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Playing Civ 6 after a long break, recommended mods?


Sep 1, 2014
So, I have not played Civ 6 at all since...17. May 2021, and as I recall, that was not even a full playthrough. After such a long break, where I have been playing things like Stellaris, Fallen Enchantress, Vox Populi, Humankind and Old World, I finally feel like going back to Civ 6 for a bit. I know the game hasn't had much in the way of official updates, but I am curious if there have been any interesting developments in the modding scene. Are there any must-have mods I need to get the most out of Civ 6 these days?
The trouble is, the state the game is in, it's difficult to know which mods would crash the game for you. Many good mods that worked perfectly a year ago are now unusable.
Some people may regard this as unfair, but I always use Extended Initial Vision, which gives you a better idea of what sort of start you have. If I find I am on an island surrounded by mountains, I restart. I don't play for "the challenge", I play for having fun.
I just started playing again after a long break as well. I use detailed map tacks, but other ones I find useful is Extended Policy Cards. That one tells you how much gold, science, etc. you'd get by plugging in certain cards. Or if you end up late game, Repeat Future so it just automatically renews it so you don't have to keep picking it each time. One I had no idea I use is Better Report Screen. Maybe I just thought it was a game feature but I don't remember installing that one at all. But those are mods I find useful.
Are you looking for gameplay changing mods or just UI stuff? Due to the DLL not being released, and lack of lua documentation, there isn't much in the way of gameplay mods that compares to Vox Populi.

That said, I personally find the Combat and Stacking Overhaul mod to be essential. It makes it so ranged units are support units that can occupy the same tile as melee units, and reduces their range to one. I thought I wouldn't like the reduced range, but ended up preferring it after trying it out.

However, it isn't updated anymore, and requires some manual modifications in the code to make it work right. It also makes it so that no units depend on resources which I didn't like, so I removed that part of it. If interested PM me and I'll show you how to get it to work.
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