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Play / register Civ3 in general and on Mac OS X (Mojave 10.14)


Jun 4, 2020
I´m new to this site, hopefully someone of you has some time for me question - maybe you´re using another OS and had the same problem?

I played C3C for years on different Mac OS. Lately, I reinstalled Mojave 10.14 on an external drive, because this is the last system C3C runs on.

I have my Registration key, but it doesn´t work. The last times, I just copied the 2 registry files to the new system and it worked, but now, the game is asking for the key. Since I know, the game is no longer supported by Asypr, maybe that´s the point? Also, I remember, you can register manually, but I can´t remember which numbers I have to leave of - I think you have to do something like that. I can´t find my email from Aspyr from that day, when I bought the game.

I know the game works, also there was a patch, that supports newer OS till 10.14.

If you´re reading this and don´t know an answer to my problem, maybe you know where I can get it or buy it? I didn´t find it on Steam etc.

Thanks you for your time
I solved it:

You can buy the PC-version easily on GoG for 1,29€, that was frustrating first.
But I used "Porting Kit" https://www.portingkit.com to run in on Catalina. It worked well and was very cheap. So I stopped trying to register my old copy again. After one year of looking for a solution, I´ve got one now.
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