Playtesters Needed for "SMAN's The Ancient World at War"

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    I've recently published a mod, and could really use some help testing it. The mod itself is quite stable, but it adds a LOT of content to the game, so getting all of these new things properly balanced will take the evaluation and perspective of as many players as I can get. Here is a small sample of the changes:

    - New mid-game Era (The Enlightenment) has been added
    - New Technologies (62 total) to improve complexity and variety to the late game
    - New Units (88 total) to increase variety of playing styles
    - New Buildings (127)
    - New Wonders (31 total: 25 World and 6 National)
    - New Resources (46 total: 34 map-based, 12 created by buildings)
    - New Improvements (22)
    - New Religions (15) – focusing on belief systems in place at the dawn of history

    So, if you're interested in a mod that extensively expands the first half of the game, please take a look:

    SMAN's The Ancient World at War:

    Collaboration Site for the mod:

    Really appreciate any suggestions/reports you can make. Thanks!

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