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[GS] Playing with mod civ, culture gain on holy site pillage not working

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Feb 17, 2015
This mod civ im using has a leader ability that gives me culture that scales with era when I pillage a holy site on my home continent. The problem is that instead of giving my faith and culture when I pillage, it gives me two separate faith boosts. Im in the industrial era so pillaging a holy site gives me 120 Faith and another 30.

After looking around in the lua script for the mod, I found this:

-- Nobu_OnPillage
-- Gain Culture on pillaging a Holy Site on Nobu's home continent.
function Nobu_OnPillage(iOwner, iDistrict, iCity, iX, iY, iDistrictType, iPercentComplete, bPillaged)
    print(iOwner, iDistrict, iCity, iX, iY, iDistrictType, iPercentComplete, bPillaged)
    if bPillaged == 1 and iDistrictType == iHolySiteType then
        local pPlot = Map.GetPlot(iX, iY)
        if pPlot then
            local aUnits = Units.GetUnitsInPlot(pPlot);
            for i, pUnit in ipairs(aUnits) do
                if pUnit:GetCombat() > 0 then
                    local pPlayer = Players[pUnit:GetOwner()]
                    local iPlayer = pPlayer:GetID()
                    if iPlayer ~= iOwner then
                        local playerConfig = PlayerConfigurations[iPlayer]
                        if not playerConfig then print("No valid player.") return end
                        local leaderType = playerConfig:GetLeaderTypeName()
                        local civilizationType = playerConfig:GetCivilizationTypeName()
                        for trait, value in pairs(tHolySiteTraits) do
                            if (HasCivilizationTrait(civilizationType, trait) == true or HasLeaderTrait(leaderType, trait) == true) then
                                --Same continent?
                                local pPlayerCapital = pPlayer:GetCities():GetCapitalCity()
                                local iCapitalX = pPlayerCapital:GetX()
                                local iCapitalY = pPlayerCapital:GetY()
                                local pCapitalPlot = Map.GetPlot(iCapitalX, iCapitalY)
                                print(pPlot:GetContinentType(), pCapitalPlot:GetContinentType())
                                if pPlot:GetContinentType() == pCapitalPlot:GetContinentType() then
                                    local iCultureGain = iBaseCulture + (pPlayer:GetEra() * iExtraCulturePerEra)
                                    --since eras start at 0, this will make Ancient pillaging only be the base culture amount
                                    --LuaEvents.Custom_StatusMessage(Locale.Lookup("LOC_STATUS_MESSAGE_TRAIT_VV_TENKA_FUBU_CULTURE_GAIN", iCultureGain), 10, ReportingStatusTypes.DEFAULT)  --GS broke LuaEvents, thanks
                                    Game.AddWorldViewText(0, "[COLOR_FLOAT_CULTURE]+"..iCultureGain.." [ICON_Culture][ENDCOLOR]", iX, iY, 0.5)

It seems that the way lua scripts work in GS made the feature not work anymore. Can anyone tell me how to fix this? I also provided the save file if it helps. No other mods are being used.

Mod is vicevirtuoso's Fate Oda Nobunaga: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1720057060 .


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