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playing as a colony


Sep 6, 2007
i haven't tried this yet, but it seems like an interesting idea.
start a game on a terra map and play it through normally until u reach astronomy, then go and send a bunch of settlers and soldiers to the newly discovered land mass. build up the cities and improve the land, then, build a palace on the new continent and then making your old cities a colony. then from there, try to become a superpower! kinda like the USA, except in real life, England didn't become America's vassal.
play as joao, and don't wait until astronomy. do it at optics, with carracks ;). it's reallllllly fun!
Take LOTS of troops at first in order to get a foothold. The barbs (in pre-BtS Terra experience) can be formidable! :lol:
I always found a canal city in the middle and spend the rest of the game mowing down barbarian units with machine guns until i have the troops to conquer a few barb cities.

The barbs will be the #1 obstacle, especially if you get there post-gunpowder.
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