Please help can't get FF or C2C to work


Jul 15, 2011
I have several mods I play and they all work rather good but two:

Caveman to Cosmos
Fall Further

Both mods have the same problem, they keep the loading screen up after they are done loading.... I can click on the loading screen and it will give the thinking icon while it moves to a different screen but the loading screen is still over it....

And clicking randomly I have clicked on the unload mod button so I know the main screen is up and running just the loading screen hasn't gone away...

Clicking the bottom left exits once it's loaded too.

How do I get rid of this loading screen so I can play these mods!?!?!

I found out it's not the loading lol it's the main menu .... but there is just the background with no menu... but I can click on menu stuff.... just nothing pops up so only real affect is the unload mod or exit buttons.....

It's really confusing x.x
Update I get the same problem with the Fall further mod, tried to do the same thing with it as I did this one and I get the same results.... Fall from heaven works though.... so it's somethign that FF and C2C has that FfH don't that is messing up on my end x.x


ok I got Fall further to load a game (no menu just blind clicking) but the menu screen was still there in game untill I ended the turn......there was this massive brown 3d artifact in the middle of the screen, selecting a unit got rid of it but there was no UI, and when the unit moved the game crashed with no error message.
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