Please help me someone!

Aug 25, 2004
Ok, so i have finally attempted to mod BTS... but it seems i did something wrong. i am only trying to make the Keshik into a Knight unit (rather than a horse archer) that costs 78, has an attack strength of 9, +50% vs. Knights, and starts with the March Promotion... oh and upgrades to Cavalry (not Cuirasseurs) i tried changing it and then i tried changing it back, but because i thought this stuff would be rather minor and insignificant i didnt back up the CIV4UnitInfos XML. (lesson learned) but unfortunately now i cant play the game because now there is an error every time i open the game up. i am attaching the XML file that i changed... could someone look through it in the appropriate section and tell me what i did wrong and how to fix it?

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