked by community, so it seems they are not bad at all. :)
(WTP versions are often simplified / streamlined / improved versions of original / hardcore PttT version though.)


So within the next weeks I am going to merge a few more of these "experimental prototypes"... :mischief:
I am not going to spoiler all of the suprise though - because I first need to try them ingame myself.

Also currently my plans change daily. :crazyeye:
I have day where I am so wasted that I can not even igamine modding the next weeks.
Then I sit at home and need to do something creative and start modding again.

You can be sure about the following though:

1. They tie in nicely with existing gameplay and are intended to make the mod more immersive / realistic.
2. They are generally "overhauls" / "improvements". (Making existing stuff "better" / "more interesting".)
3. They are going to be designed in ways that AI will not be harmed. (It might get easier rules though.)


For now I just tell the next 2 prototype I will integrate "New Barracks System" and "Ship Canals".
(Of course it will be fully XML configurable and also easily deactivatable by a single XML setting.)

Stay tuned and get surprised ...
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