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Plz, send a .sav


Jan 15, 2002
Temuco. IX Región. Provincia de Cautín. Chile
Hi Civfanatics:

I'm playing the gotm13. Last month i can't finish (and submit, of course) because i was on vacation. I know that some civfanatics don't like deity level, but i think that deity increases our skills, even if we are defeated.

Currently i'm on ad 1570, and my research are very slow.
I've seen some of the stats of you (smash, Lucky, etc) and are really really AMAZING. I mean to be the number 1 at all stats at 1 ad and with about 1.000.000 people is amazing!!!

All of you have a SSC?
Your research goes to 10 or 12 turns like me?
How can you discover techs every 4 turns? Is the answer the SSC?
If the SSC is the answer When you build it? Where?
I played some test games on deity level with the goal of the SSC and i can't don it!!

Can some of you send a .sav game at 1ad of ANY game at deity level? I think that will be very good for some newbi players like me

Thanks Civfanatics. I will send my game tomorrow!!

:scan: Long Live Civ 2:scan:
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