Playing as Britain


May 28, 2013
So, I'm thinking about starting a game as Britain, probably on the Europe/Eastern US 1936 map. Any general strategic tips? For example, should I start out building an army (and air force and maybe even some more of a navy) and only those buildings necessary to do so, or should I start out developing the infrastructure to support my troops, or should I take some compromise position? I'm guessing my focus should be on my economy/infrastructure, but I don't know for sure. Also, how strongly should I focus on what theaters? Should I send a large BEF, or should I earmark some to most of those troops for North Africa? And, should I make it far enough, when is the right time for Operation Overlord? Please also feel free to give any other sort of suggestion.
I tend to find that holding France is easy as. But unless you reinforce north Africa you will have trouble there haven't played to further than 1942 into the game so other wise I cant give you much advice.
I've never really played the 1936 maps much, but as a general rule for these maps you should concentrate on your infrastructure and then on building your military. Mostly army and air force, but maybe a couple of new battleships depending on your starting navy. Certainly the royal navy doesn't need much. Only send a few divisions to north africa to fend off the Italians since they dont reinforce till they join the war. Also dont try overlord until the germans invade the russians. A good idea would be to invade Italy first. Youll need to knock them out the war anyway and it can be done wit far less units.
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