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Playing as the Exotics in the Jules Verne scenario - For The Lulz

Discussion in 'Civ2 - Stories & Tales' started by Jesusfreak, Jul 2, 2012.

  1. Jesusfreak

    Jesusfreak Chieftain

    Oct 30, 2009
    EDIT: Er, I just noticed that every other thread in this section is a succession game... is there a rule stating that all the story threads must be continued as successions?

    The scenario very clearly states the following:

    So, obviously, I had to try it :D. And, despite the warning, I had a blast with it.

    We start off like with two cities. "Top of the World" is near the north pole on Greenland, and has just enough food to support a population of two people (it periodically grows to three and then starves). Mu, our capital, is a 1-tile island near where Antarctica should be. The former is meant to be conquered by the "real" players to trigger an ingame event, and the latter is guarded by the Exotic Guards, a nigh-invulnerable superunit meant to prevent the Exotics (and thus the event triggers under their control) from being wiped out.
    We also start out with a few units scattered around the map that do things when killed (usually either the giving of money or a certain special advance). Most of these are immobile; however, we do get a submarine, the Nautilus, that can move around and is quite vital to our early-game strategy.
    Also, for some reason, we start off with an alliance with the Aboriginals, which they consistently break either a few turns into the game, or whenever you try to talk to them, whichever happens first (this results in the aforementioned immobile units being sent back to your cities). Everyone else is enraged and at war with us, and our reputation starts off as "Atrocious," preventing any real negotiation from getting done for most of the game.
    Perhaps most importantly, since the designer of this scenario meant for the Exotics to absolutely not be played, he also took away their ability to make settlers and gave them virtually no advances to start with.

    My game went something like this:
    1.) Look around with the Nautilus and plan invasions. Save scumming is required if this gets killed, since it is vital in later steps.
    2.) Have scientists research towards Magnetism. This and its prerequisite advances take up about half the game or so to research, but it's well worth it, because it gets you transports.
    3.) Have a transport send Home Militia (the only military unit you can build in the beginning) to wherever it can get to. Use the Nautilus to destroy any defenders.
    4.) Notice that this scenario enables the ability to steal techs on conquest. This can get us several useful techs, ranging from espionage to democracy to ocean liner to aeronautics. If you wish to attempt to defend your cities, aeroplanes are particularly useful as they can fight off zeppelins. Also, parachute pins (Lunatic Invention, if I remember correctly) are useful for offensive maneuvers.
    5.) At some point, get Democracy. It prevents your units from being bribed (this becomes important later).
    6.) If necessary, send out the Exotic Guard to somewhere in Europe, America, or Asia (preferably Europe). It can move, and the AI is usually not smart enough to attack Mu. (Note: In my actual game, I was stupid and sent it to Australia.)
    7.) In the likely event that conquering the world is difficult, wait for reinforcements. Be sure to hold key points in Europe, America, and Asia. (I was stupid and didn't have a place in Asia.)
    8.) Reinforcements arrive from Mars. Martian War Machines are slow but ridiculously powerful bomber units with a limited range (three squares per turn, eight turns). A handful of these spawn in the "important" areas of the world - Europe, United States, India, and China. Under ordinary circumstances, these would terrorize the world for a few turns, and then run out of fuel. Instead, send them to footholds in their respective areas (neither of the two starting cities are close enough).
    9.) Use nearly indestructible aliens to take over the world.

    Anyways, here's how it ended for me:

    (In America, I had taken three or four cities near the western coast and was slowly moving eastward. I had also taken Sydney in Australia, which is where my Exotic Guard was; I had originally taken it planning to expand upwards into Asia, but the Nautilus wasn't strong enough to take on the Anglo Alliance in that area.)

    Unfortunately, I ran out of time well before I was able to conquer the world :(.

    If anyone was actually amused by this, I'm willing to try again on an easier difficulty level to see if it's possible to do it in time (this was on deity).
  2. Jesusfreak

    Jesusfreak Chieftain

    Oct 30, 2009
    Not only is conquering the world as the Exotics possible on Chieftan level, it was pretty easy. I had even conquered the world before my alien reinforcements showed up. Everything is practically undefended on that difficulty level XD.
  3. Millman

    Millman Mark the Magnificent

    Aug 31, 2006
    You know me. I hate specifics unless it's my own games or things I had to do. Besides satisfying yourself what is the ultimate goal of this?

    I suppose King and Emperor give an experienced player a fair fight at those levels. Congrats on the enjoyment nonetheless.

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