PLXI- OPEN Succession; Japan, Warlord

As the dust settled after the death of the emporer Shadwlord, rumours ran rampant of a new dawn promised by a young man who called himself simply "Steve". Wise men found the subject of these rumours and dragged him onto the throne. Here is his story.

Steve surveyed the lands, noting that they had improved much since the first Emporer Steve had ruled. The lands were rich in luxuries and resources, which needed to be made use of, however there was a Zulu problem to the North East. Emporer Shdwlord had clearly made a decision to plant his brave warriors at the Zulu borders lest they try to bring a settler through. A third warrior was nearby and it was decided that he should partake in the blockade of Zulu borders, barring their settlers from the lands that are rightfully ours.

Orders were given to the workers, to connect Izumo, Nagasaki and Nagoya to the trade network. Tokyo completed it's temple and began a spearmen, as these were needed due to the imminent production of settlers from several of our cities. Kagoshima completed a barracks and was also ordered to train spearmen.

At this point the Domestic Advisor rushed in. "Emporer, your treasuries are low". And indeed they were. 5 gold left and losing 1 gold per turn. Something needed to be done.

Yokohoma was founded with two spices inside it's borders. Spearman training is ordered. Once a temple is built there it's borders will expand to include the third spice and a reindeer. The Emporer decides it's time for coffee, but his girlfriend is stuck in Arizona and not due back until this afternoon. He is forced to make it himself.

Our lone spearman up North sights a barbarian horseman. He moves to the hills for better defence. The horseman attacks and is slain without injury to the spearman. In the meantime Tokyo produces a spearman and begins a library. Tokyo's spearman is ordered to Yokohama to give it some defense. Second barbarian horseman is sighted on a hill by our Northern spearman. Our spearman moves away so that the barbarian will have to attack from the grasslands. True to form the barbarian attacks and is defeated. Again, no damage to our spearman.

Edo completes a settler, who is sent to Satsuma en route to colonizing the North Eastern lands. Edo begins a library. A worker is ordered to build mines around Osaka. There is a palace being built there as a placeholder for the Great Lighthouse. Shield production MUST be maximized there. Horses near Edo come online, and the road is continued towards Yokohama. Spices will be connected to the trade network en route.

Nara completes a settler, and he is ordered to the coast North of the Satsuma River, to begin filling in the borders. Our Northern spearman spots the barbarian camp. A road finally connects Izumo to the trade network and the worker is ordered to connect up the furs next to it. Another barbarian horseman impales itself on our Northern spear, again with no injuries to our troops. Satsuma completes it's settler and is ordered to train spearmen to defend our new cities-to-be. Our settler from Satsuma moves North and meets his counterpart from Edo. Both enjoy a lively conversation as they head to Nagoya. Northern spearman attacks the barbarian camp, killing a warrior. The last defending horseman is also killed, and the camp is dispersed, adding 25 gold to our treasury. We have a positive cash flow.

A goody hut to the west of the barbarian encampment is popped, and three warriors attack our spearman. He has no problems fighting them off. A spearman reaches Yokohama and fortifies there. A settler completes his journey from Nara to the fertile delta of the Satsuma River, and creates... SteveVille (sorry!). A spearman is ordered there.

Zulu impi, archers and a settler appear outside Isandhlwana. The Emporer attends to the Royal laundry while hoping that they'll head in the opposite direction. Yokohama builds a send spearman to bolster fortifications, and begins a temple to get the third spice and the reindeer inside our borders. Nagasaki is connected to the trade network, and a road is being built to Nagoyo. We are making 3 gold per turn, so I turn up luxuries to 10%. Entertainers in both Kyoto and Osaka are put back to work.

Word comes that the Zulu are indeed heading our way. The warrior blockade is activated to stop their expansion. Our two settlers have reached Nagoya and are joined by the spearman there. The merry trio head North East to found a city on the hill by the horses.

Aaaargh!! An order from the Emporer is misinterpreted (mis-clicked the mouse) and a warrior walks into Zulu territory. Not only is it more difficult to delay the Zulu settler group, but Shaka is not best pleased. He asks me to remove my troops from his territory. I comply and give him 1 gold to keep him polite. At the same time his borders expand. Damn! I'm still inside his borders.

Nagoya completes a temple and is ordered to replace the spearman that was sent with the two settlers. Furs are connected to the trade network near Izumo. The Zulu settler group has got through our blockade. I hope they're not headed to the Iron on their East coast. Warrior finally gets outside of Zulu borders.

Many things happened in the years that followed. Nara completed it's temple and was ordered to start a settler. A spearman reached SteveVille and was ordered to fortify. The trio of settlers and spearman, ordered up North East to colonize by the horses is attacked by barbarians. Our spearman prevails and the camp is spotted to the North East. We talk to Gandhi. He wants technology in exchange for contact with the Iroquois. We get it for 15 gold. Tokyo completed it's library and started a settler. Satsuma completed it's spearman and started barracks. Izumo and Nagasaki completed temples, both started on workers (we NEED those mines!!).

One of our settlers founds Shimonoseki next to the horses, dispersing the barbarians. One barbarian warrior remains, so the settler was fortified in the city along with the spearman. A mine is started on one of the grapes next to Kyoto. There is a shield on that tile. Science increased to 50%, reducing mapmaking from 11 turns to 8. Still making 5 gold per turn.

Clearly Shaka didn't send out his most intelligent troops. They plop down a city (love that term) where they stand. The iron is safe for now. Pulled our warriors outside their borders.

Steve's girlfriend arrived back home and they disappeared into the sunset together...

Notes: NE Lands look promising for Forbidden Palace. Palace in Osaka is still placeholder for Great Lighthouse. Mines needed round Osaka and Kyoto. We need more production. Settler is fortified in Shimonoseki.

Here's the save.
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Preturn -
Wake up the regular spearman in Yokohama – we still need to explore!
I switch edo to barracks – it is stuck as size 2, so let it build troops. Kagoshima building spearman. Disband the regular spearman, as I hate non-veteran troops.
Switch Nagoya to barracks, I won’t see regular troops built.

Summary -
130 – We give the Iroquios Literature for Math, territory map and $21. Swap territory maps maps with Persia. Next goal, code of laws.
110 - Nara starts a harbor, that will be our best bet for trading for awhile.
90 - I start estabilishing embassies – OUCH! Why is the gold price for Persia double everyone else?
Trading summary – What we get for world map.
China is broke –2 gold. India 33 gold. Babylon 70 gold & 3/t. Persia 80 gold. Zulu 40 gold.
30 – Russia builds the Colossus.
10 – Destroy a barb camp, plus $25. Kendtertown is formed.
AD time frames arrives.
70 – Matsuyama is formed.

I didn’t complete 20, but I am heading out for a short amout of time n 2 minutes. Plus I need to do some turns in my English game.

Next up – Whomever claims the spot.

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Playing Now :)
Greetings & Salutations to those who came before & those who will come after.

I SummerStorm, took the throne of Japan in 90 AD my reign began thus:

1) 90 AD Nara begins construction of a Library

2) 110 AD Our Scouts continue to explore this brave new world

3) 130 AD A galley takes to the sea from one of our costal cities, while exploring a spearmen sends back a report of Chinook activity.

4) 150 AD The Spearmen reports the Chinook conscript was dispatched without difficulty

5) 170 AD Following the tradition of IKender & Steve, SummerVille is founded near the Zulu border, contruction of a temple begins immediately to expand our border. In other news, we continue to expand our road network and military units.

6) 190 AD World Map sold to all the other Civs adding 160 gold to our treasury.

7) 210 AD Satsuma begins a library to bring education to all, Nagasaki warms us with a We Love the Shogun Day.

8) 230 AD more exploring

9) 250 AD Tokyo begins a courthouse to bring law & order to its people. A settler is sent out to secure another source of iron & expland the glory that is Japan.

10) 260 AD Matsuma begins its Temple after completing a worker

11) 270 AD Izumo begins a Library, and we Master Polytheism while learning construction.

12) 280 AD Steveville goes into disorder, entertainment is ordered.

13) 290 AD Order restored to Steveville

14) 300 AD Steveville warms our hearts :love: with a We love the shogun day, meanwhile Shimsnoseki completes its temple

15) 310 AD Sapporo founded near a rich deposit of iron and close to silks, construction of a temple is started.

16) 320 AD Kendertown begins to riot due to a hoopak shortage, entertainment ordered as well as hoopak shipment.

17) 330 AD Nara completes its Library adding overdue book fines to the treasury.

18) 340 AD Osaka completes the Great Light House!! Tokyo competes its courthouse & begins construction of a harbor. Construction is learned from Germany & Persia 10 turns early so we begin research of Monarchy. Kyoto begins Construction of the Great Wall, as do the Iroquios.

19) 350 AD Not to be outdone, Persia joins the race for the Great Wall.

20) 360 AD Thus ends the reign of SummerStorm, :queen:
Stepping out of the shadows behind the throne, walks around to have a seat. He notes a surprising amount of lace added to the throne and wonders just who the last person to occupy it was. He notes a pile of messages the previous emporers have received, and is shocked that the persians think that they have a right to claim the great wall, and vows to try and put an end to their delusions of grandeur.
Inherited turn Micromanaging shaves a few turns off construction projects accross the realm. Shadow notes with concern that the zulu's have managed to slip past his blockade he initiated a few hundred years ago, and have founded Ibabanago directly on the horses. They also have iron within their territory, and are completely boxed in by the Russians to the north. With no room left for them to expand, they will be looking to conquer new lands soon. In a desire to leave despotism quickly, the treasury is used to fund science, shaving 8 turns off monarchy

1) 370 completed spearman and swordsman sent to the iron deposit near the zulu, Settler ordered. Galley widens search for new land by travelling in the sea, guided by the great lighthouse.

2) 380 Tokyo completes galley, begins aquaduct.

3) 390 A plan begun to block the zulus culturally from their horses is instituted, this will be effective until they build a harbor if we are careful with our roads, and can get the settlers their in time.

4) 400 Roads expanding, Kagoshima begins library

5) 410 Barbarians approach Sapporo

6) 420 pleased with the direction the empire is taking, many cities celebrate we love the shogun day

7) 430 Roads reach Summerville

8) 440 The Indians have begun the great wall. The Persians politely demand our territory map and 31 gold, which of course, we refuse

9) 450 The plan of isolating the zulu from their horses becomes a little more difficult with the founding of the zulu city Amatikulu, but still possible.

10) 460 Contact with Egypt, Rome, Greece, America, and the Aztecs purchased from china for our world map and 125 gold. Round of trading our world map with everyone ensues. Greece and Rome were deserpate enough to pay 8 gpt each.

11) 470 The completion of the great wall triggers a golden age just as we descent into anarchy with the discovery of monarchy. Summerville begins the construction of the forbidden palace. People rejoice as scientists begin research of Currency. Longing for the smell of fresh flowers, ShadowLord orders the construction of Hanging Gardens in Kyoto

12) 480 ShadowLord undergoes the rituals of corination, and is crowned king of the Japanese monarchy.

13) 490 Germans found New Konigsberg 2 squares from where I was going to found a city, will have to thank them later when it flips to us

14) 500 Babylonian conscript warrior found in Zulu lands

15) 510 Hakodate founded

16) 520 Ise founded, culturally sealing the Zulu from their horses until they build harbors

17) 530 A nice quiet turn of troop movements and worker improvements

18) 540 The citizens of the mighty Japanese empire stare in awe as the government dispences a new system of currency throughout the land. Inspired by what gold could be used for, the scientists begin to research new uses for iron, and a mighty weapon called a pike. The mightiest of them, Sun Tzu, says that if we learn feudalism, we can establish a mighty academy to train new troops. Research begun, 10 turns to completion

19) 550 Toyama founded. Spearman deep in Iroquois territory boards our galley in search of more land to explore

20) 560 Kagoshima begins construction of the first marketplace. Toyama hurries production of a temple. One last round of map trading gives us enough gold to establish embassies with everyone. And reveals that the Zulu have another source of horses. Hakodate and Ise use excess funds from the treasury to hurry temples.

Summerville has a settler just outside of it that would be perfect for founding a city between Tugela and Swazi. Tugela has no culture, and will soon flip to us, if we place a settler between Tugela and Swazi, Tugela will be completely surrounded by our cultural borders. Its a bit too close to Summerville to be useful as a production center, but with all those flood plains, would be a perfect worker factory, or for drafting defensive units later. It should be able to draft 1 everyturn at size 7.
570AD - Several marketplace were ordered to capitalise on the newly found currency system of Japan.

580AD - Entered in RoP with the Zulu. Continued to order for the building of marketplace. Babylonian and Indian start to build Hanging Garden.

590AD - German declare war on Iroquis. Iroquis start to build Hanging Garden. Egyptian starts Hanging Garden.

600AD - Hanging Garden completed in Kyoto. Marketplace ordered.

610AD - Sheer's Castle founded between Tugela and Swazi as planned. Indian declare war on Persian.

620AD - Fukushima founded near Shimonoseki. Discovered Feudalism and going for Republic. Babylonian entered into a Military Alliance with Germany and declare war on Iroquis.

630AD - Suo founded near Sapporo. Tokyo started on Sun Tzu.

640AD - Indian and Germany enter into alliance and declare war on Iroquis. Japan enter into a RoP with chinese.

650AD - Osaka starts to build Palace as a place holder for the next possible wonder.

660AD - Sold World Map to the world to increase our gold to over 800gp. :D

670AD - Golden Age ended and now have -28gp cashflow.

680AD - Dropped science to 50% and still discovering at the same rate but only -3gp per turn.

690AD - All is quiet.

700AD - All is quiet.

710AD - Japan enter the age of revolution!

720AD - Japan enter into a new age. The Republic of Nippon has declared.

730AD - All is quiet.

740AD - Discovered Monothesicm through the Great Library. China declare war on India via pact with the Persians.

750AD - All is quiet.

760AD - Persian declare war on us for not giving currency! Shogun Dark Sheer step down from the seat of power.

To win this game the empire need more roads! We have marketplace but alot of cities only has roads connecting to and from the city but not around it. If we have more road then gold should not be a problem. Good luck to the next Shogun!

Here is the savegame.
Playing Now :queen:
SummerStorm again accends to the seat of power. :queen:

770: Trade relationships are started with some of our neighbors. The Zulu's are drunk off our fine wines for a price of 30 gold & 1 gold/turn; Greece gives us 20 gold, world map & gems for Silks & dyes.
Summerville finishes its courthouse, cutting corruption then beings construction of the Forbidden Palace.
Our People love us :love: and add to our palace, Shadowlords praise of the addition of lace inspires her ladyship to add ruffles & ribbons to the royal cushions.
India requests an alliance against China, we respectfully decline.

780: Construction of roads continues

790: Steveville completes its courthouse.

800: we continue with building roads

810: Terrible news! our galley is lost at sea...there is some mention of an iceberg but no confirmation:confused:

820: Our road project is progressing nicely. But the vile Babylon has joined Persia in its unholy war against us.

830: Chivalry is learned, Samuri are begun in some cities, and we begin the process of learning Engineering.

840: China attempts to lure us into its war with India, we decline.

850: life goes on

860: :love: the people of Japan expand our palace, indoor plumbing added

870: Our Realm continues to build its network of roads.

880: The Babylonians appear ourside Sheer's Castle and capture one of our workers, he will be avengened.
Bizen is founded, & its temple begun.
We make peace with Persia for Feudalism & entice them to turn on their one time henchmen the Babylons for Chivarly.
Babylon kills one of our spearmen in Sheer's Castle.
In other news: Germany & the Iroquois declare peace.

890: The Palace is again expanded :love: what thoughtful people we have.

900: Sensing Trouble on the home front most of the evil Bab's outside Sheer's Castle head home.

910: A brave horsemen kills a Bab spearman

920: Landscaping is added to our palace. Engineering is learned and Invention started. Skirmishes continue in the War with Babylon, its Babylon 1, Japan 4.

930: Nagasaki holds a WLTKD

940: continued work on road & city improvements

950: America is now warming itself in superior Japanese furs to the tune of 30 gold & 7 gold/turn

960: New Konisberg overthrows its German rulers and joins our empire adding its uniqueness to our own.

Thus ends the 2nd rule of SummerStorm

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I'm ready for another shot at this... Joining the line after Donsig...

This game has really livened up after a slow start. Good to see the new (and some familiar) faces here.
Time for me to go to work so I'll have to get out of the queue.:(

Arizona_Steve can go ahead and play when the sav is posted.:)
Inherited turn - minor micromanaging of city workers. Silks sold to America for 13 gpt, worker bought for 25 gold.

1) 970 A game of keep out begun with a Zulu settler trying to reach a hill in our southern territory

2) 980 China sending units north through our territory, renegotiate the RoP to gain 8 gpt. Renegotiated Zulu RoP, they refused to pay, so its been cancelled. Tried to renegotiate wine deal with zulu, they couldn't even afford the 1gpt price they were paying before. Wines instead sold to America for world map, 30 gold, and 7gpt.

3) 990 cat and mouse game with Zulu settler ends when an American galley drops off a warrior and a settler on the hill.

4) 1000 worker teams forming as individual workers complete their tasks. India and Iroquois sign peace treaty. Babylon and Iroquois sign peace treaty.

5) 1010 Kendertown rejoices as new library brings latest fashion magazines showing all the latest new bright colors, begins marketplace to sell sunglasses for tourists not able to cope with the site. Invention discovered, work began on theology. Kyoto begins Leonardo's workshop, Osaka switches to palace for placeholder for sistine chapel

6) 1020

7) 1030 Ngome overthrows the oppressive Zulu government and joins the glorious Japanese empire

8) 1040 Shadow Lord gets bored, curls up, and takes a nap. The Empire runs smoothly in his absence

9) 1050 Reports of chinese troops pouring into our territory and clogging our highways awaken Shadow Lord. He promptly orders more highways build and goes back to sleep.

10) 1060 Indian warriors approach sheer's castle. Germans found New Cologne just before our settler arrives to claim the desolate tundra. Shadow Lord ponders these developments and orders the settler into the hills, and opens negotiations with Ghandi. Ghandi is completely broke, but will purchase an RoP for his world map and a worker. Silks sold to Egypt for 3 gpt. Silks sold to rome for 5 gpt

11) 1070 Theology learned, education ordered. Echizen founded on the hills of a vast tundra wasteland. Osaka switches to Sistine Chapel

12) 1080 Echizen hurries a temple

13) 1090 Echizen completes temple, pushes New Colognes border back, begins library. Persia and Babylon sign peace treaty. Indian bowmen kills chinese warrior outside Summerville, forcing the chinese to sign a peace treaty with them

14) 1100 Echizen rushes library

15) 1110 Echizen finishes library, begins cathedral. Peace treaty sold to bab for 7 gpt and their world map

16) 1120 Echizen hurries cathedral

17) 1130 Sun Tzu's academy founded in Tokyo, Education learned, mass projects of completing universities began, Music Theory studied

18) 1140 Persians begin Sistine Chapel. Kyoto and Osaka switch leonardo's workshop and sistine chapel to finish sistine 8 turns sooner

19) 1150 Persia demands engineering, told to go away and leave us alone, which they do

20) 1160 renegotiated fur deal with america, now getting 19 gpt, and 18 gpt form silks. Traded world map with everyone for some change.
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