PLXI- OPEN Succession; Japan, Warlord

I will take a few turns.

This one is the closest to ending.

We need to close some of the open games out here.

Result of what I can get done by Monday night.
Preturn - Mass rush of culture buildings - we are at 125,178 culture!
Cash is down to about $1000, but culture could end this one quickly.
UN is coming up - but the world hates us :(
MPP Germany and Aztecs - just as Biz crosses our border.
Greece declares war on Egypt.
Research Rocketry - will it really matter?

1957 AD - Found New Echizen, New Izumi, New Omi,
Diplo must be disabled - cant build UN.
Orange goo overload.

1958 AD - Ive been working on pollution...

1959 AD - Still trying to rush culture buildings.
Iroqoius and Greece ally vs. Rome.

1960 AD - Check Diplomacy screen - As expected with Warlord - we are ahead in tech - may become a space race win. No deals except silks for $33/turn.
Greece and Aztecs ally vs. France.

1961 AD - Iroqoius and Greece ally vs. Egypt.
Peace between Greece and Rome.
Start space flight research.
America and Greece ally vs. France.
Is it French toast time?

1962 AD - Zzzzzzz

1963 AD - Drop science 10%, does not change # turns to complete.
Minsk realizes the joy of being Japanesse and joins our empire.

1964 AD - Peace between Rome and England.

1965 AD - Still trying to improve culture, but this is 90% chance of a space race win at this point.
England and Iroqoius sign a MPP.

1966 AD - New Echigo is formed.
Peace between Egypt and Germany.
England and Aztecs ally vs. France.
England and Greece sign a MPP.
Researching sattelites.

1967 AD - irohito rushes the Appolo Program.
New Kozuke is formed.
Peace between Greece and Egypt, uh never mind - war restarts.
New Zimbabwe joins the cause.

1968 AD - New Sado is formed. What is stopping building of space parts?
Appolo is completed.
Peace between America and Rome.

1969 AD - Space race must ALSO be disabled :(
I wonder it culture is disabled and that is why over 125000 culture hasnt won?

1970 AD - Peace between France and Germany.
Researching mini stuff, headin for genitic and the two wonders there.

1971 AD - Zzzzzzz

Summary - It looks like most of the victory conditions have been disabled :mad:
Playing this one out to 2050.
Culture might still be a possiblity, we might not have twice the culture of Greece or America, I will play this till Kyoto is over the 20,000 culture mark (should be before 1992).
Culture Victory in 1988!!!

In 1988 Kyoto's culture reach's 20,066 :beer: [dance] [dance] :beer: [party] [party]

Mostly all I did from 1971 till I hit the space bar in 1987 was clean up orange goo :D :D

Here is the save from 1987: Using the 1.21 Patch


Another open game going on forever is closed. :)

I am working on the China game monster right now :crazyeye:
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