PLXI- OPEN Succession; Japan, Warlord

Not much happened at all. Didn't play the full 20 turns. Brief summary...

1160AD - America declares war on Persians.

1170AD - Moved stacks of workers around. Started mines and roads. Edo produces acqueduct, starts samurai - cities on western side are weakly defended. Bizen produces temple, starts pikeman. Greeks start Sistine Chapel.

1180AD - Workers start more mines. Keep watch on large chinese stack North of Yokohama. Tokyo completes cathedral, starts University. Kagoshima completes aquaduct, starts cathedral. Ngome completes Temple - starts library to exert more cultural pressure on Tugula (Zulu). We discover Music Theory - start Gunpowder for musketmen and to see where the saltpeter is.

1190AD - Extend ROP with china, as they have stacks of units next to poorly defended cities. Germans start Sistine Chapel.

1200AD - Izumi founded. Three reindeer within boundary. Pikeman started. Road completed to Echizen. Egypt wants Republic in addition to World Map. I give her World Map in exchange for territory map and 2 gold. Maps are pretty useless at this point. Nagoya completes marketplace, starts cathedral. Kendertown completes marketplace, starts cathedral. New Konigsberg completes temple, starts library. Isipezi (Zulu) is assimilated into our empire. Temple is ordered.

1210AD - Tokyo switched from University to JS Bach's Cathedral. Chinese stack wanders off towards German lands.

1220AD - Hakodate completes library, starts Cathedral to maintain cultural pressure on Tugula. Population is 6, but there is no growth. Micromanaged wonder cities to maximize production.

1230AD - Sapporo celebrates WLTS day. Suo produces marketplace, starts Library.

1240AD - More mines started. Kyoto in WLTS day.

1250AD - Shimonoseki completes cathedral, starts University. Gunpowder discovered. WE HAVE NO SALTPETER. Switch to chemistry. Would like to hit Military Tradition as without saltpeter, I feel there's a possibility of war. Science rate upped to 70% to bring chemistry in 6 turns.

1255AD - more mining.

1260AD - Zulus appear inside out borders. Redistribute defenders at Sheer's Castle. Some spearmen upgraded to pikemen. Renewed gems trade with Greece for silks, dyes and 120 gold. Chinese want technology and exchange of world maps. We send them away with a gold piece as a gesture of goodwill. Edo produces Samurai, starts cathedral. Yokohama completes cathedral, starts samurai.

1265AD - Mining frenzy continues.

Sorry about the briefness of this. Two things though, We have no saltpeter and there is a Zulu military buildup in the NE.
this game has really taken off, i am having some Civ problems so, i won't be able to play for a few days.
"Shadow Lord, come back, we need you"

Slowloy Shadowlord focuses his attention back onto this realm. "Yes, what is it?"

"Sir, you have been elected president again, we have a most desperate crisis!"

Stepping into the shadows of his beloved castle, Shadow Lord reappears in the oval office. "What is your crisis?"

"Sir, there are enemy troops all around us, and we have no salt peter. Help us please."

"Salt peter? Just call forth a dragon army."

"Sir, dragons do not exist."

Shadow Lord rubs his chin. "Oh yeah, wrong realm. Just have your scientists learn conscription, sub-machine guns will defend your cities."

"Conscription sir? Sub-machine guns sir"

"Opps, that was civ 1, sorry, got confused for a second, space-time continuom thing. Very well, I will see what I can do for you." With that, Shadow Lord has a seat and studies the notes of the Empire, with all of the advisors watching him, wondering if they have made a huge mistake by putting a madman in charge of the Empire.
Inherited Turn - Zulu declare war on us! :mad:

1) 1270 First order of business, upgrade all spearmen to pikemen. I was hoping to wait until we had Leonardo's Workshop first, but the Zulu didn't leave us much choice. Several Zulu units in our borders die, and we capture 6 workers from the 3 settler groups they had roaming our lands.

Looking around our empire, I see that we can fight a defensive fight on 1 front, 2 would result in losses on one of them, so off to the diplomatic screen I go. First, china, they declare war on zulus for monothiesm and 10 gold, better than the monothiesm and invention that they were asking. Next, germany, they go to war for Engineering. Finally, on our western front, India, for a mere 80 gold. Zulu can find no allies on our flank. So, to absorb their offensive strike, their neighbors, the russians, for engineering. And just on the other side of the Russians, the Babylonians, for 125 gold. Now, any stacks they send at us will leave them wide open for invasion from their other flank.

2) 1275 Sold all our barracks, we have Sun Tzu's Academy, began to move troops north. Egypt begins Sistine Chapel.

3) 1280 More Zulu units die near Ngome, Ise defends from Zulu attack.

4) 1285 We capture Tugela. America and Persia sign a peace treaty.

5) 1290 Chemistry learned. Vetoed the plan for military tradition, calvalry also needs salt peter. Our main advantage is tech, counterbalanced by lack of resources. Decide to extend our advantage and get rid of the need for resources by going for nationalism and riflemen, so astronomy is ordered up. We capture Amatikulu, and rome starts Leonardo's Workshop.

6) 1295 More Skirmishes along the border result in more zulu loses, but we lose a samuri to a counter attack

7) 1300 Zulu lose a swordman, we lose a pikeman

8) 1305 Ngome, unhappy with us being at war with her motherland, flips back to Zulu control :mad: We Capture Umfolzi, losing 1 samuri in the attack.

9) 1310 Sistine Chapel built in Kyoto. German and Chinese forces finally start moving through our territory towards the Zulu. Swordsman standing in the mountains is killed by a zulu swordsman

10) 1315 Multiple WLTS days. Aztec's start Leonardo's Workshop. We learn Astronomy, begin researching physics. Kyoto switches to Copernicus's Observatory (22 turns)

11) 1320 We lose 3 swordsman and a samuri, zulus only lose a swordsman

12) 1325 Samuri attacks a swordsman on the plains, and loses :confused: Zulu's and Russians make peace Chinese start lLeonardo's Workshop

13) 1330 Attacking swordsman dies, doing no damage to reg swordsman. Reg swordsman then attacks fortified elite pike, kills it taking no damage. geez.

14) 1335 War weariness is beginning to show up, several cities stop celebrating WLTS days, 2 go into disorder

15) 1340 More minor skirmishes around Sheer's Castle

16) 1345 Physics learned, started Theory of Gravity

17) 1350 Several Zulu swordsman killed, lost samuri in a counter attack

18) 1355 Leonardo's Workshop finished.

19) 1360 Several Zulu swordsmen killed. German cannon fodder finally arrives, after clogging our roads.

20) 1365 Samuris attack stack of Zulu swordsman outside Sheers Castle, and kill none. 1 samuri lost.

Shadowlord, after seeing how ineffective his Samuri's are, steps down from the presidency, muttering something about knowing he should have hired ninja's instead
Alliances with Germany, India, China, and Babylon should end on the first turn, make sure to break them before trying to get peace with the Zulu. Also, we only have contact with 13 other cultures, either 2 got destroyed, or they are on small islands in that blackness. Once we get Navigation, the galley can easily find them, we can make a fortune bying their world map, and selling it to everyone else along with contact to the new races. Or we can probably easily take them over, they haven't been in contact with the other races to trade techs, they should be way behind. We might be able to find salt peter there and wipe our island clean of any undesirables with cavalry.
1370: Made peace with Zululand. Lost gem imports. Made some deals and secured the imports of ivory, incense, gems and something else. Our people now enjoy all luxuries.:) Upped our science rate and ordered new city improvements.

1375: Theory of gravity discovered.

1385: Persia building Copernicus' Observatory. We still need 10 turns for that!

1395: Bach's Cathedral built. New Hamburg joins our country!:)

1400: Our sailors master the techniques of navigation.

1405: Work begun on Magellan's Voyage. Saving Newton's College for the city building Copernicus's Observatory.

EDIT: Attachment deleted to save server space!
Still no saltpeter. None on the market either. I think it is stilll a secret to most civs. When I made my luxury trades many civs wanted chivalry - which I did not give up. If we have a big tech lead then perhaps we should just forget about saltpeter. Eventually we'll be able to make riflemen without it.
A brief history of the 3rd reign of SummerStorm

1410- RoP with Rome, Americans begin building Copericus Observ.

1415- Zulu & China make peace

1420 We learn banking & start on Metallurgy, Map sold to all Civs to add to our bank
Zula makes peace with India

1425- zzzz

1430 We complete Copernicus Observ & begin Newtons Univ.

1435 zzz

1440 Silks traded to America for Printing Press & 3gold/turn

1445 Metallurgy learned, Magnetisim started

1450- We discover a new Civ called France, they are technologically backwards, we empty thier bank accounts for a copy of our world map. An embassy is established

1455- zzzz

1460 on the home front: infrastructure improvements cont, in other news: Zulu & the Bab's make peace


1470- Summerville completes the Forbidden Palace

1475- Magnetisim learned & Nationalism started :) We have entered the next age :goodjob: Our people expand our palace.

1480- Our Caravelle continues in the north searching out new life.. new civilizations...

1490- Tokyo completes Magellans Voyage; Palace is expanded again, gotta love those thoughtful workers of ours :love: We discover a land called England on a small island in the northern sea, we take all thier gold for our world map and establish an embassy.

1495- New Cologne joins us!:goodjob:

1500- More Palace upgrades

1505- Thus ends the reign of SummerStorm the 3rd

I haven't sold any contacts to the English or French, as there was some thought that small as they both are they may be ripe for taking over. Naval warfare not being a real strong point for me I leave it to who ever comes after to decide the fates of these small civilizations.
Sleepily, Shadow Lord staggers into the throneroom to once more guide the Glorious Japanese to their ultimate destiny.
Inherited turn Izumo switched from wealth to bank. Satsuma switched from wealth to worker. Negotiated RoPs with everyone that would give me gold per turn for one:
China 8 gpt
Egypt 7gpt
India 7gpt
Rome 1 gpt
America 2 gpt
Aztecs 10 gpt
Babylon 13 gpt
Zulu 17 gpt
Germany 4 gpt
Iroquois 10 gpt
Renegotiated Roman silk trade, now getting 18 gpt
Greece is now giving us 1 gpt + gems for our silks/dyes
America is giving us 68 gpt for wines/furs
Aztecs are giving us 18 gpt for our silks, spices + 7gpt for iron

1) 1510 New Hamburg rushes a courthouse. Massive german-zulu fighting results in a GL for germany

2) 1515 Nationalism learned, Democracy next. Established a picket line from Nagasaki to Nara to prevent german GL from reaching a german city. New Hamburg begins a galleon, Izumi switched to settler, Bizen switched to worker. German units attacked by zulu bowmen army.

3) 1520 Picket line moved to Nagasaki-Steveville. New Hamburg rushes galleon. Germany begins taking losses as Zulu Knights arrive, while their reinforcements are blocked by our picket line.

4) 1525 Galleon loaded with settler, worker, rifleman, and samuri, and sent to island with jungle for better chance for rubber. Picket line moved north in hopes that the zulu will soon kill the german GL. Egypt offers MPP, we decline

5) 1530 Picket lined moved again. Zulu get a GL, Germans kill GL.

6) 1535 Nara begins wall street. Democracy learned, Steam Power began. Japan falls into anarchy.

7) 1540 Shadow Lord takes the democratic oath of office. Picket Line fortified between Fukushima and Isipezi. 8 turns to steam power. Zulu city north of Ngome destroyed.

8) 1545 Silks traded to America for 30 gpt

9) 1550 Tugela switced to a settler. America spotted in the sea. Contact with English/French traded while we can.
China 17 gpt Egypt 3 gpt India 1 gpt Rome 1gpt America 30 gold Babylon 30 gold Zulu 1gpt. All the others recieved contact during my turn from one of the computer civs. I took alook at what England's techs now were, and they were way above what they were when I started trading out contact with them.
Science rate increased to 90%, still making 15 gpt, Steam Power in 5 turns
Germany capture Swazi, try to send their GL there, Zulus kill it before it arrives

10) 1555 Newtons University built in Kyoto. Picket line reopened. Zulu found Isandhlwana in the ashes of their destroyed city.

11) 1560 Zulu army recaptures Swazi. English start Smith's Trading Company.

12) 1565 Fortify our settlers that were just a bit slow outside Sheer's Castle.

13) 1570 Fighting has moved to inside Zulu borders.

14) 1575 The invention of Steam Power has rendered the Hanging Gardens Obsolete. Economics in 4 turns at 60%. 41 pikemen upgraded to riflemen for 2050 gold.

15) 1580 Edo begins constuction of the Iron Works. Shadowville founded, begins temple.

16) 1585 Shadowville rushes temple

17) 1590 Shadowville starts harbor. America and Persia start Smith's Trading Company. Zulu army dies attacking a german knight.

18) 1595 Economics learned, industrialization started. Kyoto switches to Smith's Trading Company. Shadowville rushes harbor. Large force of persian knights in Zulu territory heading south.

19) 1600 Shadowville finishes harbor, starts cathedral. 16 Persain knights move next to Sheer's Castle

20) 1605 Sheer's castle receives reinforcements, Shadowville rushes cathedral.

To the next leader, good luck, persia has a higher score than us, and looks like they want to make sure that it stays that way.
hey where did ya'll go :confused:

Come back & play :cool:
LMAO... :lol: ...Now that sent me to work in a good mood. I might be in a position to take over this evening (about 4pm MST). That's about 8 hours away, so there's plenty of time for others to jump in and make my life harder.

I've always found that the longer a game goes on, the harder it gets...
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Your lace, ruffles, and ribbons scared them all off :rolleyes:

In the words of Alices Queen of Diamonds! Off with his head!!!besides.. your just jealous my puter is faster then yours:p :queen:
Now that was some solid 20 turns. Here is the summary of what happen during Prime Minister Sheer's rule of Japan:

1605AD - In the dead of the night Dark Sheer slip into Tokugawa's castle. With a katana behind his neck, Tokugawa quickly sign a deed anouncing Dark Sheer as the next Prime Minister of Imperial Japan. Germany and Zululand continues to wage war in our territories. Persian launch a sneak attack on Sheer's Castle! They shall pay for this!

1610AD - Our Samurai at Sheer's Castle retaliate against the Persian Knight. The final score is Japan 10 : Persia 2!! Now the Persians are left with a mere 6 Knights in our territory! Muwahahaha. :D Looks like the Persian has a RoP with the Zulus as their Knights continue to pour through Zululand! :mad:

1615AD - The war with Persian rages on near Sheer's Castle as our brave Samurai countinue to take on those Persian knights. The second round is still favorable to us with the score Japan 10 : Persian 4! And a Great Leader, Tojo is born out of the battle! Seeing that the continuos flow of knight can be very dangerous for Japan, a Military Alliance is quickly signed between Japan and Russia and also between Japan and India against the Persian. Now the knights can no longer pass these two countries without a fight! At the same time, the Russian is willing to trade us some saltpeter for the Alliance, Democracy and Economic. Tojo san is rushed to Kyoto and the citizen are so happy to see their leader that the Smith's Trading Company is completed immediately. ;)

1620AD - RoP with Aztec renegotiated and they reduced their payment from 10gpt to 8 gpt. RoP with India is now free since they are helping us against the Persian. And the Alliance works as the remaining Persian Knights are retreating towards their homeland (gotta love those backstabing Russian. :lol: A few regiment of Samurai is send after the retreating Knights to help out the Russian and Indian in their war effort while the injured units retreated to Sheer's Castle and Ise for much needed rest. German army continue to pour through Japan in their war against Zululand.

1625AD - With the completion of Smith's our cashflow is once again +24 per turn and keeping above 1000gp waiting for WallStreet's completion. The people of Japan celebrates Sheer's Day in honor of our victory against the Persians. Industrialisation is discovered and Japan is looking into Military Traditions since we now have a source of saltpeter. New Leipzig join the Japanese empire! Science reduce to 70% and still 4 turns for Military Traditions. Surplus is now more than 200gp per turn!

1630AD - Ngome is finally captured by the Germans. Universal Suferrage started in Satsuma.

1635AD - Railroad frenzy continue in Japan. Swazi falls to Germany. If everything goes right both Swazi and Ngome will be part of Japan in the near future due to Culture. ;)

1640AD - Finally caught up with those retreating knights at the Russian border. The result is Japan 5 : Persian 1. We lost 1 Samurai.

1645AD - Military Tradition discovered. Now going for medicine to expand our city. 20 Samurai upgraded to Calvary. Science retained at 70% and Medicine in 6 turns. If we up science to 90% we can get it at 5 turns but loosing about 200gp per turn. Prime Minister Sheer has decided that 200gp is better than a slightly faster research. ;)

1650AD - Iroquis joined Persian in the war against us! Killed a Persian Knight and together with a Persian Leader!(Yup, he was a Great Leader for a few second :D ) Railroad frenzy continue in Japan. Entered into a RoP with Russian.

1655AD - Railroad frenzy continue in Japan.

1660AD - As expected Ngome is now part of Japan empire! A temple is immediately rushed at Ngome since our surplus is now over 250gp. :cooool:

1665AD - Entered into a MPP plus RoP with France. Russian entered into Peace Treaty with Persia and we lost our saltpeter. Oh well, back to Samurai for the moment.

1670AD - A Persian Knight killed one of our Samurai but our Calvary killed the knight.

1675AD - Discovered Medicine and going for sanitation. Our Calvary liberated Sverdlovsk and secured another source of Iron.

1680AD - Railroad frenzy continue in Japan.

1685AD - Our Ironclad finally reaches the shore of Persia and bombardment begins!

1690AD - Nothing unusual happen.

1695AD - Nothing unusual happen.

1700AD - Nothing unusual happen.

1705AD - We liberated Vladivostok and finally have our own supply of saltpeter! We also manage to capture 2 worker and 2 catapult (upgraded to canon). Prime Minister Sheer being satisfied with his rule gladly step down from power.

Osaka is building palace as a place holder for the next wonder (hopefully the Hoover Dam as Osaka is next to a lake). Our military alliance with India should end within 1-2 turns. As far as I know Persian is begging for a peace treaty. So its up to the next leader to decide the next course of action. :cooool:

Here is the savegame.
Originally posted by Dark Sheer
Osaka is building palace as a place holder for the next wonder (hopefully the Hoover Dam as Osaka is next to a lake).

I hope you mean river. A lake won't let you build the dam.
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