Playing as Poland; What to do?

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    Mar 6, 2018
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    Hello, I've been tinkering different gameplay approaches, I played as Poland on Emperor difficulty. This is my first post in this forum, and I'm quite excited about it. I have to admit that warmongering is something, where I'm worst at. Therefore, I wanted to learn or improve my skills in warfare. This is my celebratory post for finishing my undergraduate course BS Biology yesterday huehue

    Emperor Difficulty
    Standard, Epic, Communitas Map (Edited to increase 2 natural wonders)
    8 AI, 16 City-states

    VP (3-11)
    VP More Wonders Expanded
    Community Patch Events
    3UC/4UC for VP

    Other Civilizations
    I first met the Egyptians on the North, then Siam on the East. Three of us were on the same continent.
    Far North: Polynesian. North East: Celts. Far East: Indonesian.Far West: Assyria, and Far Northwest is the American.

    I said Far on both Assyria and America, because an archipelago can be found on the West of my empire, where I failed to colonize due to Polynesian UA, and I'm busy conquering my continent.

    At first, DOF with almost everyone, after conquering the Capital of Egypt, Siam denounced me, the rest doesn't care. Celts and I were friends before I cancelled our DOF to declare war with Siam (Siam and the Celts has defensive pact). I ignored CS, but had 3 allies when I declared war with the Assyria (Indonesia paid me), reward from declaring with Assyria. Dumb me, Those 2 city-states were really close geographically with Assyria, now Kabul is under siege :).

    I'm actually irritated on this part, Egypt, Siam and the Celts found their own religion. I found Sikhism (my favorite icon lol). Since, Siam and Egypt found their religion (3rd and last respectively), I decided to conquer their holy cities and make my religion dominant on this continent.

    The Celts' religion is powerful (The most), I underestimated her spreading due to their UA (dumb me once again). All other empire followed her religion except Egypt and Siam. She insists on spreading even though I asked her not to (WAR), so I denounced her.


    My Polish Empire of Empire Ador (Emperador lol), has the leading score, leading in social policy (honestly, meh), science? I forgot, but I think I am, and the rest in the demographics, except population (5th).

    First to discover Chemistry and Gunpowder, therefore, I'm building Himeji Castle, and built Leaning Tower (idk why I built that). Assyria is the first to enter renaissance, forgot to mention and I don't know which technology.

    Social Policies
    First, Authority, and then Fealty, and after that, Imperialism.
    Got the first social policy on Imperialism (the one with monopoly bonus)


    My religion is the majority in the minor continent with three civilizations. No reformation, need 5% more followers.

    Holy Law- I thought this could be good for Poland...
    Inspiration- culture is always good on any empire
    Orders- extra experience, and for crime reduction (redundant with 3UC/4UC), I don't know if this is a good choice.
    Zealotry- I can buy new units at the same time with faith, I liked this.

    No Reform, Didn't spread on City-states on the western archipelago, conquered the Egyptian and Siamese holy cities.

    Strongest in terms of land, mostly longswordsman, Tercio is available, but has no gold to upgrade the rest of the longswordsman. Few knights, but has ducal stable on all cities, as I said, I'm not good in warfare :(
    And a funny navy, a single Caravel

    Conquest and Vassals
    Conquered Egypt, has 2 more cities, I don't like his gift when I entered the renaissance era (2 scouts? really)
    Recently Siam became my vassal, leaving one city on a tiny peninsula on my southwest.
    I conquered Geneva when sacked, I though this could be good because of the Silk monopoly (10% gold on all cities), I couldn't find the other silk resource, 50% monopoly on silk.

    No unhappiness issue, ranges from 30-90. High, yah
    My economy is mediocre, not the best, always popping great writes (I think this is not good).

    V. WHAT TO DO?
    With the state of the game, my single caravel navy, I don't actually know what should I do next.
    1. Should I continue warring to fulfill my world conquest?
    I'm not confident, If I can,because of my lacking of navy, and skill.
    2. Warring and Culture Victory, Is that possible with my policy choices?
    3. If I continue warring, where would I begin?
    Indonesia is just on the coast of my newly conquered Thai capital, the Celts on the Northeast of my vassal Egypt. Polynesia on the north of my puppet cities of Thebes, Heliopolis and Alexandria.
    4. I wanted a large and contagious "Puppet Empire", but I don't think that could lead me to any victory, Is that right? lol
    5. Which cities should I annex? Only the capital cities?, I conquer much of the Siam empire for the Gold monopoly only.
    6. My population is 5th in the ranking, is that a problem?

    Thank you everyone!
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  2. Grabbl

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    May 25, 2016
    1. At least for the lacking navy, something can be done about it ;) Your position seems strong enough to do so, so that can be a good strategy.
    2. I'm general, I would say that it is possible when you cripple the high-culture empires. However, it would not be the obvious choice of victory condition, diplomacy with your vassal's votes or domination seem more natural.
    3. In general, as you seem to be leading in military at the moment, I would start with the strongest opponent. Both Celts and Indonesia seem good. For the latter, give yourself a few turns to stabilize Thailand's capital, then hit. Or go for the Celts to punish those heretics.
    4. Domination or diplomacy can both be viable for a puppet empire (the latter when combined with vassalization).
    5. In general the strongest cities and strategically important cities where you need to get specific buildings soon (e.g. walls etc., or coastal cities for ship building).
    6. No.

    Edit: Don't take this without thinking, I'm not a master strategist ;) If you're playing and leading on emperor, we are probably not so far in skill level.
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  3. Viralvoid

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    Mar 6, 2018
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    Current Ranking.

    Yay, thank you, I agreed with all your suggestions with critical assessment. I've realized the winning through diplomatic victory is viable for this game, I'm grateful, hehe I've thought that my warmongering is not necessary, and might cause the downfall of my civ.

    I have decided to, annex my coastal puppet cities immediately and send hammer trade routes toward them, In order to empower my navy, and that'll help me conquering the heretics. I'll start with Indonesia, seriously, I didn't notice that they lack of military, even lesser than Egypt and Siam. I'll vassal and convert them as soon as possible.
  4. Viralvoid

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    Mar 6, 2018
    From the Slums of Manila
  5. tu_79

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    Next time you might want to avoid founding a religion. If you want to follow the path of war, it's usually better to focus on military and usurp a religion when the opportunity arises. Capture a holy city and you will be considered the rightful founder. This saves you a lot of faith points for using in whatever you may like.
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  6. Viralvoid

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    Mar 6, 2018
    From the Slums of Manila
    I continued my conquest toward Jakarta, where I conquered most of his cities, and vassalized him It was very easy, lol. My problem is that, I can't think of a good strategy toward the Celtic capital of Edinburgh, geographically It was hard.

    I improved my military on the western ocean, but, my eastern sea has no navy, no naval escort. Sukothai is still building major production and military buildings. I think I should wait for a while, again until my navy became stronger. I'll mass build military land and mounted units on my main continent, toward my newly acquired Indonesian cities, and continue conquering Assyria instead. Simultaneously, freeing the west ocean from Polynesian cities with my Corvettes :) :)

    Location of Edinburgh. That mountain and lake made everything harder for me :(

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